888 Poker Review – Is it the best online poker room?

So you might have been playing a lot of home poker games like I do My friends and I get together and spend weekend nights thinking we`re Phil Ivey or Chris Moneymaker, it`s a fun pastime to say the least. The question is, is it time to take that skill and turn it into something more? I`ve been testing out a lot of poker rooms and I’ve come to the conclusion that 888poker is home to some of the softest poker games that you can find and is definitely the perfect place to get started. Games run around the clock with action at all stakes. With one of the biggest player pools online, drawn from all over the world, I bet you’ll find the game you’re looking for. If you’ve never played online poker before, the first thing you might need is adjusting to the speed of play. It’ll take a few minutes to get used to but it`s pretty intuitive – bet, call, fold – are easy to find and use since they are just buttons on the bottom of the screen. You can step in at a play-money table to get the hang of it and easily swap over to a real-money game when you’re ready. The lobby is also super intuitive and easy-to-use. You’ll find the right game at the right stakes and be in the action within minutes. But what is the biggest thing to take into consideration when signing up for a poker room? In my opinion it`s the bonus they offer. The bonus is the amount of money you get on top of what you deposit. I think I`ve found the site that offers the best bonus for 888 Poker, I`ve included it in the link in the description. Go ahead and sign up and tell me what you think in the comments below. Don`t forget to like and subscribe for more online poker tips. Share this video with your friends if you enjoyed it. Until next time, good luck and may the cards be in your favor.

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