5 Mortal Kombat Gadgets in REAL LIFE

Alright bananas ready Subzero you ready I am ready What up what up it’s Chad Wild Clay and in my last fruit ninja video comment below that I should do more
mortal combat weapons so that’s what we’re going to do today we’re going to
buy five mortal combat weapons and test them out on some fruit and some other
fun stuff let’s go in the first mortal combat weapon we will be testing out is
sub-zero’s curry blade the curry blade is sub-zero’s weapon of choice in a
number of mortal kombat video games the blade itself is made by sub zero’s
freezing water vapor alright let’s jump online and see if we can find a sword
that could act as sub zero’s curry blade alright so on to karate marcom where I
get most of my weapons I think this sword looks great it’s a full tang hook
blade it’s got an awesome blue color which makes me think of ice and it’s
2195 let’s go ahead and buy this thing so we can test it out Hey look what came
in the mail I think it is sub-zero’s sword oh I have to unzip it here first
that’s cool never seen a sheath with a zipper oh look at that I think we can
just have it rip right through its own plastic that’s fine that is a really
cool color blue – oh my gosh that is sharp right there for sure and this
section here is sharp as well and then it has some rigid edges here as well as
some rigid edges here and a very wise choice to put the wrist strap on here so
as I’m swinging this around I might accidentally let go and it doesn’t fly
out of my hands and I’ll lose the thing or flies into somebody and this is a
super sharp point here it could definitely like pop a soda bottle
super easily but first I need to become Sub Zero before I go outside with this
blade so I already actually have a Sub Zero costume that I got from Karate
marcom and why don’t I go and grab that right now
Oh owned it there it is the mortal kombat sub-zero large costumed man or a
man just in case you weren’t sure I’m going to become Sub Zero in about one
second here I am sub-zero what I often like to do
with my costume is I like to upgrade the mask whenever I need costumes I would
like to check out Halloween costumes dot-com and of course they have what I’m
looking for here Deluxe Sub Zero mask so I’m going to add this to cart and what’s
this I see over here on the left a sub-zero sword accessory let’s check
this out that looks cool it’s got like fake blood
all over the blade why don’t we add this as well and our shipment from Halloween
costumes calm has arrived let’s open this up and see what we’ve got
cool we’ve got our Sub Zero mask here and the Sub Zero or cool let’s try out
this sword first I’m really impressed with this this is fun it’s very very
lightweight store just a toy you know it’s a great costume accessory we’ll
play it with us a little bit but let’s check out this mask this is cool this
thing is like pro mask here let’s try to stick on see how it looks ready here we
go now I’m feeling like sub-zero let’s go outside and destroy some things with
our swords yeah I’ve got my buddy Justin behind the camera there
hello Justin awesome blue so much zero I got to show you my other blade here
your dresser the toy blade of course oh that’s not real milled isn’t it real
that I hear isn’t even a real bore can you believe I watch you thought this was
your blood hahaha there’s what some girl with really you
holy smokes whoa okay we’ve got soda ninja here versus
up0 sword his eyes look like he’s ready to battle don’t they he’s like he’s got
the big eyes so here we go are you ready to another job that was katana
now that was a sudden I also saw he’s got very permit employer that I can’t
hit a woman daddy Oh like butter we’ll always
remember you stood a ninja alright let’s go back inside and get another weapon in
the next Mortal Kombat weapon we will be buying and trying our katana
steel fans they are bladed fan like weapons used by a katana from Mortal
Kombat to moving forward sometimes you see them as just plain steel fans with
sharpened edges and other times you see them with actual blades attached I think
we’re going to have a hard time finding blades that are razor sharp but let’s
see what we can find all right guys this is the closest I can find to katanas
blades they are steel kung-fu fans for 3695
fans are very popular weapons in the Chinese martial arts because of their
ability to surprise an unsuspecting enemy well cool I’m excited to try this
out let’s get a red one and a black one and see how they work and katanas fans
have arrived open that up oh there we go and you can
see the metal section right away and it has a very cool dragon emblem here in
gold cool look at that wow these are huge so I don’t know if it’s going to do
much against fruit here it is made out of metal but it is not sharp if I could
hit it hard enough I could do something I think this will be interesting
I’m not really sure what I’ll be able to do here with these but I’ll definitely
try my best to to chop some things up with these alright let’s open up the
other one here alright cool and if it’s hot outside this we’re going
to feel really great guys let’s go outside and testing things out but wait
a second we need katana to join us we can’t use these without katana back over
to Halloween costumes calm The Mortal Kombat katana costume for $49.99 wow
that looks incredible and I know he’s going to look incredible in
as well why don’t we just go grab this thing and the katana costume has arrived
