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Ding! Ding! Who is that? I am the ghost. What do you want? I need ornaments. What ornaments? Colored ornaments. What color? Orange color Run What happened darling? What do you mean? I caught you. You are out of the game. Hey, move. Look here. Go away. Come, buddy. Hey, don’t take this beyond the game. You cannot hit me with a chappal. Hey buddy, look. It is orange. Dai, this is blue. Does this look like blue? I have experience in this game.
Hey, we got orange. Out. You are out. Dai, this is orange. Is this orange? Dai, this is the orange I was taught in school. Never say your school’s name in public. Dai, there are totally 12 types of oranges. This is called rose orange. Dai, does this really look like orange to you? There are some varieties of orange. Carrot orange, pink orange, orange orange, Kamala orange. You have been cheating us since Cricket Alaparaigal. Dai, am not cheating buddy. You look at this and tell me if this is orange. Dai, this is orange. It got faded in the sun. Dai, this looks like faded yellow. Dai, why are you losing your cool? Relax. GO there and let’s start the game again saying “Ding Ding”. Let’s start over again. Dai, am I losing my cool for no reason? Am the one getting out of the game for the last 3 hours! This is talking too much. I asked him to touch black and he touched saffron and said: “Saffron is inside black”. Dai, am going. Can’t play with kiddos. Dai, don’t talk you cheater. Am going. Nothing better than the 90’s games Buddy, one small help. Tell me, buddy, Next, let’s play a blindfold game. Sure, let’s play. Why did this idea come up? I got a crush on Sreeja
So you thought I would help you? Buddy, who else do I know? ok, no problem. Am here to help you. Give me a minute. I’ll be right back. What da. This guy is asking me to help him hit on Sreeja. Tamil. Yes, Buddy. Shall we play blindfolded? Yes, buddy. You are the hero. Go blindfolded. Thanks, buddy. I will turn you towards Sreeja. Just go hold her hands. Your romance will work out. If you unfold in the middle of the game, that’s considered cheating. Sreeja doesn’t like cheaters. Dai, whats that. It’s a crow buddy. Hi Arun. Hi Sreekutty. Uncle. What are you doing here?
Where is Tamil going blindfolded? Forget that, what do you want? This is my brother-in-law, Botli. No, my name is Mackinson. Mackinson? Mohan. That’s what he is modernizing. Let us join you for the game. Listen, uncle. You are old and might get hurt.
Sreekutty. Look at you. You were walking around like a bee with honey down your nose. Now you learned to talk. Wow. Come let’s go play. Dai, out. Hit me below the knee. Hit him like this. Hit, Arun. Come on. Buddy, I can’t bear this. They are hitting crazy. He missed it. Yo, why did you hit her? She is in the opposite team. So what? Sasi, let’s talk it over. No more talks. Dai where are you guys running? Dai, we won. Lagori. We collected seven stones. You guys lost. Catch him. You 4 make a team. We are 4. Listen, we should give them a tough name.
Anna. What? Varnajalam (Rainbow) Dai, Rajesh, do not overhear us. Got it, Kaalam ellaam kaathal vaazhga (Let love live forever) Yo, what a silly name. Remember your age. Kaalam ellaam kaathal vaazhga (Let love live forever) Super. Dai, Sasi, this is too much I gave you the same name. Yo, when you said it was yucky. Now it’s super. Let me see how they are gonna win. 4 words Watch. Wrist. Hey, that’s time. Kaalam. Big ball. Everything. Ellaam. Arun, don’t show your teeth. Jesus. Dai, punishment. Love? Kaadhal? Protest. Jallikattu. Kaalam ellaam kaathal vaazhga. You got it. That’s all I need. Don’t cheat. You told them the name. Hey, we guessed it. I saw his mouth moving. Nivi, now you go give them a name. Bend. 6 (Aaru) Easy name. Go. Finger. Oh Botli, look carefully. It’s fingerS. There are many fingers. No. Six. Six, upside down, is nine. Punch. waves. Simbu. I got it. 8 bullets. Yo, is this eight? 5 plus one is 6. Sasi, you are acting it out incorrectly. There is no film by the name 6 bullets. Times up. We need extra time. Yo, it’s a simple name Aaru. You should have shown us something like this we would have understood. You guys are out. We will get the next one right. Your name. Sreeja. Cut Sreeja? No. The lotus will surely blossom. Mairu (Someone with a silly thought process) Sreejakutty, if you use abusive language I will inform your father. I don’t like this game. Arun let’s play something else. Dai, Sasi, Sreeja, where are you guys? Let me peep a little. Dai, why are you opening that? Close it. Dai mapla, am not unfolding. Come on, guys. Shaat boot three Shaat boot three Shaat boot three You are here for a support. I am here for support. The one who does like me is not out of the game. You are the one. Go close your eyes and count. I will jump into this well. Go deep inside and hold my breath. SO that he wouldn’t find me. Dai, you will be dead. Ok, I will go find some other place to hide. Go Sreeja, not there. Come here. We are not getting time to spend together. There is someone around us, always. Sasi, Sreekutty. .Am coming there. You guys don’t know how to play this game. If the three of us hide in the same place, we get caught easily. Then leave. Yes, Sreekutty, You go hide in the attic. Sasi, you hide here. I have another place to hide. You guys don’t let me spend even 5 minutes with girls? I don’t want to live in this country. Buddy. You are out. Now let me show you where the others are hiding. Sreeja. Sasi. There she is. Arun is running there. Nivi, If we hide here, no one will find us. It’s steep. So just look at me and do the same. Nivi Akka out. Arun Anna out. Dai, I would have passed out Mackinson. Pull me up, my son. Come out. You are out of the game. Botli, I will be the clown in the next game but please don’t tell your sister that I was smoking a beedi. Then stop calling me Botlil. I swear I will not call you Botli. Go, brother. You are always like this. Let me talk to my sister. Botli, please. All are out of the game. Mackinson, where is Kaviyaan? I looked for him everywhere. Dai, Kaviyaan mentioned that he would hide inside the well. Everything is spoiled. If the guy is dead, then my wife will never let me out to play. Yo, we are talking of his death and you are still thinking about the game.
Come let’s go look for him. Kaviyaa Kaviya where are you? Dai, there are snakes around. It’s dusk. Kavi, where are you? Come out. Dai kaviya, where are you? He spoke to me for the last time. I will be caught by the cops. Kavi, the streets lights are on. How silly can you be to go die in a hide and seek game? You, dog. My wife is gonna kick me out today. Kaviya. Sasi. Where are you? Am here, buddy. What are you doing here? Did everyone lose? What are you doing here? Dai, am hiding. People are looking for you inside the well. Funeral plans are going on at your home. Forget that. I am the winner. Dai, I am talking about your funeral and you still talk about this game. Mapla, I caught him. Come here. Why are you hitting me? Before you get ready for the punishment, tell them to subscribe and share ‘Nakkalites’. One minute. I have a business. If you hit me, I am not gonna say. Subtitles by Sreejith Cherusherry.

