$2/$5 No Limit Texas Hold’em at The Encore

the encore poker room is one of the best
in Las Vegas it’s my personal favorite parking comes free as long as you’re
playing poker or if you have a red card the games are great the floor is great
and the dealers are great what negatives do I have to say about
the Encore well the food is expensive it’s good but it’s expensive and that’s
about it it’s also the closest walk from the parking structure to the poker room
which is why I’m here today my buddy he got injured in basketball but he wants
to play you wanted to know the closest proximity poker room to parking and I
said the Encore so here we are I’m on the list for one three No Limit and the
one to PLO game my buddy wants to play a little two five so I might hop in that I
might shortstack I might deep stack the future is unknown all I know is I’m
gonna keep a positive attitude and do my best to win some money tonight let’s get
it arrived at the Encore seat available at one three so I hop right in there I
could buy in for a hundred but it’s my birthday I’m gonna splurge a little I’m
buying for the maximum five hundred yeah I play five hands and then I get called
for the two five-game my buddy’s here to play that so I hopped right in and he
informs me that he’s going to give me a free roll that’s right free roll I love
free stuff 50/50 profit split whatever happens on the session starting off with
$500 let’s make a profit when $120 first hand after defending the
big blind with King Jack flopping trips and getting to streets of value and
we’re up to six hundred and twenty my friend gets it all in on the turn
with a set of fours and holds for a $3,000 pot three with blinds at two dollars five dollars
under the gun opens to 20 under the gun plus one calls the cutoff calls the
small blind calls and we have king queen and the big blind I really want amok get
a good price but maybe I’m getting bad reverse implied odds so we flick in the
fifteen the flop comes King deuce deuce I check under the gun checks under the
gun plus one bets 50 the button calls the small blindfolds and its back to me what is under the gun plus one call with
and was the button call with betting into a five-way pot just one of them
have ace king probably not just one of them have a deuce also pretty unlikely
unless it’s specifically ace deuce feels very weak but we put in the fold they go
heads up to a turn in river and in the end he has deuce three of hearts on the
button so he takes that down and we make a good discipline fold with blinds at $2 $5 there’s one guy
that plays every single hand and he’s really really making the game enjoyable
everyone’s kind of gunning for him so I’m gonna do my best to get his money my
buddy’s on my right and he limps under the gun plus two I look down at pocket
queens and five hundred and fifty dollars all the regular to my left and
the two weakest players are in the blind so I limp figuring I’m gonna get I sewed
there’s gonna be some calls and I can back raise Asian male age 21 to 35
raises on my left at $30 cut-off calls both blinds call and my buddy
calls so perfect spot to over limb back raise make it 175 to go Asian male and
my left things for a while and shoves all in for 800 action folds back to me
and I got to stick with the plan we put in the call
the board runs out nine nine five four deuce definitely think he has Ace King
here until he turns over pocket aces and we get stacked My buddy gives me the
green light to reload we’re still under the same plan now in for 1200 let’s come
back strong and make a profit for both of us with blinds at $2 $5 there’s a $10
straddle under the gun we’re currently seven handed under the gun plus one
makes it 25 the cut off calls 25 I’m on the button with four hundred and thirty
five dollars and pocket jacks so putting the three bets are 125 the small blind
flat calls oh the straddler folds under the gun plus one calls and the cut off
folds for three ways to a flop I have three hundred and ten dollars behind
even if a low flop comes I’m afraid one or both of them has small mid pairs flop
comes nine eight three two hearts at the Jack of Hearts action checks to us and I
think we only have one move here I’m all-in three hundred and ten dollars
small blind goes in the tank and folds and out of the gun plus one folds we
take it down I end the night with just under $700 in
for 1200 for a net loss of $500 unfortunately my friend loses 500 since
he gave me the full free roll and we lost zero for a break-even night we did
not profit really appreciate the opportunity an excellent free birthday
what I’ll never forget for my 35th if you play live poker the poker bankroll
tracker available for free in the App Store is a must-have
the built in hand history replay is vital for reviewing your own hands or
showing your friends for further discussion create a live cash game list
of friends and be alerted when those friends are playing in a casino near you
download the free poker bankroll tracker app today create an account and comment
below and I’ll be giving away ten one-year memberships to the pro version
for free good luck guys

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100 thoughts on “$2/$5 No Limit Texas Hold’em at The Encore

  1. Download the FREE Poker Bankroll Tracker app today and comment below with your username to be entered in the drawing. Ten people will win a 1 year Pro membership! https://pokerbankrolltracker.net/

  2. Happy bday JB! My 35+ years sucked for me, but you're in better shape LOL. I need to get on that diet/gym grind.

  3. That's actually the app I'm using to track my play on android.
    It's good when the ad in the video is for something really useful

  4. Nice session. Although we didn’t profit, that’s a winning deposit right there. And we’ll collect that soon with interest 😉

  5. Hey Mr. Boski..LOVE ur content and JUST downloaded the poker bankroll tracker…seems like a pretty good tool..thks for the hint 😀..PLS dont ever stop to post ur videos!!

  6. Enjoying the cash game vlog for a change. Happy Birthday! Love bankroll tracker and would definitely appreciate the pro upgrade!

