$5/$5/$10 NO LIMIT CASH GAME! (Featuring the TOP 5 Poker Vloggers)

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dollars off the vloggers game round two in the inaugural bloggers game the
blinds were $1 and $3 and I managed to lose over $2,000 not a cash game expert
by any means this time the blinds are five dollars five dollars with a $10
straddle minimum buy-in is $200 maximum buying is $1000 with table stakes that
means you can buy into whatever the biggest stack is so this is gonna be a
very deep action-packed game I feel my best strategy for my own profitability
and the viewers enjoyment is to buy in for the minimum $200 and gamble it up
any reasonable hands I’m gonna be shoving with or raising preflop if I
happen to bust that’s fine I can keep reloading for 200 all night optimally
I’ll win some flips win some hands and build up a nice stack of well over $1000
so I can compete with these cash game regulars let’s gamble and see what
happens this is gonna be a good game I might go on tilt here because boskie’s
like playing all $1.00 chips right now I saw that show what is what his plan is
there he’s playing a 5/5 game and he’s got like 100
sixty in front of him in all $1.00 chips I feel like four months ago by now yeah
so we’ll see how that goes for him follow us on YouTube and twitch both he
owned all in the King Jack suited he’s got a suit crushed by Brad Allen and
we’ll draw the Joe team swimming at each other with blinds at five five ten
dollars David V opens under the gun plus two with King Jack offsuit to thirty
dollars action folds to Steve in the small blind he has ace four suited
pretty standard Kaali could three bet but this opens the door for an excellent
squeeze opportunity pocket sixes 26.5 blinds and sometimes you just got to go
for it Steve could have a higher pair so could David but I came here to gamble
we’re all in $265 David doesn’t like it knows I know he’s opening relatively
light and he can’t handle this much action he puts in the fold
Steve folds and we take it down meanwhile Matt says kick rocks there we go teeming 17 how’s Brad getting so many
good hands because the run good is real once his staff says here to me really
awkward at three bed and then like what are you gonna do here like like see that
write your whole stack some items get it in now
he does just gonna stuff 280 with the East Queen Brad already knows he’s
calling he does opportunities run better boesky under the gun plus two we have
two hundred and sixty dollars so we raise it up to thirty with the ten nine
suited we get one customer in the cutoff David V calls with ten eight suited the
flop comes King high luckily this is a great flop for us to see bet because we
have backdoor hearts and half the deck gives us a straight draw of course we
have the range advantage so we bet 35 David V cannot continue facing such
aggression and he lays it down good fold David we
take another pot down both feet limp Sinise king kill me and this is why we
need is Casey replacing boesky you’d only help nah that’s too Jeff those new
stats you should be playing deeper we’re not defending six four suited are big
like you might like plant like a stake in the ground that says you know like
chips for sale free chips line for sale line for sale three bigs
come get it I get it on a tournament and how many pigs we have is not as
important goddamn I’m trying to shoot the bitch now guys that’s all those he’s
not playing any hands Oh see first of all both were left for
15 minutes to get him aside the come on arrive scream be a professional dude was like milking the TV time
right like what else he’s having fun actually you know you’ve asked for it
you’ve wanted it no one the only Boesky is gonna be coming up shortly going to
grab hip now let’s hear a boat ski you know what guys I mean I’m gonna
livestream I’m gonna buy in for $1.00 chips are not gonna play any hands
Geoffrey both schemes oh no man it’s gone i snitching likewise the no gamble
what’s going on as you can tell by my play tonight
and we’re not gambling the gambling is a plague that has affected many
communities and families throughout the nation and I’m not here to promote
gambling to people that can’t afford to gamble we’re gonna promote drinking and
cupcakes see that’s fine sugar and alcohol they’re operating apart families
but handling it’s a something you really have to balance just like strip clubs
massage parlors you don’t want to overdo it it’s all in moderation black tar
heroin just kind of everything with an oak stain from that okay but gamble
responsible okay I can dig it motor Singh those wires I’m not not
hating on casinos I know where I’m at no I love the stones to see you know I’ve
had nothing but great things to say before that I’ve got blogs about this
great place so stay tuned and watch I’m Geoff Bowes me and get your no gamble
hat on Geoff Bowes to eat you can’t so what’s the strategy behind going with
all all blue chips tonight I suppose no fives you know buying in 4000
well my original plan was to buy in for the max like I did yesterday just full
five boskie yeah it’s a great full oh no we see that
action razor erased call out of the small bun
it’s the bottom of his range ace king I know bulb equity in 200 bucks I know 5
so I was like the best hand I’ve seen I know it’s like you’re trying to give me
a quote like you’re like you’re trying to like have been out like a full like
like brain meltdown I’m looking for a raise call call that I can shove not
raise three raise white call I smell I can get it I mean I know it hurt you see
the pain but you know at no gamble calm not a real website we go tight is right
I might just get back out there and put it in fresh 2k on the table what do you
think money I think if you’re gonna go out there yeah like yeah I think hard
and her is boesky Jeff Boesky is adding on to K as promised
quite a champ job that delivery Thanks
Thank You Stephen enjoy your new no gamble hit Oh favorable hat hits the
ground no gamble for life leaving stones and Sacramento with jamun and Brandon and deviled eggs Sammy spring roll she said chicken

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