$100K Challenge Vlog #1

Hello, so this is my first vlog and i would do this in a weekly base about my challenge. My challenge is to turn $100 into $ 100.000 until the end of the year only playing MTT’s. I started as a Bronze Star so that I don´t have any extra beneficts at people that are just starting out, won´t really get. I didn´t start very well in the first day, like I was a bit too optimist regarding the bankroll management and I made some mistakes. But here´s a good news, since I made the mistakes you don´t have to do them. You can just listen to me and don´t do the same mistakes. I started with playing with 100 buy-ins. So I had $100, I´ve played $1 tournament. Usually we listen to the Pro´s saying: ‘I don´t invest mora than 5% of my bankroll in a single tournament’ That´s crap. That´s way too much allready 5%. I think that for some tournaments 1% it´s ok but if you have lot of players probably the correct thing is like to play with 200 buy-in´s or even 300 buy-in´s. So I´ve played with 100 buy-in´s at first. I´ve started with $1 tournaments with 90 players but it went bad because variances are big and I was playing bad. I haven´t played poker for quite some months and this was never my format, MTT´s. That´s why one of the reasons I´m doing the challenge, it´s i want to learn how to play them. I lost 30% of my bankroll in the first day which was not fun. No. Then I decided to move down and I went to play the $0.50 tournaments, 45 players. Those went a bit better. I spent quit a bit of time studying and every day I feel like I play a bit better than the previous day. Like, I´m learning a lot! I´m like a little sponge absorbing all the knowledge around. It´s been fun overall apart that first mistake that I´ve made bankroll wise. Had been lot´s of fun and I´m really enjoying to do this challenge. I´m still playing with a very tight bankroll of 200 buy-in´s at a 90 players. Because I think that gives me more room to improve. The important thing it´s not the money but the learning process. If you make some mistakes it will cost you more and more as you move up on stakes. But if you make the right plays right away then as you move up on stakes you move faster and get more money each time, you´re bankroll will be bigger, the edge will be bigger, the swings will be nicer because your rough will be on the higher part so you won´t have so many negative days etc. So, I´m really focused on learning. I´m loving it! Apart from that I´ve been haveing a lot of support from my followers. On Facebook, every time I have a hand that I´m not sure about, I just post it. People just go there and give their opinion. There´s been lot of sharing the knowledge. People have been learning with me and I´ve been learning with them. We have some good players commenting there. It´s had been pretty cool. So if you want to learn with us or help us, please check out my facebook page and enjoy! Also I´ve been posting on pretty much a daily basis a blog. I´ve been doing it in english and portuguese. It takes more time but I think it´s worth it. On my blog I tell what happen on the previous day, what I´ve learned from the strategy point of view. I´m sharing everything. I´m not here to just get the knowledge only for myself. I share what I learned. It has been fun and on the blog post I talk about the psycological part, the bankroll management, what I´ve learned and the strategy part. I´m looking forward for the next week. Because I think it´s just going to get better and I´m going to learn a lot. Probably by the end of the challenge Ill be pretty good at MTT´s. Thank you for watching my vlog. Next week I´ll do another one but in the meanwhile you can follow me on my facebook account, twitter, on PokerStars and of course on my blog. See you guys and untill next week.

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8 thoughts on “$100K Challenge Vlog #1

  1. I checked your facebook and saw a picture of your 1st place. I have a question… how do you keep so many notes while multi tabling?

  2. Do you do your own editing of your videos or do you have help from pokerstars or someone else? They look very professional..

    Keep up the good work and i will see you at the low buy-in MTTs in a few weeks.

  3. Hi Andre, I read your blog, watch your games all the time, u take more time to study than playing if im not mistaken, and I want to know if you use holdem manager or other soft? and what kind of books do you read?. Best regards from Russia.

  4. Hey Andre, im actually gonna try this challenge and about to start soon. So just stick to 50 cent 90 player tournaments is the best is it? But ive made a few deposits before and playing that even with the most selected hands ive managed only to reach 100 or so players. May i know what strategy you use? and also the program that shows all the numbers on the side of the players

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