$25,000 Day Three! Pre game chat

he does a podcast all right what’s up
guys we’re here live from Atlantis in the Bahamas special guest appearance
craig varnel you might know him from the WPT 500 had like 5,000 entrance he
wanted a few years ago never spent a penny he’s a big NIT welcome Craig
Parnell it’s good to have you on the livestream
we’re now on today three of the $25,000 PokerStars event shout out to Tony
Bedford first in the chat current situation is two hundred and thirteen
thousand chips average is around three hundred thousand two hundred and seven
players remain 181 get paid in cash is just over twenty five thousand dollars
eighteen percent of the field cash there’s two ways to look at this we
could fold the cash or we could play to win I can’t really have a set strategy
based on my table draw I’m gonna play every hand in every situation as best as
possible you only live once you got to be fearless but you have to be sensible
225 K is a lot of money thoughts yeah I think with your stack I think you gotta
kind of play for the money but obviously you can’t fold in certain spots but I
think like you got to play like are you the main event you know on the bubble
you got a gotta wait it out you can’t just like punt it off on the bubble with
like a small pair anything like that and the table predicated you could be like
you could if it’s not a bunch of pros you could run them over yeah yeah just
get a little momentum and watch it unfold and pick up every hand if I get a
double early definitely if I’m over 400k then I’m gonna be raising actually in
the face oh yeah it’s just pretend to look here cards then men raise and stare
everybody down that is the game plan if not we’re gonna be patient wait for good
spots I won’t be folding queens I’ll tell you that we’re gonna get it in
there’s 1 million dollars added to first so we’re very incentivized to play for
the win without fold Queens well you could have
folded here an Queens and aces a couple times on day one but that’s just
gambling let’s see who’s in the chat we got Cooper stopping traffic Rock’em
Sock’em love me some Bluff skis yep bluffing is a mandatory part of the game
you can’t be results-oriented just because a bluff doesn’t work
doesn’t mean it’s bad it just didn’t work that time true it could have been
bad long run but that one time don’t be gun-shy Albu shout out to
France you know I’ve had problem with your countrymen before with their body
odor problems but not all Frenchmen stink I’ve heard I’ve been corrected but
you know small sample size once again I will not be playing any cash games or
other events besides this 25k this tournament is mine to win I didn’t come
here to lose god damn it get that Milly how about five point one Milly no chops
maybe some swaps didn’t bring deodorant haven’t had that problem this year
fortunately air is very valuable you don’t appreciate how good air smells
until it smells horrible because the person sitting next to you stinks two dollar donation from someone chat
scrolling too much you don’t have to send me two dollars guys I do appreciate
it the chat is fine yeah it’s like 80 and humid outside a little bit of a walk
anywhere in Atlantis goes true you get lots of exercise here I do I’m still
sweating a little bit yeah you gotta walk like a mile to get food sometimes
got to walk a mile back to your room so some tough food situation a lot of
exercise for poker players and normally don’t get exercise that’s true they’re
gonna be winded I said grand a simulator is on my side
let us pray shout out to the grand simulator just
let me experience pure euphoria for once just the purest euphoria 15 minutes of
fame run pure they can’t take this 5.1 million away from me
other than paying investors and paying 50 percent to the government that’s all
I can do I get you know what I get tax man’s gonna need a couple hundred K
after that tax man I’ll get you buddy yeah they won’t let’s find it they do a
great job yeah shut up to the government appreciate all the fine roads and
spending on thousand hundred thousand dollar hammers for NASA a good
investment and we got to build that wall what do you guys think about that wall
not to get it’s a good investment no taxes government shutdown hey I didn’t
say that you know I’m a law-abiding citizen I believe don’t want to get
locked in the cage now I believe you’re a straight narrow kind of guy
how many what’s that yeah well you can’t play poker in prison I don’t see that
happening I’ll get Kings yup that’d be nice I’ll
take Kings every hand Kings against Queens yeah hold hold
80% easy hold easy hold let me get to 401 pier today that’s all you need you
just need some setup hands yeah I pick my spots first what 82 it’s 82 it’s always 82 and
you have a bigger pair 139 people tuning in welcome to the live stream on
location at Atlantis you guys have any requests you want me to pull any pros
aside to get on the stream what do we got we got a look around
we got a bunch of nobodies got a bunch of nerds a bunch of unknown anonymous
euros Platinum past winners clicking the button clicking button don’t get it out
of there the room yeah often there it could be paler than
me if that’s possible that’s probably possible they don’t
