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Music Plays ♪ I always liked watching football games and a friend of mine said they have parley cards at the bar. Some friends of mine at work, you know, knew I was depressed so offered to take me out and have a few drinks after work. You know it was something that I just learned how to play at a really young age, and then I started playing in junior high and high school, and it was just such a part of my life. When I got my own book maker, he was really helpful. He said, “You know, Donnie, when football is done with I got basketball and hockey.” We ended up we lost our home to foreclosure, we lost a motor home, we lost a car and this was all our daughter’s senior year of high school. I had started the pull-tabs pretty soon. It was no longer a social thing. I am getting in deep. I was down $800 on a pull-tab box and it was closing. Eventually my wife and I, we had a crisis with our relationship okay, due to the drinking and gambling. And at that point, I had to make some decisions whether I was going to stay married and be the type of father and husband I wanted to be, or I had to look at myself honestly and say what was going on with the drinking and gambling. ♪ Music Plays ♪

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