2009 NFC Wild Card: Packers vs. Cardinals | “Most Points Scored in Playoff History” | NFL Full Game

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100 thoughts on “2009 NFC Wild Card: Packers vs. Cardinals | “Most Points Scored in Playoff History” | NFL Full Game

  1. 0:47 Rodgers Picked Off by Rodgers-Cromartie

    7:15 Hightower 1-yard TD Run

    9:28 D. Driver Stripped by Dansby, Cardinals Recover

    11:06 Kurt Warner 15-yard TD Pass to E. Doucet

    19:03 C. Matthews Sack-Strips Warner on Flea-Flicker, Cardinals Recover

    32:17 C. Woodson Strips Fitzgerald, Matthews Recovers

    40:14 Rodgers 1-yard TD Run

    46:21 Warner to Doucet 15-yard TD

    1:00:00 Warner to Fitzgerald 33-yard TD Pass

    1:06:36 Rodgers to Jennings 35-yard Completion

    1:08:54 Jennings Makes one handed 6-yard TD Catch

    1:09:55 Crosby Onside Kick, Packers Recover

    1:16:12 Rodgers 11-yard TD Pass to Jordy Nelson

    1:18:02 Wells 42-yard Run

    1:20:08 Warner to Fitzgerald 11-yard TD Pass

    1:27:47 Rodgers to J. Jones 30-yard TD Pass

    1:33:02 Rodgers to J. Finley for 38 Yards

    1:35:35 Kuhn 1-yard TD Run

    1:45:12 Warner to Breaston for 17-yard TD

    1:53:16 Rodgers to Havner for 11-yard TD

    1:55:59 Start of Warner’s Final Drive

    2:01:18 N. Rackers Misses Game-Winning Field Goal

    2:04:49 Rodgers Misses Jennings for TD

    2:07:26 Rodgers Strip-Sacked by Adams and Returned for Game-Winning TD by Dansby

  2. Kurt Warner was and is better than Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers is just overrated because he throws pretty. There's a reason Rodgers only has 1 SuperBowl; one in which he played the Bears in the NFC Championship Game (what a joke) and had a 55.4 Passer Rating. Then beat the Steelers who shouldn't have even been there but the Patriots got stunned by the Jets when Brady was having another amazing year. It's sad that Rodgers gets so much praise but no one ever mentions that he's not a clutch player at all. This game is another example.

    Packers fans here's a stat:

    Aaron Rodgers, when trailing by any amount entering the 4th quarter, is 0-35 against teams with a winning record. Think about how many games Brady, Manning, Warner, Montana have won in those situations. Rodgers is just overrated. He's great, no doubt. But not an all time great.

  3. I can't be the only one to see how boring Joe Buck used to sound. Watching him now, he has a lot more passion and seems more excited when big plays happen. But listening to him in games from like 2008-11 he just sounded so dry.

  4. 49ers beat packers in post season..49ers lose SB…seahawks beat packers in 2014..lose SB…..cardinals beat packes in 2009 post season..lose SB….i guess if you beat the packers you lose in the SB

  5. 9 seconds left, all 3 timeouts, you have Rodgers who is great at <hail Mary's and they decide to kneel instead of taking a chance? Terrible call

  6. @ 206:33 GB gets ticky-tack call on Colledge yet Berry goes helmet to helmet and nothing is called….???  if it was Shady it's a 50 yd. penalty….. AR had his shot to Jennings  205:31 all he had to do was float it up and let him run under it… That NON facemask call on the Cards to end it must rank as one of the WORST in NFL history.. He had him the whole way down and the ref was right there… that was the NFL saying "thank you Cards fro your new domed stadium. here's your fee pass to the Super Bowl" what a joke…..

  7. I remember watching this in McDonald's and I was like who score than again what happen the most points in a playoffs I ever seen

  8. One thing for the Cardinals 2010 season, it showed the Conference Championship the year before was no fluke. Hated to see Warner's career end at Bounty-gate-1.

  9. Man A-Rod should request a trade to the desert and help Larry get his first ring. A top notch defense, and a stud RB returning frm injury.. Hey only one fan can wonder ??

  10. TOTAL FACE MASK ends the game and NO ONE in the booth even mentions it…. Cards got every break to win this game..it is no accident that they also built NEW stadium and were rewarded with a super bowl trip…though they had a mediocre 9-7 record…

  11. Kurt Warner was simply incredible. He is the ultimate feel-good story: from grocery stocker to 3rd string QB to starting QB to MVP and Super Bowl champion. What is more impressive is late in his career, he revived himself and the Cardinals – just THAT close to another Super Bowl title.

  12. soooo are we going to sit here and act like 27 did not grab rodgers face mask on the last play and were also going to sit here and act like berry did not go helmet to helmet on rodgers goodness gracious….


  14. Joe Buck really is horrible at calling great games which means he doesn't help make them better. The game winning play he says "balls out, cardinals win." I mean come on? How about in Super Bowl 42. Eli Manning makes a crazy escape to make a throw which probably is the greatest in history and you would think he's announcing paint dry. He sucks!

  15. I was at this game. Craziest game ever. When Dansby picked up that fumble to win the Game, I screamed as loud as I could and I couldn't even hear myself. Place was insanely loud all game.

  16. 2:05:12 <—- I'm sorry but I was rolling when I saw the ref tumble backwards, legs flying in the air lololololol!!!! And then all the replays right after showed it, too… :))))

  17. Thank you Joe Puck. My insomnia has been really bad this week and your droning commentary is putting me right to sleep.

  18. I think having to play this cardinals team prepared the saints for minnesota well in the nfc champ game. The vikings had a cakewalk through the divisional round in dalllas and they werent prepared for the aggressive defense no was gonna play in the title game.

  19. It's disappointing that "politics" robbed Kurt of the middle years of his career. Still one of the best to ever throw a football in my opinion.

  20. Everyone praises Rodgers for accuracy but he can’t hit wide open Jennings and nowadays just throw them in the dirt to protect his stats. Wonder why everyone likes Favre more hmmm

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