24 HOUR ABANDONED TUNNEL BOX FORT!! ๐Ÿ“ฆ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Finding The Rake!

anything you can see let me know Bob
take monster hunter in the house let’s see what you got or you got nothing on
Papa Jake Papa J takes you down yeah dude these monsters don’t even stand a
chance against me monsters don’t stand a chance against me
Bugan Bugan Luca Luca wake up wake up it’s an emergency
Logan wake up emergency Luca I’ve been playing you’ll in each to revolution all
night and I finally figured out what we need to do I’m no longer Papa Jake Logan
if you’re not Papa Jake then who are you I’m Garrett the ghost of Logan I’m Gary
the ghost hunter and battling monsters in this game in an epic MMORPG set on my
mobile with beautiful graphics to tell me a lesson Logan taught me a lesson I
can’t be scared my monsters anymore I have to face them I think it’s time Gary
the ghost hunter comes back faces our biggest monster yet you talking about
the Easter Bunny no Logan I’m talking about something bigger the rake we went
to the abandoned tunnel many times months ago but we got too scared
we did a fear get the best of us but there’s anything lineage to revolution
can teach me it’s time we got over comic dear you versus 50 PvP multiplayer rate
dungeons and then the expanse of open world all on my mobile phone there’s
something I can learn from that that’s not to be scared of monsters like the
right so we got a team up and we got to take on the right we’re gonna go back to
the forest and we’re gonna do a 24 hours survival challenge until we can catch
him into fear monster are you with me Logan do I have a choice no not really
no just get your stuff I’ll meet you downstairs party here’s what I’ve been
doing I’ve been reviewing it but it’s always looking over everything this is a
clip from our last video as you can see everything looks normal but right there
you can clearly see a figure running across the trip this is no doubt the
ring okay this is no doubt our monster we have footage of him not only here but
in our first video as well we even have to try
I’m at his nest looking we’re dealing with this the rake
that’s our monster Vulcan I don’t know if I want to go in the woods and face
that thing man neither does Papa Jake but Gary the
ghost hunter is ready to go these Juby had logan was with supplies
transportation and enough equipment to catch him luckily our friends over at
lineage to revolution made by met marble we’re happy enough to help us now those
guys were really awesome to decide to sponsor this video and sponsor this
expedition for us to go and find our monster guys honestly if you have not
checked out lineage 2 revolution there is a link in the description down below
you guys who’s pre-register and get a bunch of really awesome goodies in the
game this is a massive open world MMORPG that you guys can play on your phone
beautiful graphics got raid dungeons it’s so much more go check it out again
link in the description down below big thanks to lineage to revolution for
sponsoring this video and netmarble who made the game
alright Logan now let’s go get that rank we have everything here that we need to
track down our monster aka the rake ok I don’t know what’s in the woods we’ve got
all the survival equipment that we could need for the night I’ve got MREs to eat
we’ve got survival gloves we’ve got headlamps regular lamps a massive lab
this thing is beasty we want to have enough light that if this thing comes at
us we’ll be able to scare it away we even have some handheld lights over here
as well as a compass you keep track of where we’re going in the dark cuz got it
gets really dark in these woods and if we get scared and get all over the place
and start running away we want to be able to meet up with one another I also
have here some blankets for us we’re gonna be going pretty lightweight so
we’re not gonna bring all of our sleeping bags and all that kind of gear
so we’re gonna use these thermal blankets to keep warm because it is
October it’s getting cold it’s getting spooky and we want stay warm in the
sport if we’re gonna be there for 24 hours and last but not least guys we
have a night-vision camera when it gets dark at night it is extremely hard to
see and it can sometimes be creepy if we don’t know what’s coming on this in the
woods this will allow us to determine if it’s an animal or something even worse
it’s already dark we got to pack up gear up and get to the forest because we got
a box fort to built and we got a night to survive
we’ve been walking for a little while now through the forest and we came up to
the spot that we’ve seen earlier in the summer this is the abandoned tunnel that
we found not too long ago and it’s right around where we found the rake it’s down
there past these trees so we’re gonna get down there find a clear spot and set
up our box for it the only problem is we got here way later than we thought we
can’t see a single thing luckily it’s a full moon tonight but I’m already
freaked out man I’m hearing things this forest it’s not nice at night it’s
really creepy it should be down here it’s been a full summer since we’ve been
down here so I don’t remember too much yeah let’s just get moving I don’t like
this this is creeping me out bro I’m gonna take a quick check yeah okay all
right we’re not too far away from the abandoned tunnel I’m gonna bring you
guys down there so we can get a good look at it I will leave the light here
so we know it is the thing that we thought we saw was the
rake was in there the tunnel system runs not too far it runs around here down the
shoreline there’s another abandoned tunnel that links up to this one a
little bit farther down and that’s where the rakes nest is so if you guys can see
