A World Series Of Poker Tournament Vlog

here with the legend Walter Ray Williams
gets a pinch fast is there one tip that you’d give to
aspiring bowlers I want to become pro practice I mean listen we talking about
practice practice especially on tough link of this that’s the best of all
okay just learn the conditions and adjust as well bowling tough Lincoln is
you bowl on a house shot you got lots of room to miss so you think you have room
to this and when you pull on a tough shot
you can miss your mistakes show up and you need to make better shots alright
practice adduce thank you it’s pleasure sir alright earpods thanks is Eid so after
losing the 1k turbo we can go home do the drive of shame but this is our first
day of the World Series of Poker let’s chase some losses late reg is still open
for the one o’clock two hundred and fifty dollar deep stacks it’s gonna be
over a thousand monsoons in this let’s get some of that money back sit down at
our new table guy on my left immediately recognizes me we start having some good
small talk twenty thousand ships blinds are 500
1000 action falls to the cutoff he makes it 2300 I have seventeen five and East
Jack on the button suited I shove and we get snap called he has ace king it’s
just not our day guys the flop comes seven ten Jack I can feel the Queen
coming but I Jack comes on the turn and a king on the river we double up almost
40 K now on first break or second break for them no more late entry so let’s
stay focused and about 5:00 a.m. we’re gonna take this baby down for $40,000 with blinds at 1,000 1,500 1,500 folds
to me in the hijack I make it 3500 with ESADE offsuit table soft I can get away
with this somewhat loose open extra folds the big blind who hesitates and
puts in the call the flop comes ace Queen deuce rainbow he checks a down bet
with the range advantage on the East High board to 3000 he calls terms of
five three four gets there but I don’t think he has that plan is to bet bet bet
and fold if raised so I bet 7000 and he calls the rivers are seven he might have
Easter egg and that Easter egg might have hit his a two pair kicker at some
point but he checks again and I think in the past I just checked behind and be
content winning this pot with his top pair eight kicker but we’re going for
value 14,000 is the bet targeting a few worse aces and queen x-type hands he
doesn’t like it but he puts in the call and we win play some more pots and we
have 104,000 on dinner break going to 4,000 big blind and I think we’re a chip
leader at the table so bubbles approaching quickly 186 pay let’s get
that money he won 53 we need $6 there’s the single tables all players remaining
in the 1 p.m. you stack your prize bowl is scrolling on the red clocks about 200 players remain 186 pay-table
seems to care about the money bubble so we’re gonna open up the game hundred
thousand ships in our stack with blinds at three thousand six thousand I make it
twelve thousand in the cutoff a queen 10 off suit action folds to the small blind
he’s sized and puts in the three bet it’s about a seven year old Caucasian
male he makes it thirty three thousand ago we have about the same chip stack
contemplate ripping it in there thinking he might not want to call off his
tournament with anything less than Asus but I do fold my Queens head off and he
shows me pocket aces Christene pause the clock alright
tournament dealers the 1 p.m. deep stack you may take your seats please do not
deal all right tournament dealers in the 1 p.m. and tournament players guys that
do want to say congratulations you are all the money we’re now in the money about 120 players remain I have 125 thousand at 10k big blind
action folds to me in the cutoff again I looked down at Queen ten suited this
time a few smaller stacks behind me so it’s time to shove all in there gonna be
folding way too much same guy in the small blind calls having be barely
covered any shows pocket aces that is unfortunate and here’s the video the
board runs out King high we turn a gutshot draw Andrey river a pair of tens
that’s no good guys we are gonna walk around with chip racks dealers you may
start to facilitate this however do not slow down the action and we’re out of
the 251 p.m. Rio Daly very soft tournament recommend anybody plays it is
about if a turbo but that’s ok it is efficient I think we cash for 395 and
we’ll be right back at it tomorrow shout out to PJ PJ rooms brother a
viewer of the vlog for the great dinner at all American Grill yeah my brother you know him I’m gonna
show that drop you know we got here we got a blueberry apple strudel ala mode
it’s the butter and jelly

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100 thoughts on “A World Series Of Poker Tournament Vlog

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  2. 44 seconds in and have to comment….Thats fucking cool bro!! Only other person besides Walter Ray I'd love to meet would be Marshall Holman or Mark Roth.

  3. Gotta say I love the cock and balls stacks!!! Lol I'll be out late Saturday playing the $800 deepstack event on Sunday. I hope to see you there. Keep it up love the vlog!!!

  4. Jeff, with your skill and knowledge, please don’t try to shove one called flops, because most of these clowns will refuse to lay down (even bottom) a pair.

  5. Wow, does Walter Ray Williams Jr. live in Vegas? Cool interview! I own the video documentary, "A League of Ordinary Gentlemen". The PBA Tour was must see TV on Saturdays on ABC during the 70s and 80s.

  6. U ever think of a different career..You never shove all in with 2 people in back of you..U SUCK at poker..Maybe food critic??

  7. That has to be awesome to know people complete strangers look up to you enough to spend their hard earned money buying things for you. That’s why we love talented people. They do things we can’t.

  8. Awesome! I always forget you're a nasty bowler. I bowl a little, but I'm barely a 175 average. Would you say WRW Jr. is the GOAT? Seems like it, no?

  9. Will be there Friday night, playing the $800hold em and the $600plo/Holdem, maybe a $1500 and definitely some of those $250 dailies. Maybe I'll run past you. Food looks fucking awesome…might need to hit that place up.

  10. If we are correct in assuming he's going to call all worse aces and all q x single pairs thinking you can barrel a gutter or smaller pair the queens then there are slightly more combos your ahead of. Great bet Jeff

  11. I know you’re never loosey goosey with your 9/10’s. That lobster tail had to be on point! Whole plate looked great. My mother used to watch bowling Saturday mornings. I remember Earl Anthony. Ummmm haven’t seen you win big in awhile. I know that’s poker but……Let’s Goooo!!! Good Luck next tourney 🍀

  12. luv the dogs look at 1:01 ..like wtf u doin here..throw us sum treats an go win us more treat money bytch..well be here

  13. Jeff, your chip dick game is strong! Especially with the the pink singular 25k chips for testicle! Please include chip dicks in all vlogs in any shape, form or fashion.

  14. Jeff Boski… meet up for a couple games of bowling next time I am in Vegas? 50 bucks a game? Or a dollar a pin?

  15. Boski the broski, the confidence is telling me that you’re going to win big this year! Go get em and keep up the awesome vlogs!

  16. Just started watching your vlog again to prepare for my annual one week of poker at the WSOP. Saw the different dogs. How about an update?

  17. Jeff you selling any action for the main and if so what price? I’m out here so I can prepay in cash. Think your due man.

  18. WRW is a true legend and gentleman… my friend lost the final to him at the World Championships a few years ago. Walter Ray is awesome 👍🇩🇰
    I dare you for a game of 🎳. Coming to Vegas july 7’th 😉🎳👍🇩🇰

  19. So, Boski logic dictates that it's unlikely you'll get a caller against your decent stack… I'd say consider retirement

  20. Played this one on 6/4. 49th place. Might take a trip back out just to play those dailies. They definitely are a soft field.

  21. Jeff, I'm struggling with many things. But Dnegs referring to himself as "sexy" has caused me to hurl many times. So much so that I now only weigh 57 lbs, (I'm still 5'5"). i'm afraid I will hurl my way to only being a skeleton. Any advice on how to help myself from dying from excessive puking, based solely on Dnegs referring to himself as sexy?

  22. "There are over 1K Munson's in this" hahaha this is fantastic. Love that you had the bowling callback. Subbed and belled for your great content!

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