Alice in Wonderland; Creating the Playing Card Chairs

Hi everyone this is Bryton Taylor and welcome to Food in Literature last week we made Alice in Wonderland’s edible rose bush and in the photos you can see that we
created the playing card chairs. Now it’s really easy to make these
so here’s the step-by-step guide. to make these you’re going to need black school book contact on the blog we’ve got a printable spade
outline that you can quickly download and just print it onto the back this contact sheet and then you’re going to cut it out. Now this stuff is really quite handy it sticks but doesn’t leave a residue.
So you’re just going to cut that out peel it off and stick onto the back of
your chair. You’ve got two, five and seven for the plane
carts to make the legs we’ve got a square
black napkin. Just fold it into a triangle,
create a cuff, and then take those two corners the two longest corners and just fold them into each other and pin it {showing pinning the napkin together} And then when it’s pinned you just lift up the leg and just pop that through. As for the top of the chairs those are just black pillow cases just held in place with some double sided
tape. {music}

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