leave their room dude stuck in the dungeon Roberto this is Craig varnel you
got piccoli coming you got Brian piccoli coming by not a fan okay Roberto wants
to know that I have Craig varnel next to me Craig might have one was it Bossa
back I want to bracelet this summer 2k boss event and pot limit Omaha Bridge
suppose even five 6500 wow that’s a big field yeah Dan you got a bracelet today
Sierra give you a bracelet you know just $180,000 yeah and they paid you yeah oh
yeah I never had payout issues love ACR sign up today using bonus code oh ski Oh massages are good I did win to 30 to
30 minute free massages Wow they picked your table twice Wow run your desk to
know what you’re destined to final table list of that it is from good you got
picked twice twice each day at the 30-minute table massage and I did a live
stream last night getting a massage for 30 days wow that’s amazing
yeah it was good did you pick drea no she she just got done rubbing on peds so
I didn’t want his slime all over but no there was another other attractive
blonde in Georgia yeah no happy ending Alex come on now we’re
in public let’s be reasonable let’s go and indeed
we’re going I got to get some food we got ten so I play by for anything out of
the 25k so good luck bus key when that shit got it all right hi everyone see
you Craig varnel ladies and gentlemen follow him on Twitter as I’m grinding
seven I’m grinding one a great Twitter account special guest star Oh
let’s see if we can get any more some unrecognizable fine Tonka we’re
we’re talking I’ll try to get Tonka I did get some decent food I got this
place called Anthony’s across the street I did still tip the massage girl they do
get paid full for their 30-minute free massage coupon but yeah still got a
temple 26 blinds 26 blinds no known strip clubs
probably wouldn’t trust it they probably don’t have my style of females available
anyway look january of jeff has begun it’s gonna be a great month 207 remain 181 pay first on the bubble
is palpable no that’s not talking no real notables at my table I did fully
background check all of them I know what I’m dealing with live stream lunch
dinner not likely probably not gonna eat for the entirety
of today already got a nice breakfast little mushroom egg and a mushroom egg
and bacon omelet put some coffee and orange juice should treat me well all right any questions in the chat
anybody want to see on the livestream let me know we are up two dollars on
this livestream don’t send me any more money
I did double up Bill Perkins twice yesterday so hopefully he helps me
somewhere later in life a 78 and ace Jack two pocket kings his
hands held both times somehow 213,000 chips it’s about 26 big
lines oh this is the entrance Eyrie oh it’s probably better I can read the
comments but they scroll by quickly Steven universe strategy is flexible
depends on how people are playing and it depends on our whole cards and the
positions those three things will dictate whether I’m raising shoving
three bed folding three bet calling and stack size as it fluctuates I don’t plan
your hands obviously my stack is gonna go down and I probably won’t be able to
just folds cash although $25,000 there’s a lot of money 5.1 million is a lot more
money so we got to put ourself in a position to win apparently the future is
unwritten so hopefully my decisions are good ones and they work out well
starting to think life is a lot like black mirror episode Bandersnatch if you
guys have seen that like someone’s in control of you know does you does he
fold does he shove stuff like that but that might just mess with your mind and
it’s best just to make a good decision I will not be on the feature table as
there’s no real notables at my table and I’ll be on the future table when I’m
at the final table the simulation will be cracked it will be the January of
Jeff PokerStars that TV will have some streams and the definition of a punt
Brander grinder whatever it’s only a punt if you lose if they fold it’s a
great play if they call it and you suck out it’s a great play you think about
that 181 pay 207 remain not at the future table tank every
decision to get your opponents on edge that could be a valid strategy abuse the
abusable okay I feel that I feel that I got a little under average that’s fine I
know what to do oh we got Craig back on stream we need a little pita wrap we got
oh they look they love the food they love the food vlog looks delicious you
got to go to Anthony’s right across the street it’s actually like a Denny’s it’s
good first hand jam show the bluff not a bad strategy just sit and say I’m
fucking fearless let’s go blind Jam first in yeah extra sponsorships not
that I know just a sign up on any series and bonus code boesky stair no huh well
I do i do stair but with my sunglasses on dogs are taken care of as Atlantis
degenerated that much I don’t know what that means last time I was here was 2010
it’s good to be back let’s make a mark on history gotta get to my table now so
I’ll be updating at the end of this day when I bag and tag and go on to day
forward the future is unwritten let’s make
history see you guys later

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