5 Internet Safety Tips for Kids

Here are five internet safety tips for
kids. Number one Don’t give out personal information such as home address, school name, or phone number. Number two. Never send pictures to strangers. Number three. Keep passwords private except from parents. Number four. Don’t download
anything without permission it may contain a virus that can harm your
computer And number five. Tell an adult if you receive a mean or strange message. For more tips visit us at commonsense.org

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10 thoughts on “5 Internet Safety Tips for Kids

  1. 1. Can i just say i'm 11, and live in Dayton, OH, that's it
    2. But what if it's funny, and dosen't have any photos of you, your friend, or your house
    3. I did that, but i allow people i trust to have the password, and i don't even trust my MOM
    4. Mom won't let me, But i usually download stuff i know that's safe (.mid and .mp4 files for example)
    5. I told my mom once, and i got grounded from YouTube comments, bad idea Common Sense bad idea.

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