A promising board game – Jungled (Overview)

Hello, fellow shamans and warriors. My name is Mantas Minkauskas and I’m a board game designer. This is my combat strategy game called Jungled. Jungled is a game for 2 to 4 players ages 10 and up
and takes around 15 to 20 minutes per player. Without further ado let’s jump
into the game. The players play as warlords, commanding their selected tribe in order to conquer the enemy village. The game does not have any resources
besides units, represented by these wooden blocks. All units are deployed hidden, which means that the opponent does not know which unit is hiding where. For
the most of the turn you will be doing three things with one unit by one: moving,
revealing and attacking. Reveal mechanic is what really makes this game,
because it is a trigger for various abilities in the game and also works
very well with the combat system influenced by trading card games. For
example, the mechanic can be used aggressively to place new units on the
board or defensively to return the attacker back to the bag for later
deployment. Every revealed unit stays revealed for the rest of the game, so you
have to decide what information you want to make available for the opponent. You
also have to decide how to combine your unit abilities the best and guess which
units the opponent is hiding where. Indeed, the combat in the game requires a
fair bit of luck, but uses no dice, and that appeals to different players. Since
offensive or defensive abilities can be triggered even during the opponent’s
turn players are on their toes during the whole game. Players can play as one
of the four tribes which are inspired by real rainforest tribes from around the
world. Ahi has fast and very strong units, Monama tricks opponents into making poor attacks, Seuilok can resurrect units while Tsalil are masters for exploiting
opponent mistakes. Distinct strategy of each tribe can be further tailored to
your wishes by choosing one out of three heroes at the beginning of the game. Thank
you for your time. Let’s meet in the jungle!

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