  7. Thanks for the heads-up on Poker Bankroll Tracker. AND, just an observation: You have been killing it at PLO lately. Beginners luck? Maybe, but why fight it. Your NL holdem tournament and cash games have been flat or down this summer. But, PLO results have been good. Why aren't you riding that horse as far as she'll take you? NL Holdem will still be there when she bucks you.

  8. Not Gonna Lie!! Missing the Food Porn (dub sear), Tourney Chip Stack Porn, Porn Star Cameos, and All, yes All the lovely Sarcastic shots fired!!! "Welcome To BoskiVille, Enjoy Your Stay" #StackNRack

  9. Dam what was 95 off suit doing in the hand ? Lol those walking sticks would of doubled u up lol great fold on the 22 flop. That was a tough one but top pair isnt a good all in flop lol

  10. Great app. Your content is the best, always look forward to watching your latest vlog. Glad to see you are mixing in some cash games! Keep up the great content.

  11. Downloaded the app. Much better than the last one I had. Username renman2000.
    QQ hand was a tough one. Loved the limp/raise, but when he shoves into that much action its a tough choice. I might have folded the queens, definitely jacks or less. Then again, its a freeroll and its your birthday, so let it rip!

  12. As always, another great vlog! Fun to see the cash game side and how you would play hands differently. Thanks for all the great content Jeff!

  13. On that AKs hand, did the dealer really look at your hand before he put it into the muck? I watched it twice and it appears he did. Did you tell him to do that? I've never seen anything like that……

  14. Happy Birthday! Thought you started off kind of weak similar to the stones vlogger game. You get going later though…

  15. Happy Birthday, Boski! I use Data Analytic to track my play but would love to a pro version of poker bankroll app. I'll d/l the free version and check it out.

  16. I found myself in that same spot the other night except he flatted a small open and 4b. I rejammed with QQ to find him with KK.

    Also downloaded poker bankroll tracker

  17. Been using the app for about a week now and as a college student playing poker I would love to have the year long pro membership! Keep up the great vlogs and happy belated!!

  18. I could really use the pro membership! Love your videos been watching for a long time. Keep up the good work boski!

  19. 2/5NL?! "25 stacks of low society, please!", exclaimed the Boski! I'm disappointed in not seeing this result in the vlog!

  20. Enjoy the vlog, as always. Also downloaded and opened an account on downloaded poker bankroll tracker as PokerSki

  21. Sergetpdx all signed up! Keep up the great work, to bad you will not be in Portland, sure would have been great to see you at Portland Meadows.

  22. Boski is back. And the Vegas locals and convention livestock are lined up for the slaughter. Looking forward to seeing you "snappin necks and cashin checks"!

  23. Come on buddy… that king queen suited's got to go in your 3 betting range in a 2/5 cash game….you win that pot if you'd have 3 bet. ( not results-oriented… I cringed when you flatted)

  24. I'm a longtime pro user. I love the features like the odds calculator (nl+pl), player notes and hand replay. You even can add the replay to your session note. The most fun one is probably the live session updates. You can sweat your friends tournament action live!
    Also love the vlogs! Keep going, Jeff!

  25. I love the poker bankroll tracker app and recommend it to anybody who asks me what app to use. It's also great that it's on both Android and ios. Hoping I can win a 1 year membership to check out the pro version as I've always used the free version. Do you need the account name in order to enter the giveaway?

  26. Hey Jeff. It was my birthday today. Got me the Grand Slam from Denny's. Keep up the great vlogs and great music.

  27. Sometimes watching these, I feel like I'm viewing an alternate storyline in which Ferris Bueller quits high school to pursue the Vegas poker grind instead of taking just one day off.

  28. Happy birthday (belated) Jeff! 🎂 Lovin the vlogs as usual! Cool meeting u this summer at the Aria while I was grinding cash games…just downloaded the app, so far it’s way better than the other bankroll tracker I was using. Would appreciate the Pro version for sure! Keep grinding 🤑😎

  29. I'm commenting below for one of those 10 Pro 1 year things… Also, Happy Birthday I guess… 35 years old? Get a girlfriend, get married, have some kids. :-p

  30. Mr. Boski…Well Done!! Thank You!!!
    Thank you for the vlogs and esp for the ((badly needed) perfect amount )) $150/HR/NO GAMBLE LMFAO

  31. Interesting, just downloaded the app. Thanks Boski!

    Its interesting the progression you've made. A year ago you seemed lost. Now you seem like you have a more full lifestyle. Friends, fun, poker and other things. Good balance. Hope you find your career path soon. I work as a financial analyst myself and play poker 3-4 nights a week for a second income.

  32. Hi Jeff,
    Always enjoy the vlogs! Straightforward analysis. I’ve downloaded the app and am checking it out. Need to start using a tracker and not an Excel! Thanks! Just created the account user: R2Sammy

  33. its funny when you move the chips in the rack like you are putting in, but there can see the other chips are already in

  34. Im not a pro but when he went all in with 800 i knew he had pocket aces.. hold did you not pick that up? You have played alot more poker then I have. Did you see something that you are not telling us. Or just said fuck it..

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