let’s open this thing up hey that’d be all right includes tops shorts attached
apron face mask armbands gauntlets boots tops headpiece it comes with everything
we need let’s check this out there’s the top there’s the shorts or the waistband
hey there’s the response and here is a gauntlet arm gauntlet well why don’t we
just have V try these on we’ll meet you guys outside whoa katana hey have we met
before oh I’ve got a gift for you some fans
have a lot of my youtube channel oh I tell you hello rusty guys my god does what what do you do with
those ha ha ha you just go like this Oh even your enemy
runs away they’re like whoa we like really shy about it and then you can
cool off between rounds like look let’s go chop the fruit Wow
all right banana ready three boys boy the trashcan three buses
will go sub-zero I’m a basketball player now all right I’m gonna attack both of
these at sub-zero bring it on katana I’ll never forget day Hollywood why am i alive why am i alive why am i alive why am i alive why am i alive why am i alive why am i alive why am i alive kill me JUST DO IT hi yeah good all right let’s go back inside
spank it another weapon and the next weapon we will be testing out is
sub-zero’s blue thumbs up because when you click on that thumbs up button down
below it turns blue and that’s just like Sub Zero no for real guys the next
weapon is Takeda’s blade whip Takeda uses two long serrated edged whips
concealed in his gauntlets they are launched at high speeds for maximum
striking power and can be electrified for increased damage it’s similar to
scorpions chained art alright guys so this is a pretty unique weapon might be
tough to find it but let’s jump online and see what we can find
oh cool of course karate Mart has something similar it’s the razor chain
whip 454 95 Wow this thing looks deadly I’m kind of
afraid to use it even just looking at it the razor chain whip is unlike your
typical chain weapon rather than being a series of loose-fitting connected links
this chain weapon features 21 discs that resemble vertebrae and move side-to-side
all right let’s get this thing and the chain whip is here professional
stainless steel chain whip let’s see what we got here
oh and that’s pretty heavy alright get this out of the packaging here let’s
scale a lot of the plastic here first there we go yeah look how long this
thing is probably three to four feet long looks like a snake almost almost
like little Batman symbols don’t think eyes oh look it’s got a little keychain
at the bottom in case you wanted to carry this around with you and put your
keys on it a really cool handle it’s like wide at the ends and then it gets
smaller in the middle makes for a good grip and it does pivot a little bit here
but I think it’s made more for like sideways like this let’s go outside and
test this weapon out against some fun stuff here we go
so cute I challenge oh do you and the next weapon is the taquito blade
well oh you guys are going to stand really far back because I don’t know
what I’m doing let’s go grab a watermelon and do some
chopping we got our fruit ninja here it’s actually sensei fruit ninja he’s a
little older as you can tell the grandmother – here look at that I just
dicked up I got to get a little bit closer to them I cut open his brain a
little bit there let’s try that again you there’s a little bit of a screen
above you okay fruit ninja are you ready Wow whatever then Wow
and mr. fruit ninja has a big his brain right out of the top here let’s go ahead
and give him his brain back oh yeah there you go
don’t lose your mind over this would ya let’s go with that head side and get
another weapon in the next Mortal Kombat weapon we are testing out is the no is
not the Bell but thank you to all of you guys who have clicked on that Bell
symbol down below because that allows you to get here quick hang out with me
in the comment sections after every upload and hang out with me in the live
streams before upload so if you do turn that Bell on make sure it’s not only
black but has the ringing symbols on it as well thanks for having that on guys
all right the next Mortal Kombat weapon is the comma that Tara uses the comma as
her weapon style in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance and tournament edition and in
Armageddon and then serena wields a pair of comma in mortal kombat mythologies
sub-zero and the comment is a very popular weapon although we’ve never
actually used it on this series before so i’m excited to finally get the chance
to use this weapon perfect sharpened comma for 1895 like many other Okinawan
weapons the comet is delivered from traditional farming tools used in Japan
but with a six and a half inch sharpened steel blade this pair of razor-sharp
commas can be used in combat for deadly effect this is perfect let’s buy these
things comma comma comma comma comma Camus whoa okay the commas have arrived
they are actually very very lightweight I’m really surprised at how lightweight
these are and I’m not just swinging these around by my face by themselves I
do have the protective plastic sheet on them here yeah these babies are oiled up
Oh hoo hoo well I’m gonna oh my gosh that is super sharp this
might be the sharpest weapon I’ve ever ordered dang
Wow gonna easily cut anything I’m going to go ahead and put this back in the
sleeve here because it’s all greasy and crazy sharp I don’t wanna hurt myself
