$1,290,580 TRAINWRECK! What is everyone DOING?

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100 thoughts on “$1,290,580 TRAINWRECK! What is everyone DOING?

  1. With small cards this is what I want on the flop and hope the raiser has one big pair. What's the point of calling and throw away.

  2. The "we shouldn't bet because if we get raised we're in a tough spot" logic is dangerous and potentially really bad vs weaker opponents who don't raise thinly enough for value and/or don't bluff raise often enough. You should always make your decisions based off of ev, not avoiding "tough spots". Although vs good opponents checking medium strength hands like tpwk is often the best play and there is merit in having a stronger checking range so you can't get blown off the pot whenever you show weakness, but a lot of us are playing weak passive opponents where we make the most money by generally value betting more and calling down less.

  3. Vid Liked!, Thanks again for the time and effort put in. If taking requests a couple of gems i'd like to see involving Phil Laak. The one where he tried to bluff Antonius on the river for 80k. And the funny one vs Durrr, where Tom makes a boat and takes him to value town. Laak then gets up says "I know what y'all thinking lock the doors! But I want you to know these are fake doors, and I can leave anytime I want".

  4. really doug? what is andy black trying to tell in this hand, he raises flop bet turn and jams on the river which completes a flush? u think its an easy fold why is that? he wouldnt jam any set or 2 pair on that river right ? so its a bluff or a flush and nothing in between IMO

  5. I fold flop with 86 because it is a bluff catcher. River shove is polarized. He either has a bluff, straight or flush. I fold river also because I don't see people people bluffing over 25% of the time there. Maybe my reasoning is wrong and people bluff there for all their chips more often but I don't buy it. More often you're just donating to straights and flushes

  6. Men Nguyen is a pos at the table. Berating people often, there is also rumors he has his horses dump chips to him. What a hilarious nit fold by him.

  7. lol fold 43 with 2 pair why even play the hand is u dont wanna continue with 2 pair 84 83 propably no one plays in a raised pot and 33 44 are blocked so only 88 is likely

  8. Andy's shove looks so weak because of how fast he acted. anyone with an actual hand would take at least a few seconds to think about it. I've never seen some one shove this fast and then turn over the winning hand.

  9. Thanks for the video Doug, your videos help you a lot to reason in each situation and it helps you better the game of oneself

  10. not to bad raise if blinds were tight and your BTN isn't capable of 3betting, BTN A7o 3bet>>>call, SB YOU HAVE TO FUCKING 3BET!!!!!!!, BB good peel. Flop Good bet TP, bad call call to raise, BTN bad raise!!!!, bb super bad fold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    On turn CO fold to c-bet, BTN your waist deep in shit, may as well bet for lulz. CO if you gonna call rivers like this, may as well shove flop to raises, BTN probably shoving 100% of rivers since OTR he's deep up to his ears by now.

    Nominees for bad plays in one hand: 43o BB hand gets 1st place for folding 2pair, BTN 2nd place for raise into 4way, 86o CO 3rd place, AQo SB for 4th place as bad as his play was preflop he made the least amount of mistakes.

  11. Jesus that was the worst preflop I've ever seen at a top level event in the last decade- dumb open with 86o, dumber flat with A7o, dumbest flat with AQo. The only person who didn't make a huge fuckup pre quickly fixed that on the flop.

  12. You are very good at analyzing poker and you are also very good player 🙂 one of my favorites 🙂 i got to ask if you hit the bong? smoke the herb?

  13. I don't understand why you wouldn't want to bet 86o on 834 unless you know the button is an aggressive player who will bet in position. You're in a multiway pot with very likely the best hand but also very vulnerable. Don't you need to bet the flop to protect your equity?

    I understand getting raised is not great. But whenever you get raised and don't have the near nuts its not going to be nice. And you can't just bet the near nuts obviously.
    Are you really betting far too many hands by betting all your 8s here (I mean you shouldn't have that many), along with overpairs, all your non-showdown value flush and straight draws?
    Does it that matter that were out of position to the button? If it was just us and the blinds, you gotta bet right?

  14. i dont see how 43 is folding here….given the wet board id call and shove the turn if its not Ace,Spades,8 – cause these 2 hands are most likely going against each other….5/6 would fold because you cannot consider 2/7 spades an out anymore

    am i wrong? and if by any chance im up against a set of eights,so be it – 4/3 in that spot is as much worth as a set of 4´s or 3´s,and with the mentioned 2 hangs,id call it as well….

  15. i wish you would let the video play all yhe way and then go back to give your commentary. its so annoying i can click on your vids anymore.

  16. Was Men out of line asking to see the folded hand? I was always taught that it is rude and akin to accusing someone of collusion… (if you weren't in the hand at showdown)

  17. Folds hidden two pair? WTH! I grow gray hairs waiting for that, some nights! Doug, we need Captain Poker Hands: Defender of the Pokerverse (c)2017 to make an intervention on Nguyen! Save him Doug, Save Him!!!!

  18. LMAO, I dunno who is more of a donk.. the guy who flops 2 pair or the guy raising pre flop with 8 high. Absolutely ridiculous

  19. Dear Douglas,

    34s is NOT a 4way Squeeze. Ever. EVER. Maybe in 6max land, but in fullring it's not. In fullring, you can only 3bet squeeze 88/99/AQ oop if it's 3way and both players have low wsd. 3bet 4way squeeze range is TT+/AK.

  20. What a disgusting call on the river by Harder. He beats simply NOTHING on the river, which closes all kinds of flushdraw and straight draw.

  21. It hurts to watch Nguyen folding in this spot. If I were an American, I would consider suing him for unnecessarily causing severe psychological discomfort to the audience.

  22. LOL'ed at 9:15 – "But I hope that rather than just getting angry, he tries to walk away with some newfound knowledge." Doug said it so sincerely. I was in tears.

  23. two pair aint shit with flush draw with two cards to come asians love their flush draws (he saw –and like Im out)very understandable also raise re raise ITM?Lucky-unlucky smelled fish shut down

  24. That picture in the background of Phil Hellmuth eating a burger; it's glorious. I need one of those in my life.

  25. "your range is going to have a bunch of good hands and it's going to be protected"

    What does this mean exactly? That if you good they don't see your cards and they can't use that information later to put you on something?

  26. What was he thinking folding 2 pair? Folding unless he flopped quads?? Not to mention Black did the "look how strong I am, I'm tossing these chips in" tell.

  27. 4 3 guy wouldn't take the bluff pressure anyway. He probably guessed no cards to come would improve his two pair and didn't want to put himelf in tough spots. He's a crap player for not noticing how loose his opponents are. Surely he would've folded to that all-in river bluff so at least he saved money and that cocky bluffer got k'od. I hate shitty bluffers.

  28. So annoying you pause the video… I've slowly realized I'm not a fan of your video but a fan of the videos you talk about.

  29. Why should we call instead of reraise with 43 here? We don't like spades or eights on the turn. Deuces, fives, sixes and sevens aren't too good also, and there's not that much value on most rivers..

  30. The fact that men folded flop and harden called river shows how hardens view of what is happening is way more in tune with todays game then men the master….also men probably had backers,ect and that probably figured into how he played

  31. I think Nguyen folded because he got the sense that these guys are putting in all their chips no matter what, and he didn't want to have a part of that with 43. Maybe a dumb fold, but I kinda get this in a tournament situation. Its about survival most of all. If these guys want to hero call or go home, its on them. At the end of the day, the smartest player wins.

  32. I would mark harder as a calling station/fish and if I saw the cards Nguyen would be marked as a nit

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