5 Myths About Playing Card Care

Hey guys it’s The Wizard and today I’m going to be discussing five popular myths about playing card care. Whether it’s caring for a normal deck of cards such as the Bicycle Standard, a deck such as the Shadow Masters, or something in between those two such as the Steampunk, here are five myths that you must avoid! Myth number 1! Often times I’ve heard the advice that if your deck is clumped, or if it’s warped place it in a freezer. This piece of advice is phony, it is fake and you should not do it. Not only would make the clump or the warp worse, your deck of cards is definitely not going to last too much longer after you’ve done this. Myth number 2! I’ve often heard the piece of advice that if your deck of cards is warped or if it’s clumped then just spread it out on a table or on the floor and leave it there overnight. This piece of advice is also false. It does not work and the deck of cards will either be the same as when you place it down or the clumps or the warps are only going to get worse. Myth number three! When it comes to the subject of close-up mats for magic, cardistry, practice, or for whatever purpose you may need one for, people often say that since velvet or velvet imitation costs more than felt, and you can’t afford it then just go with felt. This is also not true. You cannot use felt as a card mat because if you do fibers from that card mat will end up transferring to your deck of cards, and then afterwards the deck is either going to clump or you’re going to have to pick out each individual fiber and get rid of those to stop the clumping. Myth number four! A very popular misconception when it comes to cardistry and card magic is that any of the sleight-of-hand or any of the flourishes would require excessive force and you to actually force the cards to execute the moves. This is not true and if you force the cards together in the case of a faro, you will damage the corners of the cards and in the case of moves such as the dribble or the spring you will lose much more control over the cards and they will fly everywhere. So when you’re flourishing or doing sleight-of-hand never force the cards into doing a move. It should all feel natural and it should all flow. Myth number five! If a deck of cards has become warped people often think, “Well it’s a warped deck. I have to throw it away now.” This is costly and let’s face it; we’re wasting a deck of cards if we throw it away because it got warped. There’s always a solution to it and the one i personally use is if a deck becomes warped I perform a series of moves similar to the hand-to-hand spread, the faro shuffle with bridge ending, fans, and a couple cuts. I perform these moves for about 10 minutes with the deck a day, and after a few days the warp; if it’s really severe, is gone. So no matter what if a deck of cards becomes warped, don’t throw it away because doing so is just wasting a perfectly good deck. There are my five myths about proper card care. Now if you’d like to learn any more tips about proper playing card care; what you should and shouldn’t do, then feel free to check out my ebook detailing 24 tips on proper card care. Here you will learn the do’s and don’ts of card care from the minute that you open the deck to the minute that you have to get rid of the deck. So that’s it for this video thank you all for watching, I hope you subscribe, and I’ll see you guys in the next one!

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5 thoughts on “5 Myths About Playing Card Care

  1. I'm guilty of doing all these things throughout the time I've been doing Card Magic at least at the beginning. Personally,  I think it's better to learn from your mistakes.  It also depends on what kind of cards you are using.  In Erdnase' day he recommended using cards for 3 hours and after that they were no longer good for manipulation. Although this video is good, unfortunately most people will ignore these good pieces of advice, and continue doing what they are doing. Nice Job Mr.Wizard.

  2. Actually warped cards are from the edges getting dry and it goes away by itself after a couple days because of the moister it obtains which is why different climates warp them until they adjust so pls do us all a favor you noob and get your facts right!!!!!!

  3. I just keep the receipt of the cards and when they crimp, clump, or warp I just make up a story like I take five cards out and say it had 47 card and it's supposed to have 52 cards there like you can go get a new one I'm like SUCCESS

  4. The freezer fact is funny bc my brother got mad at me so he placed my bicycle breast cancer deck in the freezer which did infact ruin the cards. It was a good deck too

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