7 Card Stud Poker : Three of a Kind in Seven Card Stud Poker

Hello! My name is Taylor Honkofsky and on
behalf of expertvillage.com, we’re talking about 7 card stud. In this segment, we’re
going to talk about three of a kind. You’re going to get your first 2 cards down and 1
card up as usual. You’re going to go ahead and look at yours. Right now, you don’t have
much. You do have 2 to a flush, you’ve got 3 to a straight. You’re probably going to
want to see another card, and here comes the next card. You have paired your 10. You’re
looking in pretty good shape. You still got flush possibilities, straight possibilities
so you’re going to want to see another card. Bam, you hit another 10. You now have 3 10s,
which is a pretty good hand. You definitely want to stay in. You have a chance to catch
a full house. You have a chance to catch 4 of a kind and you still have a chance to catch
the straight. You definitely want to stay in with this. You’re looking pretty good at
this point. Here comes the next card. That’s a pretty card for you even though you still
have the 3 of a kind, which is strong, but this card just doesn’t help you at all. It’s
just a nonsense card. Then the last card comes down. Another card. These 2 are actually going
to just fall off and this would be your made hand. Like said, you’ve got 3 of a kind with
a queen and king kicker. It’s a pretty strong hand. It’s not a lock, but there is a good
chance that you do have the best hand so hopefully this will hold up for you. Thank you for watching.

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One thought on “7 Card Stud Poker : Three of a Kind in Seven Card Stud Poker

  1. So the expert advice on how to play 3 of a kind is "you definately want to stay in".Not a single word about betting or raising…….just…………………………….."you want to stay in the hand" another joke video by expert village

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