7 Card Stud Poker : How to Bet in Seven Card Stud Poker

Hello! My name is Taylor Honkofsky and on
behalf of expertvillage.com talking about 7 card stud. I’m just going to talk about
a little bit when you first sit down at the table, what goes on. You’re going to sit down
at the table, you’re going to get your chips, your amount of money. Make sure that you know
the limit that you are playing. You can ask the dealer, he’ll tell you or there’s a little
card next to dealer that will let you know. Typically, the lowest limit is 2 for, which
is 2 dollar for a dollar. What happens when you first sit down at the table, you’ll get
your chips and you’ll place your ante, which will usually be about a dollar. Everybody
would ante in, so that’s the start of the pot. Then the dealer’s going to start dealing
the cards. I’m going to deal 3 handed to keep it nice and simple. The dealer does not play.
This is just 3 random people at the table. Everybody gets 2 cards face down and 1 card
face up. Here we have the 3 of hearts, which is the lowest of the 3 hands. So the 3 is
the lowest card so they’re forced to bring in the bet. So they’re forced to bring in
the 2 dollar on a 2 dollar for dollar game. This guy has an option to call. He’s going
to look at his cards and he’s going to see what he has. I’ll remind you this wouldn’t
flipped up in a game, but since we’re doing this for learning purposes. This guy has a
pair of 7s, he’s probably going to call the bet. That is a good hand; that’s a pair. We’ll
talk about the hands later. This guy, he’s got a 2, 5, and a 7. He’s got 2 to a flush
and 2 to a straight, but he might not want to call. He might just want to fold. So we’re
going to fold him. This guy is going call the bet and this guy has no choice, so we’re
going on to the next card that comes out, which will be dealt to him first face up as
well. And him face up as well. They’re going to through another round of betting. He’s
going to get one, he’s going to get one, he’s going to get another one, he’s going to get
another one. Then the last card is face down. Both of them are face down on the last card.
Thank you for watching.

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2 thoughts on “7 Card Stud Poker : How to Bet in Seven Card Stud Poker

  1. You didnt explain how to get at all! Most Stud games are limit not no limit so you can only bet so much.
    I was hoping to learn the min bet and the max bet and when your able to bet more etc . instead you explain the way Stud is dealt. Lol

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