that light is where we’re setting up base camp and this is where the tunnel
is for now I think our priority is to get shelter get food and warmth it’s
already freezing out here I can see my breath honestly I just I don’t like
being here I feel really exposed I think once we get the fort made we’ll feel a
little bit safer without just me but I heard like his big
thud if there’s something out there if he’s out there he’s watching us I think
we just need to get this fort ready from get the fort ready at least we can be
safe let’s set this thing up get inside get
some warmth to get some food in us we just got the flooring done I think we’re
gonna go with a fairly small shelter just because we don’t have a lot of time
to build this thing and we just want to get inside we’re feeling really
vulnerable out here we just wanna get the walls done and get set up once we’re
set up then we could start planning about finding the rape and I also want
to go ahead and do a little bit of scouting over by his mess as well as the
other abandoned tunnel all right let’s keep building I think we just heard the Rixos we just
heard it go off once I don’t know what it is this is getting scary right now at
least the box where it’s coming under wait we’ve got the sides done so we’re
gonna put the roof on now and then get inside this thing quick as possible so
forth built we’re gonna get inside we but here’s some creepy noises we’re
gonna get our flashlights get in the fort I’m hoping once I get some dinner
in me and just kind of relax a little bit I’ll feel a little bit better but I
don’t like being out here when things can watch us nice and safe a lot better
just being in here it’s not the biggest box fort you ever made but at least keep
us comfy and warm for the night blankets and some extra camera gear inside so we
came down to the forest that we had been in a couple months ago that’s where we
saw what we thought was the rake we made it back here we made it to the abandoned
tunnel that’s right literally 10 meters from this fort we set up camp and now
we’re ready to survive 24 hours here our main mission right now is that we want
to confront the break we want to see if we can either capture him find him or at
least get some proper footage of him this is base camp for now we’re gonna
grab some food get some meals in us get some water in us just kind of relax a
little bit it’s been a long hike it’s been a lot of building once we’re kind
of settled down then we’ll start getting out and getting some expedition so we
were hiking south I believe for most of the night looks like the noises we were
hearing we’re coming from the southeast that’s that’s along the abandoned sewer
system I feel like we should like check outside
I definitely want to I definitely want to check out what that was I just think
right now we just need to stay put maybe it was just an okay let’s let’s have
dinner let’s just relax a little bit and after dinner we’ll gear up properly and
we’ll go outside okay the combos just showing that the sound was coming from
the southeast which relative to the abandoned tunnel system runs along the
tunnels I mean they go four miles underground but as far as what we’ve
traveled through goes right along where the rakes nest is so got our meals here
we were hiking for pretty long while so these are perfect for us these are MREs
if you guys have never seen us eat them you probably have by now but these are
military rations to keep everything for us in one pack including a piece that
cooks these things with just water so looks like I actually grabbed a
breakfast one for mine but it’s all good cuz it comes with some peanut butter
crackers which is nice and I believe a pop chart so Logan you have a pork
sausage patty so we’ll hook that up for you basically just put in here the
actual sausage is kind of vacuum sealed in this thing so use this cool little
bag here and you pour water in it and it’ll get as hot as an oven which is
pretty awesome I’ll be cooked in about 20 minutes so we’re gonna put this
outside let it cook and in the meantime we’re
gonna dig into some of our snacks pork sausage patty it’s gonna put it outside all right I’m just gonna put the M are
you against this log so I can tuck nothing like a poptart after a long hike
in the forest and being scared out of my mind
Jake look it’s a little bug in the name you Ted he’ll protect us against the
rake we’re still waiting for Logan’s food to cook we’re gonna kind of chill
out we’re gonna wait a little bit later the rink hasn’t made much noise or
movement until around 3:00 a.m. we’re gonna wait in the box for it till it
gets close to the 3:00 a.m. and then we’ll start making our way over to the
rakes nest in the meantime we’re gonna set up with our blankets we got some
thermal blankets here to keep us warm and honestly I think I’m gonna play some
millennion ch2 revolution break just like the rake thanks my fears you got
this I got this beat you like I’m gonna defeat the rake I’m scared no monsters
I’ll stir don’t scare Poppa Jake no scare Gary the ghost hunter or Papaji you’re going down just like we’re taking
down the right who’s ray he’s got nothing on Papa Jake you’re going down Jake foods gone what what food yeah Mary
it’s not there would you put it put it right there
you sure it’s not just falling over all right actually you don’t give me the
night vision give me a night vision same thing I don’t know if this will have
audio but if you can hear me right now I’m on the night vision camera
pitch-black but I think it you see a little bit through the screen on here as
always – disease do you see anything on here let me know in the comments down
below I’m gonna do a quick scan of the forest I’m the time my best to see if I
