7 Card Stud Poker : Dealing in Seven Card Stud Poker

Hello! My name is Taylor Honkofsky and on
behalf of expertvillage.com, I’m here to talk about 7 card stud. 7 card stud is a game that
is found in the poker room with the popularity of hold ’em, you should be able to find a
seat pretty easily as there usually shouldn’t be wait list. You’re going to sit down at
the table. Please note that you should know the limits of the table. The lowest limit
usually is around 2 dollars and 4 dollars, which is the limit game. It’ll be placed next
to the dealer. If you don’t know just ask the dealer; he’ll let you know. The game starts
out, you get your chips. Everybody has dealt a hand. When you deal your hand you’re going
to 2 cards face down. I’m going to deal a 3 handed just to keep it nice and simple for
the video. This is the start. Everybody places an ante in, which is required. Then the betting
is going to start out with the lowest card on the table. In this situation, it is the
4. This guy has an ace, this guy has a jack. He’s going to start the betting. He can either
raise, which will complete the bet or he can just call or he can just fold, which ever
he wants to do. The same with him. He can call, raise or fold. If he does raise, he
has to call the raise and so does he, and if they want to they can also fold. The setup
is if you stay in you do get 7 cards. It will go like this. You will get one; you’d get
another one until they had 4 cards showing. Giving them 6 and then the last card is down.
That’s a complete 7 card stud hand. This is the beginning of your lesson. Thank you for

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6 thoughts on “7 Card Stud Poker : Dealing in Seven Card Stud Poker

  1. This is probably the worst video on Youtube.   It begins out with the lowest card, but afterward, the next betting begins with the highest hand.   In the event that there is a tie, then it comes down to rank.  Spades the highest, Heart, Diamond, and Club.   

    So, if the highest hand is AK for two players, the player with a higher Ace gets to act first.   

    There is a lot more to it than what this video shows.   

    Please change your screen name.   You ain't no "Expert" on this.

  2. Pretty sure there are no burn cards in 7 card stud. Pretty sure the 4 has to at least complete a bring-in. He can't just open fold.

  3. Didn’t burn any cards and started by dealing to your left but after the initial deal you started by giving a card to the dealer (who should have got cards last)

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