5 Stupidest Gambling Movies That Completely Miss The Mark

We’re big fans of gambling movies and in
our search for some of the better ones, we’ve run into some of the worst films we’ve ever
seen. In our top 5 rundown, or bottom 5 I guess you could call it, let’s take a look
at the 5 worst gambling films of all time. He (Burt Reynolds) was a former card shark
who’s been out of the game for years and who’s life is falling apart due to an impending
divorce. He (Bret Harrison) was a young kid with a lot to prove and even more to learn.
When the former pro sees potential in the young novice, he pays for him to take part
in the poker championships. But, after a sexy Las Vegas call girl gets thrown into the mix
and makes our young novice question if remaining with the pro is what he wants, can their now
broken friendship be fixed in the last 20 minutes of the movie? You bet it can. We just
saved you an hour and a half. Lucky You takes all the cliches you expect
to see in a poker film and throws them into the mix, to create the stew of a really average
film. Eric Bana is a pro poker player who wants to be in the big leagues. He meets his
love interest, Drew Barrymore at a party, who’s a struggling singer, with a lot of
heart and just as much talent. Finally we meet the father, played by Robert Duvall,
who’s condescending to his son and is also a better poker pro. The stage is set for a
truly weak father vs son story, where, spoiler alert, son beats father in a tense showdown
and Drew Barrymore stands around in the background. You should definitely try and pick it up at
your local BlockBuster as soon as possible. [sarcasm?] A young gambling addict tries to fix up his
life and pay off his huge gambling debts, by going to rehab and getting a steady job,
so he can solve his problems and move on and build a life with his girlfriend. Sorry, that’s what someone who wasn’t
a moron would do. In The Runner, our young gambling addict goes to work for the mob as
“a runner”, who runs around town placing bets on rigged sports events for local gangsters.
He ends up making a bad choice, but strangely not by taking up gambling again. In fact,
when it comes to his gambling addiction, he manages to get over it pretty well considering
the circumstances. His big mistake is stealing money from his mob boss to buy a ring for
his girlfriend and then putting both their lives in danger. We’re sure she’d have
been happy to wait a couple of months until he’s back on his feet, but oh well, the
contrived movie plot must go on. A Swell Looking Babe is a 1954 novel from
Jim Thompson, that follows the journey of a young man, working as a bellboy in a hotel.
The novel details his inner struggle as he tries to make sense of his life and his recent
love interest, Marcia Hillis, an older woman who he has become completely obsessed with. Hit Me is a movie adaptation that struggles
to keep up with the novel, as it aims to recreate the inner thoughts of its characters from
the book, by having long expositional voice overs detailing the character’s inner thoughts.
The problem is that the actors have nothing to do while all this is going on. Instead
of watching some poorly delivered voice over and seeing actors pull faces to run out the
clock, our advice would be: to read the book instead. Oh yeah and there’s some gambling
in it as well. Still read the book. All In has been left until last, because it
should always come in last place, no matter the list it’s put in. All In takes the cliches
of the standard poker movie and turns it up to 11, with even the title being played out. All In has the young buck origin story, the
love interest, the shady doctor, the dead dad coming back to life and basically every
other terrible plot point you can think of. The film is a mess, it looks ugly, the acting
is horrible and every plot line is resolved as quickly as it’s dropped in. You may wonder
where the poker even comes into play, and the answer is, it doesn’t. There’s disappointingly
little poker in this poker themed film, so it even failed to deliver there. All In went
All In and was a complete bust. Wow, so the film’s even got us doing cliches now as
well, that’s just how bad it is. Thanks for watching our list of the worst
of the worst gambling movies ever made. We’re just starting out here, but we’ll have new
videos every week, so check in with us then. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you around.

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