2016 Aussie Millions Poker Championship $100,000 Challenge Final Table Highlights

Paul: Aussie Millions 2016 100K Challenge,
it is all about Fabian Quoss, right? I’m with Jason Somerville. What happened? It just seemed like there were all of these
great players and then…did he run well or play well or both? Jason: It was a combination of both, for sure,
you know? The very first hand of play, Fabian doubles
up with aces against Connor Drinan’s ace king. And that kind of set the tone for the rest
of the final table. I don’t think Fabian lost one hand of consequence
yesterday. And that’s always a good strategy at final
tables. Paul: He was very humble about his assessment
of yesterday. He said that he ran well. He felt like the luck was really with him. Jason: Yeah, and for sure, you know, when
you’re playing with six absolute superstars of the game, the player who runs the best
is likely going to win. But you know what? Not only did he get lucky, but he used that
luck, you know, very intelligently. He never really got out of line. There were very few missteps throughout the
entire final table. And, you know, he played great. He was certainly the most deserving champion
of the six. And everybody played great. It was really an honor to watch, because it
was such high-level poker. Paul: Now, Ben got close. I mean, in the heads up, my understanding
is that he actually took a whack out of Fabian. And at one point, we thought there might be
a little bit of change in momentum, right? Jason: Yeah, I mean, Ben doubled up with pocket
queens against seven deuce. Actually, it was an 8, 7, 6, 3 board. So Fabian made one misstep there, doubled
Ben up. And, you know, Ben Tollerene, one of the most
successful online poker players of all time, has had many years where he’s made multiple
millions of dollars playing the highest stakes heads up no limit matches in the world. And so this was not an unusual circumstance
for Ben in that regard. But, unfortunately, even though he got up
to being only a three-to-one dog, he was not able to overcome that lead from Fabian and
ended up finishing at second, still his biggest cash ever, though, in a tournament. Paul: Well, congratulations to Fabian Quoss. Now, we’re moving on, final table, main event. Jason: The main event! Paul: The main event over here. We’re gonna crown a champion, 2016 Aussie
Millions main event champ. You know, you look at this line up. You’ve got a little bit of a mix here and,
for the first time ever, two females. You know, what’s the focus? It has to be about them, right? Jason: Yeah, I mean, there are a lot of different
storylines here in the main event. Ari Engel and Tony Dunst, two very well-known
long-time pros, they started playing poker about when I started playing poker 12 years
ago. And I’ve seen both of those guys kind of,
like, grow in the game of poker. You know, Ari Engel, very well-respected,
he’s played so much poker in the last 10 years. And Tony Dunst, you know, who also works with
the World Poker Tour, he’s kind of a fellow broadcaster himself. And Tony Dunst, always classy dresses, much
more like you than me. And, you know, he’s a very nice guy. And then, of course, we have one local player
here in Dylan Honeyman, right? I think he is a local Melbournian. Or is it John Apolidis. Paul: John Apostolidis, yeah, you got it wrong,
yeah. Jason: So, yeah, I knew there was one somewhere. But Alex is from Australia. But I think he’s from a different part of
Australia. Paul: Correct, he’s from Queensland, I believe. I mean, John Apostolidis is actually a local. He’s been playing here for as long as the
poker room has been around. Jason: Oh, that’s great. Paul: He comes out of the sort of a little
bit of the Manny Stavropoulos…you know, cut from the cloth of the place that was built
here. So it’s a tough one to call. But if you had to name a favorite, would you
say it would go with Tony or Ari? Jason: I think it’s gonna be Ari as the favorite. You know, he has 8 million of the 21 million
chips in play. That’s a big lead, especially in the hands
of someone who is as capable and experienced as Ari. Of course, like you had mentioned, there are
two ladies here at the final table as well, which guarantees the highest finish ever for
a female in the main event, because seventh place was the previous bar that Annette Obrestad
had made. And several other women actually had gotten
seventh. So with two ladies here, we’re guaranteed
to have one at least finish sixth. But I’m sure they’re both gunning for more
than that. Sam Abernathy, actually in third place to
start this final table, so we’ll see how she can do that. Paul: Let’s just focus on that. You’re right, 2010, Annette Obrestad, final
tables and makes history here. And now, we’re about to make history again. Kitty Kuo, we haven’t spoken a great deal
about her because of the focus of the two ladies. But she’s quite an accomplished player in
her own right. Jason: Yes, of course, you know, Kitty, the
other of the two female players at this feature table, you know, Kitty has been crushing in
the last six months. She’s been working very hard in her poker
game. And, you know, we’ve seen her as the last
female standing in many EPT events in the last six months. She has, you know, really been working hard
in her poker game. She kind of took a backseat at the final,
like, eight players, nine players. She was really kind of one of the more conservative
players of the final eight. And we’ll see how she opens up now that she’s
made that final table, locked up $210,000 for her seventh place finish at least. And you know what? Right, now every payout is so significant. We’ll see how she climbs that ladder. And Dylan Honeyman, we’ve seen him play a
lot. And I think he’s gonna be kind of like the
dark horse here. We’ll see if he can, you know, put some chips
together [inaudible 00:04:40]. Paul: That’s an assessment from a World Series
of Poker bracelet winner himself. I wish you well in the broadcast today. We’re gonna crown a champion in the 2016 Aussie
Millions main event final table is about to begin. So tune in.

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