20 Apps That Will Waste Your Life

(Matthias eating some crunchy food) (Shrug) What’s going on guys? I am Matthias and welcome back to another Whizzy whizzy whizzy whack app! Today!… ”20 Useless Apps!” YAY! Actually, I believe this is by the creator of ”Five Nights at Freddy’s” (Scott Cawthon) It could be just as weird, just as fun, who knows? …But there’s 20 apps IN 1! Do i keep… rhyming? Okay, we have all of these apps. So we just go through them, let’s just, let’s just go, let’s just go make our way through these apps. Link under the description below, not sponsored, i have to say that because then people freak out… Calculate the odds of the apocalypse happening today… CALCULATE… …intranetz… Scanning the visible sky… Scanning uranium?… Scanning for plutonium?… …alien countdowns… (Laugh) Heh… …Scanning for zombies… …So is this like just a… …Deep space radar?… …Contacting Russia? What do they know?… …Scanning for EXCESSIVE FECES?!… …Compiling data?… There is a 0.766% chance that the world will end today. That’s almost 1%! That can’t be right… (Laugh) Heh… (Suspicious stare) I’m hoping that’s not right… Well that was DEFINITELY a useless app, so far it is living up to it’s name Let’s now try ”Locate Evil Twin” Uhh… Everyone has an evil twin out there. Find YOURS! Ho-kay, LOCATE! Scanning! (Sniff) Do I… just… gonna scan around me, or… does it just does it automatically? Your evil twin is 19 miles west of… ERROR… *What?* …You are the evil twin… (Horror sound plays and Matthias looks at… himself?) I know you did this Matthis… The hell man? You are the evil one… ”Am I Stupid?” Touch the pig… Right when i do this it’s gonna move, watch… (Touches the pig and it moves) *I KNEW IT!* (Laugh) How did i know? (Tapping intensifies) (More and loud tapping intensifies) (Shows his fabulous phone) I’m touching it, guys I’m touching it.. I’m TOUCHING IT! I’M TOUCHING! I just realized… I’m in the other room right now, screaming, “I’m touching it!!!!” I have no idea what Amanda is thinking, but… It can’t be good! Germs on a finger! Touch the scanner to see how many germs are on your finger *touches* You have, fifty- COMMAS PLEASE! COMMAS PLEASE!!!! Useless names What would be your name if you were a dinosaur? That’s not even a name! That’s not even pronounce – able! Jaboofaduflapjacksaurus That’s not… A KNIGHT! Sir Jatoobamallowlot! Polygon? *Looks* I’m not even gonna try and say that. I’m going to try knight again. Sir Doodanicnakalot… Why are they so long? (That’s what she said) Pichachaflapjacksaurus? Numaboofaduflappysaurus Tedius Shooter… Oh I can move to the side. That’s fantastic. So this is a little bit more useful… Is nothing coming to attack me? OH LOOK! HEEEEY!!!! That spaceship was slow…. “The most realistic grass-growing sim ever created! I was about to sit there and watch it grow. (laughs) I’m gonna actually leave my phone like this. Overnight, and see if it grows. If it doesn’t grow, I’m coming for you Scott. Death simulator. You’ve been dead for one second… …two seconds… …three seconds… …four seconds… …five seconds… …six seconds… I don’t know. I mean, I guess, that’s being dead. Thumb gym. I’m assuming that I’m going to be tapping a lot. (Reading) “Work that thumb and burn real calories!” “Lift the weight.” Okay… (Music plays) I’m just going to… I’m just swiping up. This is the extent of this app. Oh! Now I’m swiping down. I dunno if I recommend this app, guys. (laughs) It’s a definite time waster, that’s for sure. Next page of apps! Fortune cookie. Oh this is cool!

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