Thanks to ToRTUGa, osdever, elaymm4, pixel, Denis Reyn Good day, Max at the microphone. Today I want to show and tell you about a modification for Most Wanted Online which first release was on 30th September. I think that you wanted to play Online sometimes,ride away from the cops and do drift,didn’t you? Yeah, I read your minds,you had dreamed about it! Today I want to show you really good mod called Most Wanted Online. The first idea of this mod was to create a working version of the game in which you can play with your friends during the Career Mode , it looks similar to SAMP but in the world of NFS INSTALLATION For starters – installation. All you need to do is download the modification from the link below then unarchive it to the game folder accepting replacement of the files. Then turn off your Hamachi,Tunngle and other LAN servers because they aren’t compatible with this game. After that you need to launch “MostWantedOnline.exe”, write your nickname on and launch the game. Immediately when the modification starts, Russian interface gets disappeared but don’t worry,this problem for all people Russian voiceover is still here.I think a lot of people had completed the game for million times so it isn’t scary if you wouldn’t see your own language. Before you launch your Career Mode.I want to warn you *ears off* YOU NEED TO COMPLETE PROLOGUE! If you wouldn’t complete a prologue previously, and will play BlackList – this is going to happen again. My car is upside down it is normal seriously? The game keeps up to 7 people because it can’t anymore, even you ask for more spaciousness – it won’t. t’s not an old lobby where host chooses the race and you finish it and again and again and again. There is more interesting thing.Roughly speaking, there are 7 Career Modes for 7 players. Someone can complete the race, other guy can ride from the cops, it doesn’t matter Now prepare your brains, I will even turn timecode on for you to see this moment. MWO created as simple client that makes view like “Online’. It catches AI competitor and gives them coordinates of the server. Because of everyone has the same game version – adresses of the competitors are the same too, So when someone is moving – his coordinates are transmitting to the other players. For the game you are in Single Mode (Career), and your friends too.Just open your BlackList and launch the race. The Server will do all the things without you -M? – I follow you, stop please – i Stopped. – Yeah, it’s you THE TEXT ON THE VIDEO: I had a personal conversation with author of modification and he talked to me about some mistakes of this part of the video
You shouldn’t go to the freeride mode,you need to launch the race then quit from it or friend’s car will be as a traffic car like on this video When you out of the race, you are just a traffic for your friend and he’s for you too.
If you launch the game, he would become a model of bot and start to race on it.But you won’t see friend’s real car. The reason is MWO was created as Single Multilplayer and if I can say that – you just play a bot About TimeBrake. it seems to be there, but it does not seem to exist.When you use TimeBrake the car is controlled like you play original game but the handling goes in real time.It’s online Really , the modification is amazing. I enjoyed it with ToRTUGa and won twice. But the first time I won with not fair way.I took lamborgini but then I took stock Cobalt SS just like him. I’m very happy that these great games are still living thanks to people that put a part of their hearts in these games. If they wouldn’t do these things, a lot of the games could be dead and buried at the cemetery of legendary videogames. Thanks for watching the video. The link for the mod is in description, and the link for the server where you can find the players is in description too.Link for the link is in description. Goodluck and bye!

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