$250,000 Guaranteed Tournament at The Venetian

they begin the storm like seasoned
hunters using the scant cover to conceal yourself the Venetian 250 dollar 250 K if there’s five day one flights today is
1d looking to bag and tag around midnight each flight plays down to five
percent of the field which i think is a great idea allow people set allows
people to enter multiple days if they don’t bag or multiple days even if they
bin cash and want to try again also coming back for day two is a bit of
a hassle for a lot of people real time constraint so if only five percent of
the field comes back for day two it’s a lot more economical for the player and
the venue a huge fan of this if this tournament can only implement big blind
ante and of course anything but ten handed it would be the perfect
tournament for me fifty dollar rake is unacceptable also but the field will be
very soft our game plan today is to be extremely aggressive and fire as many
bullets as possible I have not sold any action or done any swaps so this is all
me if there’s a tough spot and I it’s a cliff and it’s between me folding or
shoving I’m shoving we’re calling let’s gamble let’s get
this money 50k up top fifteen thousand ships to
start we lose four thousand right off the bat missing our open-ended straight
draw with Queen Jack with eleven thousand ships there’s a raise to 600
we’re on the button with East King of Diamonds put it in a three bet to 1800
big blind flat calls with five thousand behind original RAZR calls flop comes
ace eight seven with the eight seven of spades big blind rips it into US
original RAZR folds and we call he shows five six of spades
easy-hold with top hair here the turn is the king of clubs and the river is the
ten of spades he scoops a huge pot with blinds at 100 200 with an ante action
folds to me middle position I raise it to ace Jack Ace of Diamonds person on my
left calls and we’re heads up to a flop the flop comes ten three three two
diamonds good flop to see bet I make it 550 he calls put him on something like a
mid pair maybe a hand like nine ten jack 10 Queen 10 small chance of suited
diamond – diamond Broadway type and the turn is the four of clubs we decided
to go for it and rep Jax plus get him to fold out all his mid pairs so we’ve got
1200 he puts in the call at this point we’re going to give up unless a diamond
Ace or King it comes on the river we could be barreling with Ace King here
help we’re barreling with ace Jack the river is a beautiful King of Diamonds and we’re all in 3300 chips he goes deep
into the tank and eventually finds a call shows pocket eights and we are outs
of the 250 250 K they say it’s tough to unload the clip live well maybe for some
maybe for some we went for it who read him right and he
made the incorrect play by calling but luckily we have another two hundred and
fifty dollars in our pocket ready to gamble let’s get this 50k with blinds at 250 500 with a 50 ante or
10 handed bill position lamps there’s three more lips the small blonde lamps
and we check our option with four six of hearts in the big blind flop comes King
seven six two hearts small blind leads out for 2k he’s got about 25 K to start
we have 15,000 we call the 2k hit two more callers Oh what do we what do we
need to improve here is our heart good six is probably good it’s a for good
let’s see it turn four ways the turn is a for giving us bottom two pair and a
flush draw bad two pair and bad flush draw or just great board it depends how
you look at it small blind leads again extreme strength 6000 chips into three
people I have twelve thousand and three hundred behind and I go all-in next player to act goes
deep in the tank and eventually folds what turns out to be ace three of hearts
other guy folds and under the gun calls with six seven offs you a slightly
better to parent in retrospect of course I’m just gonna put him on two pair but
this time he holds when a7 hits the river and we’re out of the venetian $250
250 k could reenter 30 blinds but I think I’m gonna sit this one out
take care of my dogs at home thanks for thanks for tuning in until next time another job that’s right
4:14 of the venetian how many people know about this but Brown the roof the official group of the
parking garage at the Venetian the plan was to get a time-lapse out here tonight
but since I didn’t even make dinner break no time lapse today Wow man was born to rub nice to try to

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