7 Most Amazing Things About Playing Cards

7 Amazing Facts About Playing Cards. 7. No one can say for sure just why 52 has become
the most common deck size, other than that due to English and French colonialism,
the French deck (with 52 cards) was able to spread around the world quite easily. An interesting tidbit is that just like there
are 52 cards in a standard deck, there are also 52 weeks in a year,
and if you add up all the symbols in a deck of cards, it equals to 364. But if you add a joker, it is 365, which represents
the number of days in a year. And if you add up another Joker, it becomes
366, which represents the number of days in a leap year. 6. Card-deck collecting is a hobby for many around
the world, though there is no clear-cut market prices like in other collecting hobbies. However, the rarest and oldest deck of cards
is considered to be a 52-card tarot deck from mid-15th century Netherlands. Now residing in New York’s Metropolitan Museum
of Art, it was originally sold to a collector in the 1970’s for $2,800. On eBay, obscure decks of cards (such as the
ultra-rare Microsoft-David Blaine Create Magic deck) regularly go between $400-$1,000. 5. Cards in casinos typically have large symbols
and characters so that security cameras can more easily pick up on any specific cards
that seem to be involved in an inordinate amount of the action. But before a deck of cards even leaves the
factory, it is first shuffled by machine. When a new deck is introduced, it is inspected
and signed off on by the pit boss and dealer, who spread out the entire deck to look for
imperfections that might give away what a particular card is. If approved, it is then shuffled again either
by hand or by machine. When a deck of cards is retired, every card
must first be accounted for. Then, the deck is either shredded or has a
hole punched through it or the corner clipped off each card and then resold. This is so that the deck cannot be manipulated
and then somehow snuck back into use at the casino. 4. This is the reason why Ace of Spades is so
different looking. Playing cards was a popular form of entertainment
in France. The rulers saw a way to make more money by
taxing the Ace of Spades, and only that card in the deck. Aces were given the most open space so they
could be stamped showing that the tax had been paid. Today, card manufacturers use the space to
print their company details in, including trademark information. 3. Besides playing card games, building houses
out of playing cards or “Cardstacking” is a favorite pastime for many people. A man named Bryan Berg has turned this pastime
into a career. He earned the Guinness World Record for the
“world’s tallest card tower” in 1992. Since then, Berg has won even more honors
for building higher towers. His highest to date measured 25 feet, 9.4
inches, or 7.86 m, built on 16 October 2007 in Dallas, Texas, USA.. Bryan Berg used 1,060 decks of playing cards
to build the tallest free-standing cardstack. 2. In 1966, when the Vietnam War was raging on,
two United States lieutenants contacted the United States Playing Card Company. The two officers wanted decks of playing cards
that consisted of nothing more than Aces of Spades. The aces were used as part of a psychological
warfare against the Viet Cong. You see, when the French used cards to foretell
the future, the Aces of Spades forewarned of death. The Viet Cong were superstitious, and just
seeing this card made them fearful. Thousands of copies of Aces of Spades were
dispersed throughout the jungles to make the enemy leave in fear. 1. While there are many centuries-old decks of
cards held in places like at Yale University’s Cary Playing Card Database,
the most iconic card decks are probably the Bicycle brand of playing cards used by gamblers,
magicians, casinos, and casual card players all over the world. First produced in 1885, the brand gained particular
notoriety during World War II and the Vietnam War. In WWII, special decks of Bicycle cards were
given to American prisoners. When peeled apart and put together in a particular
manner, they would create a map of the area that would assist them in an escape.

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