$243,900! Daniel Negreanu Hopes Antonius Doesn’t Have A Big Hand

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13 thoughts on “$243,900! Daniel Negreanu Hopes Antonius Doesn’t Have A Big Hand

  1. Well its been a year but im looking now so…. Sometimes i think Doug takes this waaaaaaay to serious . Nice vids though but its a bit like my math teacher giving a boring class. But fuck me i dont know shit so errrmm what am i saying? Yeah something. Doesnt matter i said something. Thats cool.

  2. Daniel's weird af limp in pre-flop won him a massive pot, Antonius never had Daniel on AQ.. Polk wasn't impressed with that limp in, but isn't that just Daniel balancing his range? To good effect in this instance..

  3. I felt negreanu limped with ace queen he felt dwan was going to bet I feel dwan could bet with most two cards in this spot just because how strong it looks I do disagree with his call I would raise a dwan type and I would lean more towards a fold in the ace 8 of hearts most times I would feel you are are only drawing to your flush and your ace would be no good. clearly im not there and have no say I just want to see where my view stands

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