$35,000 Win + Incredible Mindset Tips From BENCB

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58 thoughts on “$35,000 Win + Incredible Mindset Tips From BENCB

  1. Such a tease. Was looking forward to the end of the sunday warm-up where you are 5betting the J7o. That dynamic was so glorious to watch.

  2. at 4:12 you say you would call a 3bet Co vs BB 32bb efts with K7s+ ? is that for real ? people never bluffing from that stack in the bb. not sure how that works for you, but that seems hella light

  3. As a viewer Seeing more than 4 tables on screen really takes away from the enjoyment. Other streamers have each of their tables in a seperate capture. Maybe you might consider that aswell i am sure it would be greatly appreciated. Keep crushing!

  4. 24:45 Right bottom table, with all that chips on the table isnt it profitable to call 33 with nobody behind? This guy has a lot of Ax in his hand, I am pretty sure that we are flipping enough times to make this call, what do you think about this Ben? Btw. Amazing video, as always! Also the mindset tips are amazing, basically yeah, those are pretty simple rules of life and I also knew about those things, but its good you are gathering and sharing the knowledge like that, it keeps motivating me to work on myself.

  5. Hey Ben, thanks for another amazing video! You really give back to the community and I would like to thank you for that. Watching this and your previous "Huge Sunday Grind – Deep Runs Incoming!!" videos i must say WOOW amazing plays but also WOOOW what a run. You won like 95% of your All-Ins which is unbelievable. Playing good and running even better is the killer combination, so how do you keep running so good on so many sessions? You do affirmations, or you believe that the cards are falling your way, you give back to the community and you get a reward by getting this run, or you believe that you are just lucky in this game ( and maybe unlucky in other parts of your life) and the run its just normal? What is your perception on this one? Thanks alot keep the good work coming!

  6. 18:00 big 55: are you sure this is a call on the turn? He bets flop and gets called by two people. Turn bet seems very strong to me there. Can't have many bluffs with the stack sizes.

  7. 1:12:00 Which hand would be a good x/R bluff spott for the villain in the BB? Like QcJx?, blocking the flushes, some KJ and Q9?

  8. Really wonderful demonstration of how to play OOP against an aggressive creative opponent at a FT and how to step it up once it gets HU especially with a chip lead. Such an intelligent approach….and so balanced that you can post this without having to worry about being exploited. Inspirational! The earlier mindset tips were very much on point too. Thank you Ben

  9. I'm loving the stream with 6-tables up vs 9 or more on other videos. much easier to keep track of what's happening, even though it's probably more boring for you to play fewer tables! Hope for more of these in the future!!

  10. the poker content is great, per usual, but he is dropping some serious gems for life skills, thank you so much! bad beliefs/thinking patterns will lead to bad habits/actions, that'where you need to make changes to trully see long-term results and to defeat akrasia (weakness of will).

  11. I find that AQo spot very interesting. Yes it feels like we're wasting our equity by 3-bet/folding, but I imagine in the long run the times villain raise/folds or raise/calls (with a range we dominate) significantly out-weigh the times he raises and 4-bet shoves on us.

  12. I’m trying to move from being a recreational player to a semi professional player any tips on improving my game? I want to crush the 1-2, 1-3, 2-5 scene and start playing more tournaments as well.

  13. Love the content! I have a question tho, is it true you have -50% ROI this year on Party w your account mwhldwn? Seems crazy to me as you seem to be crushing relentlessly 😀

  14. Great content as always !! I am part of the community and for everyone that are looking to take their game to the next level cant even explain the immense value that the course brings! Also I am one of the people receiving the emails for mindset and how to handle downswings and I have to say the emails have come at the right time. Always exited to click on the new video keep them coming Ben.

  15. Let us know in the comments, what you think about the extra long video and if you want more video like this in the future!

  16. Well done Ben. After 10 years of playing I just understood this year that poker after some experience its all about a mind set. Thats it. It contains and discipline and motivation to keep playing right and have less tilt

  17. awesome content in here! i got a boring question but can you give us a short explaination about the hud stats you use in here pleaaase ? tx youuu!

  18. smashes out a 2 hour session vid of explanation and content, wins the sunday high roller and goes "Yeah that's it guys, always gotta run good to bink da timbeys, I'm gonna go now guys bye!". Your run of the mill poker streamer would call pads a fking fish, smash two whiskeys and celebrate his greatness for at least 3 hours…
    This man is truly all action and no talk, what a legend 😉

  19. Wow amazing content again Ben!
    Great insight in your daily life, that you should actually be mentally and physically fit and never give up.

  20. It's really hard to follow when there are 6tables. Takes a good 2-4 seconds to figure which table is being talked about and by that time it's too late to follow the analysis

  21. Hello Ben, thank you for this great content!
    May I ask which HUD are you using? Is it from Hand2Note? Is it better than PT4 or HM2?

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