9 of the Best Multiplayer Games for Nintendo Switch

The Switch was constructed with local multiplayer
in mind. In today’s day and age where every game is
played over the internet, having this functionality is a huge deal. The online capabilities are… eh… So, let’s take a look at the best games that
take advantage of this. The best games that you can play with a friend
on your one system, or on multiple systems. [INTRO] I think the all around best game for anyone
to just pick up and play is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It’s easy for anybody to understand and it’s
fun for people who might not even play games too much. It’s one of those Nintendo games that kinda
rewards you for being terrible. It’s also REALLY easy to setup a multiplayer
game. You can use any type of controller you might
have, including the single joy cons, meaning if you have your Switch you’re ALWAYS ready
for a multiplayer match. You can also have 2 players on one Switch
play locally online against other players. I LOVE it when multiplayer games do this. It was great in Call of Duty, it was great
in Smash Bros, it’s great in this. The game also supports up to 8 Switch’s to
be connected wirelessly, or 12 Switches docked connected via a LAN cable. That will probably never happen, but I could
see maybe a handful of people with Switches playing together wirelessly. It’s currently $60 and that price isn’t going
anywhere, and has a Metacritic score of 92. Rocket League is an amazing online game on
any console. It’s soccer but with cars. It’s ridiculous. It’s a recipe for a lot of yelling (clip). [clips of yelling] This game also has my favorite feature of
playing splitscreen online. Right now it requires both users to have a
Nintendo account, but that’s something Psyonix is actively looking to fix. It’s also CROSS PLATFORM, so you can play
with people who have this on Steam, or on Xbox One. THAT’S a big deal. This game doesn’t allow split screen in table
top mode presumably because of the controller configurations, but it does allow 4 player
split screen in docked mode, up to 8 players locally and up to 8 players via online play. Rocket League is probably the most bang for
your buck at $20. You will probably get the most longevity out
of this title, and it has a metacritic score of 86. I would LOVE to recommend ARMS. But I can’t in good conscious do that. I don’t think it’s that great. It’s been out for a while, and no one really
talks about it anymore. Plus who wants to flail their arms around. AND don’t forget it’s $60. That’s a lot. Instead, if you want a fighting game, and
you’re playing with people who play video games often, I would recommend Pokken Tournament. It’s a popular Nintendo IP but THIS time,
framed as a traditional side scrolling fighting game. Think Tekken or Virtua Fighter but with Pokemon. There’s supers and combos and all that stuff
but it’s pretty easy to get into. I’m not a fighting game guy and I had fun. The game allows 2 players with 1 joycon each,
or linked play, or up to 3v3 online battles. It currently has a 79 on metacritic which
is BETTER than it’s original form on WiiU, and it’s $60. DON’T LAUGH… at… me… but Super Bomberman
R is an AMAZING multiplayer game. And that’s about all it’s good for. It’s co-op mode is reminiscent of old 16 bit
games where you have to plow through the main campaign while sharing lives. So you trade off having help for having less
lives to spare. Story mode Co-Op is 2 players, you can do
2 players on your console vs rando’s online, or battle mode up to 8 players online. You can even do 8 players locally on one console. And each player only requires a single joycon
each. The controls are super simple. This game got a bad wrap and I understand
why. It used to be expensive and outside of the
fun multiplayer doesn’t really have much to offer. Luckily, now it’s only $45 which still isn’t
THAT great, and has a super sad Metacritic score of 62. Previously I was really rooting for Bomberman
but it came out and it kinda flopped. But I promise you that the multiplayer is
fun $45… eh… The ONLY other one on this list with online
functionality is Splatoon 2. In fact it’s ONLY online, unless you count
LAN play. Basically you can only have one player per
console, which is sad BUT if you’re fortunate enough to be around a couple of Switch users
who have this game, you could have a lot of fun. Now I have a few problems with this game’s
online functionality. For instance, you have to make it to ranked
play before you can even make a squad to play against rando’s. I see that as a major flaw. But hey the game is revered among Switch fans. It’s a very good game, your friends just have
to be die hards. It has a Metacritic of 83 and is currently
$60. Now for the Local games. First up, Snipperclips. If you’ve been following the Switch at all
since launch, then you’ve definitely heard of this game. It’s a unique idea that serves as a perfect
example of how the Switch can turn into a multiplayer machine at a moment’s notice. It’s a co-op puzzle game. It can be played up to 4 players with 1 joy-con
each. It’s currently $20 and has a Metacritic score
of 80. But there’s also $10 DLC that has an 85 on
Metacritic. Get this if you’re trying to show off your
new console to people and you want some exclusives. Overcooked is also local only, which is a
shame, but it’s a FANTASTIC party game. You can have up to 4 players playing with
1 joycon each. The controls are VERY simple so this doesn’t
effect the gameplay at all. It sounds stupid, you’re a bunch of chef’s
in a kitchen performing various kitchen tasks in a timely fashion. But maybe you have to walk across a lava bridge. Or maybe you have to jump between moving trucks. It ramps up and gets very frantic very quickly,
and of course, will have you yelling at your teammates. It’s co-op so thats encouraged. It’s just $20 with a Metacritic score of 77. This is another great value if you’re looking
for a party game. 1-2 Switch is basically a demo for the Switch
to show off it’s hardware capabilities. It’s like the Wii-Sports of the Switch. It’s filled with a couple of fun competitive
mini-games all unique in their own right. But I could see how the mystique could ware
off. How many times could you feel balls roll around
the inside of the Joy-Con via it’s HD rumble and be amazed. I think the ONLY use for this game is to show
off your $300 purchase to your parents. Maybe WOW their old, feeble minds a little
bit, but for the most part I’d say skip it. I’d recommend Snipperclips over this any day,
and it has a very depressing metacritic of 58. Again, it’s a gimmick. It would be fun to bust out during Christmas
dinner and get the grandparents involved, but is that worth $50 to you? You certainly won’t be playing this game in
any other circumstance. Finally, we have Shovel Knight Treasure Trove. This game is not new, it’s been around a while. If you haven’t played it yet, there’s something
seriously wrong with you. And I say that every single time I bring it
up. It’s a 2D side scroller alla- old NES games. BUT, they’ve added local CO-OP. This adds some new abilities and forces you
to play with all new strategies. It’s the prefect game to get someone else
in on. Easy to pick up, hard to master, that sort
of thing. That’s the key to a good multiplayer game. Cause YOU might be a master, but your friend
or boyfriend or girlfriend might not be. Anyway it’s $25 bucks and packed with WAY
too much content, and has a Metacritic of 91. The highest rating on this list besides Mario
Kart 8. Because nothing can ever compete with Mario. And the great thing about the Switch is because
it’s so small and so portable you can bring it to your friends house or your families
house if you’re just hanging out or for the holiday season. The only problem is the dock that comes with
it is kinda big. You might want to look into a 3rd party solution
for it. This SFANS adapter is a lot easier to take
with you and carry and set up than the big bulky dock just make sure that you have an
officially licensed Nintendo charger to use with it otherwise, too bad. We have a video about all the different types
of portable docks for the Switch and how much of a pain in the ass it is to even make one
and how pretty much they’re all kinda bad in the end. So check that out. The great thing about the Nyko dock that just
came out is that it retails at $50 and is currently only $45 on Amazon making it 50%
cheaper than the official Nintendo dock, AND it COMES with it’s own charger which is already
better than some of the other portable dock options out there Still doesn’t work with
my MacBook charger though. I don’t know why that is considering the Switch
itself works with it. I will put Amazon links to all of these things
in the description below. That also helps support our channel a little
bit. By the way if you don’t know who that was,
then you’ve been sleeping on the Comics videos on this channel, and our Live Podcast, and
The Backlog. You know, all those videos that premiere first
on our Twitch.tv/WulffDen at 10AM eastern time where we hang out with each other and
talk about the videos in real time!? Come on you knew that already. This week I was on MDB’s channel playing Mario
Party 2 and doing just an amazing job a per usual. [clip] Wulff Den Live episode 100 is soon and we’ve
got some goodies for that. But what did you guys think about all these
multiplayer Switch games? What did I leave out? Do you have any stories of any of these games
bringing your friends together? Leave it in the comments below, @ me on Twitter,
all of this other Social Media garbage. I also forgot to mention that you have like
one day to pick up this shirt. ALSO they’ll be some black friday sales over
on our TeePublic store this weekend so check that out too. And remember, the most important things that
you can do is subscribe and share this video with a friend. A friend who maybe YOU WANT TO PLAY some multiplayer
games with on the switch but is too lazy to pull the trigger on let’s say Splatoon or
Rocket League or any of the games we talked about here. Thank you guys very much have yourselves a
good week!