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  1. பிரதர் இந்த வீடியோவில் கண்ணை கட்டிட்டு போறாரு அவரு எங்க இருக்காருன்னுஇப்போ ஒரு வீடியோ போட்டாநல்லா இருக்கும் ப்ரோ

  2. சகோ வேற லெவல் நீக்கலாம்… நல்ல டீம் செட் ஆயிருக்கு….ரொம்ப அழகா இருக்கு கதை….

  3. என்றுமே சசி மாதிரி காமெடிக்கு ஆள் இல்லை பா !!!!

  4. Vera level nakkalites team…90s kid enna pannangalo…adhellam neenga kaamichirukkinga… excellent excellent excellent…

  5. அழகான நாட்கள் நமக்கு திரும்ப கிடைக்குமா என்பதை விட இன்றைய குழந்தைகளுக்கு கிடைத்தால் நன்றாக இருக்கும்.. இன்னும் ஒளிந்து விளையாட்டில் அவுட் ஆணவரின் பின்னால் ஐஸ் அடிப்பதை காட்டி இருக்கலாம், ஐஸ் அடிச்சாச்சு மறுபடியும் நீதான் out..

  6. Sema kaviya dai semmmma semmmma en pondati Enna vilayala Da Vida mata Da 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😄😄😄😄😄

  7. Iyo iyo iyo……Ena soldrathune theriyala naanum entha vilayattu lam vilayadiruken…. 90s kids yaarlam icepari dapba lam vilayadirukinga?

  8. Super video …
    நாம் வாழ்க்கையில் மறக்க முடியாத நினைவுகள் …. Then… This is my comment in YouTube…

  9. Ennoda annanuga la vera level ma…idhe maari innu neraya expect pandra ..ennoda vela ungala paakaradhu onnutha ..so pls neraya upload pannunga

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