can see any in the distance but there’s anything you can see let me know right
now are you are you sure you so handsome I’m positive I’m positive because our
all force they supposed to be food it’s almost a closing on three o’clock
if we’re gonna go out and we’re gonna find him
are you sure man we can just go home look we’ll follow the riverbank down
towards his nest go through the abandoned tunnel and get some better
footage of him I’m so close I just got scared let’s gear up we’ll bring
everything we’ll bring all their flashlights all the gear everything that
we need a little bit of a hike down this way but we brought all of our gear we
packed up we’ve got flashlights got the night-vision camera as well as the GoPro
you guys can see more than me I mean even what you guys can see is not much
you can see the leaves the trees other than that it’s completely pitch black so
we’re gonna head down towards where the rape test is follow the creek bed and
that’s when we find the abandoned tunnel we’re gonna make our way down the river
towards the other abandoned tunnel the abandoned total starts here and travels
down that way but we’re gonna follow him towards his nest try and document
everything as I said before guys there’s a lot of weird things in these woods so
if you see anything or hear anything after the fact well we were viewing the
footage but let us know because the more we look into this the creepier things
get all right while Logan’s getting packed up I’m gonna take a look at the
tunnel down here there’s a whole tunnel system under this abandoned place we
can’t go in this thing there’s just way too much water so we’re gonna make our
way down to a more manageable tunnel and make our way through that we’re gonna
follow him towards his master try and document everything house I said before
guys there’s a lot of weird things in these woods so if you see anything or
hear anything after the fact we’ll be reviewing the footage but let us know
because the more we look into this the creepier things get guys
Jesus who’s that Logan yeah we just heard some weird noises in the woods
I can hear dogs barking that’s not what I’m scared of what I’m scared of is what
they’re barking at normally in the night vision camera eyes will light up by
reviewing the footage it doesn’t seem like the rake has eyes or his eyes don’t
light up on the camera I don’t like this I don’t like this at all and I’m
starting to weird I’m starting to feel freaked out we just we just uh keep
going I can see I can see I made it towards
where the rakes not this definitely no you’re getting close to the race and
that’s when things start to look weird or weird the tree pattern around here
was that cheeks what’s that Logan all right looks like the creek bed goes down
here the race house should be over around there
stay up there I’m hearing things man I know just don’t come on right now
Logan’s her and I have a change of heart he’s hearing these noises he’s looking
we have to keep going native too far let’s just get to the rates nest let’s
get to be bad in tunnel check it out the only way to get across is to go across
the river but right now it doesn’t look like there’s any movement coming out of
the race class so our best bet is to keep moving towards the tunnel so we
found the tunnel in the middle of a forest that’s abandoned guys the
advantage someone that we found a couple months back watch out watch out I’m the spine
there’s a lot of fighters in here look I heard let’s go let’s go get over Tom’s
goal it seemed like the ring crying I don’t wanna be in the tunnel anymore
it was definitely the right use make it back to the self it go go go up two
three up the creek let’s get back to camp I don’t like being here watch yourself completely wrecked I
think this might have been the rake I think you might have been chasing us
back here the whole fort’s gone bro down there this way I can hear him calling
see don’t go down there let me just wash my back all right guys so we are back
and we are you playing civil lineage to revolution of course fighting monsters
in real life might be a little bit more spooky and than fighting them in this
game so I think I’m gonna kill and play some more lineage to revolution with you
guys of course if you missed my first episode on this you would have seen us
battling out having a lot of fun and if you guys want to check out this game it
is not out yet but if you use the link in the description down below you can go
ahead and pre-register to get some really cool features so right now we’re
gonna go ahead and do some quests last episode I said I’d do some PvP so I’ll
definitely check that out today I don’t think I’m gonna win but we’ll try our
best so let’s start off things here with just a simple quest I really really
loved the story in this game I know I talked about it a little bit before in
our first video and I definitely showed off a lot of like the really cool
features so if you missed that go check it out it was a lot of fun that was our
video where we battled to drag in a box for Dragon that is so we’re gonna go
ahead and see what’s going on here escort to arcane Academy professor
artists we got that done episode cleared sweet
let’s see what we’re doing today all dude I mean I’m getting ranked up here
they also have a really cool thing going on so I got some new armor for my
character as well as ranked up some of my weapons so if I take a look here I
was using this which is like a bow and arrow instead of my regular kind of
swords but if I use my bow and arrow we can actually go ahead and upgrade it a
little bit too to make sure so it’s gonna it’s gonna remove my combat power
a little bit but we can upgrade it with some of the cool stuff that we got I