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100 thoughts on “9 of the Best Multiplayer Games for Nintendo Switch

  1. I was suprised to not see the Jackbox Party Pack games on here… I reccomend you pick them up on switch if you like to play those games with family (haven't tried that version myself) or the Steam version if you're interested in streaming the game on twitch and playing with your chat.

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  4. Of quick note… The reason you can LAN connect the consoles for games like Mario Kart is gaming conventions and conventions where gaming is a big part of it. Being able to connect them without needing Internet is an absolute must for those; so until we get properly good wireless connections across platforms without internet… it's here to stay and will totally get used for its purpose of connecting a dozen together.

    I used to hang around fighting game fans (who also played Kart, because it is a competitive action racing game… which is a similar adrenaline rush) in a local gaming club and they often brought their consoles to connect with cables despite there being wifi where we were, because less input lag. They get crazy about shit like that.

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  6. Thanks for the advice on 1-2 Switch which maybe I will plop down 50 bucks just to eek some baby boomer types into playing my NS… and maybe eek them into something a bit more challenging after that; Super Mario Kart 8

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  17. OK so the games I'm gating thx to this list r Mario kart 8 deluxe (obviously), pokken tournament dx, smash bros ulti (even tho it wasn't in this list), shovel knight (more likely into the future for this game)

  18. 9. Mario kart 8 deluxe
    8. Rocket League
    7. Pokken
    6. Super Bomberman r
    5. Splatoon 2
    4. Snipperclips
    3. Overcooked
    2. 1-2 switch
    1. Treasure Trove

    0.5. Cuphead

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