Adobe Worldwide Sales Conference // 2018 Role Play Poker // Game Guide

Hi everybody, this is Jerry Silverman, here
to train you on how to be a Dealer in Role Play Poker for Sales Conference 2018. There are 3 Role Play Poker games happening
during the conference. There are no games happening on the first
day. The first game is during the Document Cloud
breakout on Day 2, Mon Dec 18th after lunch. The second and third games are on Day 3, Tue
Dec 19th also after lunch, for the Adobe Sign and Creative Cloud breakouts. We’re going to review who, when and what will
be needed to help administer these games. • For Day 2 Document Cloud breakout, Dealers
should plan to arrive at Juniper 1-2 by the midway break at 4:30PM to collect their materials
and get ready. • Here is the list of Dealers for each table. • Please find your name and be in touch
with your Breakout Lead, Lisa Croft, if you are unable to assist. • For Day 3 Adobe Sign breakout, Dealers
should plan to arrive at Starvine 2 by 1:00PM to collect their materials and get ready. • The Game starts shortly after the intro
presentation. • Again, here are the Dealers for each table. • Please find your name and be in touch
with your Breakout Lead, Beth Bourg, if you are unable to assist. • Finally for Day 3 Creative Cloud breakout,
Dealers should plan to arrive at Juniper 1-2 by the midway break at 2:30PM to collect their
materials and get ready. • The Game starts at 3:30PM after the Hands
On Activities • Here is the list of Dealers for each table. • Again, be in touch with your Breakout
Lead, Jerry Silverman, if you are unable to assist. Now that you know when the games are happening,
and whom will be playing, let’s talk about the gameplay itself. Role Play Poker is played On 25 numbered tables. Each table has one dealer and 9 players. The Pickup and Exchange table is where Dealers
gather their gaming materials and report their table’s winnings, and where Players exchange
their game chips for prizes. Upon arriving into the breakout room, Dealers should go to the Pickup and Exchange
Table to receive their numbered gift bag, which contains: A Dealer Visor
Red, Yellow, Green and Black chips Red, Yellow and Green cards
A list of questions for the table, and a cheat sheet of the game rules. When you arrive at your table, you will need
to distribute the following to each player : 9 Red Chips
and 3 cards — one green, one yellow and one red. If players at your table are unsure where
they should be sitting, they should consult their badges, which have their Table Numbers
listed. After you have distributed 9 red chips to
each player And distributed 3 cards to each player
The Game can start. Each player antes one red chip into the center
of the table. Then, from your Question Sheet, you will ask
a question to the first player, sitting to your right hand side, so that the entire table
can hear. The player will have the opportunity to answer
your question, so that everyone can hear. When he or she is finished answering, the
other players at the table will vote on the quality of that answer with their colored
cards. A green card means they won the business, A yellow card means there is an objection
to the answer, and a red card means they lost the business. As the Dealer, you will count how many green,
yellow and red cards have been presented by the table. If there are more green cards than any other
type, the player gets the pot of chips in the middle of the table, and you start the
next round of questions. If there are more yellow cards displayed,
you will choose one of the players at the table who objected, and ask to hear their
objection. The player must offer an answer to that objection,
And the table re-votes again — win or lose. There can be only one objection per turn. If there is a majority of red cards, the pot
stays in the middle of the table and the turn is over. If, during the first round, there are an equal number of Green, Yellow
and Red cards voted by the players, choose Objection. If, during the second round,
There are an equal number of Green and Red cards voted, the player wins the round. One the round is over, all of the players
Ante Up again, And the dealer asks the 2nd question from
the Question list to the next player. After 9 rounds of questions and answers, there
may be some players with more chips, and some with less. Players should count their chips and tell
you how many they have. Players with 0-8 chips receive no prize. Players with 9-17 chips should get a Yellow
chip from you. Players with 18 or more chips should get a
Green chip from you. The Player who provided the most thorough
or convincing answers, in your opinion, should get the Dealer’s Choice chip, which is Black. After giving out the Prize Chips, please record
The names and The winnings of each recipient on the back
page of the Question Sheet, and Take that page to the Exchange Table. Once you have done that, The players at your table should take their
Prize Chips to the Pickup & Exchange Table to collect their winnings. They can win up to $200 based on their Prize
Chips! We will be sending out the Question Sheets
and Rules Sheet this week via email, so keep your eyes peeled! Here is a link to watch a recording of this
training, and here is a link to download these slides. Here are the names, faces and contacts of
the Breakout Leads and Game Admins for all sessions. Make sure to contact them ASAP if you are
unable to assist as a Dealer in the breakouts you have been assigned to. We really appreciate your attention, assistance
and enthusiasm in making these sessions a success at Sales Kickoff 2018, and we look
forward to seeing you in Vegas!

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