also believe here we go I got a grade-a exclusive armor box so let’s use that
and see what we get let’s open that up Oh tracker our suite actually might be
better than when I got on right now yeah it is okay because right now I’m using
this tracker armor which is a b-grade so I’m gonna upgrade this so let’s let’s go
ahead and equip this and then I can’t upgrade it by combining all of our items
in the forge and I did a bunch of that in the last episode but to be honest
with you I just want to play I want I want to beat some bad guys I want to
defeat some monsters in this game so let’s hear it our quest is for today and
I’ll definitely gonna do a dungeon because I want to beat a big monster
again alright so let’s see here I also have Auto questing turned on I actually
started to like it a lot because it really helps you figure out where to go
and how to do things but of course you can’t just keep Auto questing on or else
you will die so that’s very important to know oh and check this out guys
I got emotes I can do I can do this stuff now I ranked up this is high five
even though I don’t have any when I have five with I can go on the ground and get
really scared so I got some cool stuff here that you can mess around with and
it’s a really social game it’s a lot of fun to play with your friends I know
Logan has an account we’ve been playing together let’s see what our quest is
today enhance oh we got new content on long sweet’s oh we should start a clan
guys I’d be sick alright I feel like a lot of these we’re not gonna have a high
enough character level so we’ll go back we’ll do a little bit of research on our
clan alright let’s claim a reward let’s see
if we can do one more quest for this guy and then we’ll uh we’ll go do a dungeon
and I do want to do some PvP I’m really scared to do PvP because I’m only level
12 we might do well we might we might be able to defeat someone we’re level 13
now no worries we’re gonna dominate PvP no problem our mission is to retake all
right let’s do it I’m on I’m on your side bro we got this let’s do this hold
your ground stop the orcs yo you’ve got a big sword bro
this dude’s got a massive sword I don’t have a sword I just got a little bone
there I don’t know if I want my bone there anymore
okay I’m a little bit afraid we’re okay we’re okay
alright this this dude’s gonna protect me Russell I need you you take the front
I’ll take the back it makes more sense if I’m in the back of my bow and arrow
anyway so we can’t give you a high five Russ no high five man I’ll clap yeah you
doing it you’re doing a fine job this is a daily dungeon guys you can do
oh my god you can do dungeons pretty much whenever you want die die already I
failed the dungeon I already died alright there we go we’re doing easy oh
man that’s a monster now that’s a monster not not exactly looking like the
rake yeah to be honest with you if we saw this in the forest instead of the
rake I would be like a thousand times more scared this is a freaky looking
thing it’s like a werewolf okay let’s go bro let’s go let’s go BAM get rekt
we got him he’s done can’t you can’t mess with Papa Jake I’m a dance on you
dance on you so there we go we got our dungeon reward so we’re definitely a
little bit too low of a CP to do anything like too crazy but oh alright
let’s go ahead and do some PvP guys because we haven’t got to check that out
yet also I want to check my mail because you
keep good I keep getting all these like really awesome gifts in it so let’s grab
some gifts here always some nice gifts in my mail again like I said if you guys
have not pre registered yet go do it linked down below get some really cool
stuff so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna do arena which is like a 1v1
battle we can pick different players here to battle one of you once this
guy’s level lovin we’re level 13 let’s see if we can do this I feel like that’s
a good match verse is alright let’s go for it some guys they were like level 26
I’m like now I’m not I’m not even touching that all right here we go bro
what you got what you got on me let’s go oh he’s going for it he’s going for oh
we don’t even have any we don’t many revives okay we get like no revives for
this alright so it’s just pure battling it out and it looks like we don’t win
there we don’t win you just got roasted you know he’s one
of first PvP match not too bad after all I mean granted we played someone who is
like two levels look look if you check out like a guy like this level 25 you’re
just like no I don’t wanna I don’t want to beat that guy there was like one guy
here he was like level like I think was like 24 oh no if it’s this guy no
there’s one guy here with like the Beasties armor I was like man how do you
even get that armor oh that guy’s got a big sword it’s actually gonna cool to
check out all the other all the other players and what they’re what they’re
using alright so we’re back here we’re back in our main land oh we got some
blood Rangers fighting some works everything’s looking good yeah you know
I’m just walking around make sure they make sure that lands are looking good
pop Jake holding it down pretty much holding the kingdom together all on me
no big deal I do want to thank you so very much for watching this video if you
guys enjoyed me playing this game and you guys want to go check it out like I
said there is a link in the description down below you guys can go pre-register
get some really cool bonuses for the game and have a bunch of fun playing and
guys again a big thanks to lineage 2 revolution made by netmarble for
sponsoring this video go check it out link down below I’ll see
you guys next time

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