just just yet I wonder what this says right here I can’t read it any of you
guys know what this says let me know that would be really cool to find out
but before I start training with these super sharp weapons I’m going to
practice with the polypropylene training Kama yes these are going to be perfect
so I don’t chop my hands off while I’m practicing let’s get them and the
training commas have arrived let’s open these up and check them out all right
yeah these actually are about the same weight I think as the other commas
they’re a little bit longer though so that’s cool because here’s the sharpened
commas compared to the training commas oh it’s cool it’s got like a black
panther or a Puma design on the blade and so these blades not sharp as you can
see I’m just kind of chopping my hand here doesn’t hurt at all although this
point here you could definitely hurt yourself if you hit it really hard yeah
I feel much safer spinning these babies around and if I hit myself not a big
deal cool so let’s take these and these and go outside and chop up some fruit
orange Oh fucker she got my hand already oh
good thing we got the plastic Oh katana with spinach fatality
katana needs a comma right ha ha ha got my comments Opie you’ve got the
plastic training commas that way you can’t hurt yourself
ok I’ve got the real sharpened steel katana but I’ve kept the plastic sheath
on farming – uh yes that’s actually where the Turner broke good inside kept
telling us this is a smart one here who’s she go yeah they’re like sickles
sickles yes not I are old or popsicle just plain old signal no I’m sure these
are gonna do is they’re very very sharp he’s going to do a really good job of
chopping from soda look destroy a soda ninja
we’ve got our snow – ninja here who’s gonna be facing the commas who do you
think’s going to win guys but googly-eyes I think you’re right but
the goofy ice you’re gonna put up a good fight isn’t even now all right
let’s chop it up goodbye little soda ninja you were such a good friend I will
miss you got a good job right there right in
between the headband they’ve got a good job and even has one eye left so I say
he’s halfway survived good job so Denisha I knew he put up a good fight
let’s go back inside and get another lesson and the next Mortal Kombat weapon
we are testing out is the nightstick it is used by officer Curtis Stryker and
it’s very befitting of his position as a New York cop Cassie cage wields a pair
of extendable nightsticks now those are the ones that really interest me the
most because I love extendable weapon so let’s jump online and see if we can find
anything like that here we go a collapsible nightstick for 29.95
collapsible nightstick is made from aircraft quality aluminum and combines
the best qualities of an okinawan style tonfa and extendable police batons let’s
order it and see how it works hey striker where is you I’ve got your
nightstick right here it’s the aircraft aluminum expandable
baton / tonfa all right there’s a stick handle instructions tools all right there we go I’ve got it put
together it is now an extendable nightstick and let’s see how’s this work
I’m just going to give it a swing this way oh cool yeah Wow
yeah very hard metal pretty lightweight it’s got a really good grip here with a
lot of grooves in it so your hand doesn’t slip very easily and it’s also
got a really nice grip right here too if you wanted to swing this thing like this
you certainly could cool okay so I just figured out how to push this back in it
took me a second here guys but what you do is you just right here in this ring
you push up this way and then it very easily just goes right in there all
right perfect let’s take this thing is take it outside
to chop up some fruit I’ve got strikers weapon with me here it is the United
States it looks like a hahahaha but it looked really cool when you go like this
Oh check it out yourself in the face but done yeah yes also like a baton looks
like a poncho which were used before though we’ve never had the telescoping
nice big so this is the first time we’ve used this one maybe you can throw all
emoji water balloon at me yeah let’s do it
this emoji is laughing – lets go bring it on up the phone is not broke Lulu letter this
nice soft chair right here in the bloom pops all blue down here so all that blue
blood ah there is all that’s left of us who’s laughing now
exactly I am oh the feels cooler kimochi balloon to R Sub Zero the bureau is much colder oh let’s go
back inside and if you guys want any of the weapons I’m using in this video
there’s links to them in the description below.thanks karate Mart for giving me a
10% off code for you guys just type in wild clay and you’ll get 10% off and
thanks to Halloween costumes calm who are also giving you guys 10% off I put a
link to them down below as well and I really want to thank you guys for all
the super awesome and nice comments down below I’m gonna put a bunch of my
favorites right down here thank you guys so much and thanks for hitting that
thumbs up button on this video as well if you haven’t seen this video
definitely check it out I think you’ll really like it if you’re not subscribed
to me you could do so right there if you’re not subscribed to V check her out
right there and if that video doesn’t look good why not check out this one
alright I’ll see you guys real soon with another brand new video yeah

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