Are these Playing Cards the next BIG THING?!

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  1. Love the copags 310s for table work type stuff. They seem to have a great sound to them cutting etc if that makes sense. As far as everything else, I’m still with uspcc

  2. Chris for you now in my city in Brazil,Im the only one that have american decks(bycicle and tally ho)and copag is the most popular in here

  3. I am in no way a card expert. But….I have played a deck of brand new ACE cards by cartamundi. Within one day the finish was shot. Flaking off and very sticky. Out of the box they felt great. I have never had uspc cards get crappy like that. Not in one day, not in one month.

  4. Hey Chris, nice review of the Copag 310's by Cartamundi. I have a pair myself and they are enjoyable. Historically Cartamundi has made some fairly poor playing cards. The DMC Elite stock in particular was atrocious, despite how cool the marking system may have been. But these Copag's have seriously stepped up Cartamundi's game in my opinion. A lot of magicians don't know the history of Copag, (which was bought by Cartamundi) but they are one of the premiere 100% acetate plastic card makers in the world….maybe #1 if not, second to Kem (which is now owned by USPPC). I thought it was an interesting choice for Cartamundi to use the Copag name when designing these cards. If I had to guess, I would say they wanted the name to be synonymous with quality, which Copag certainly is…they may not be know well by Magicians, (until now) but poker players are very familiar with them. One final thought…Cartamundi has very solid distribution, as they make a lot of other types of cards besides playing cards. (like Magic The Gathering) and until now, you can usually find a cheap pair of cartamundi playing cards hanging next to the Bikes and Bees in your local Walmart type store. I predict we start seeing the 310's in stores everywhere in the next year or so. If that happens, they could really give standard Bicycle cards a run for their money at only $4.99 per deck. – Yeah…I'm still a USPCC guy too. But if variety is the spice of life….then bring it on Cartamundi, Legends, Expert PCC and all the rest! The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned.

  5. With a new deck I like plastic the wrappers on the box, but when you open the tuck case and the deck them selves are wrapped in plastic is the worst!

  6. I have played with the original plastic COPAG cards for years, they are my absolute favorites for poker, so I am excited to see some made for cardistry and magic. I will definitely need to check them out.

  7. Copag it's a shit hahaha, this deck are the most famous in Brazil (My country :p) i dont now about the 310, but the 139 series, it's a crap…

  8. I always love watching your videos, in my mind I'm like "is too late to watch a 10 min video" but once I start watch your videos I have to finish them because it is so interesting,

  9. Here in England there are two main decks one by cartmundi and one by waddingtons, cartmundi ALWAYS have a plastic coating inside the case over the cards

  10. Dude… How could you compare the back design to Aviators? I mean, I love Aviators, but their back design is crap. The Copag back design is much classier and looks nothing like Aviators. I'm just sayin!

  11. Hey Chris, did you ever try these cards for any period of time? You seemed to like them, but I'm curious how they held up with use.

  12. I find it slightly funny because i can get in to a pack of cards i buy for 10 dollars approx from my local shop faster, than you got in to the R&D one, "all through the mystic ways of the pulling thread".

  13. 6:56 Purposely bends the crap out of the cards, then complains they warped quickly…… ooook….. USPCC cards also warp when you bend them like that.

  14. I just discovered Chris and Cardistry, and I'm totally addicted. In trying to learn some basic cuts, flourishes and vanishes, and one problem has become apparent for me, and that is dry hands. I have fairly dry fingers and hands, and I'm finding that particularly with new cards, I can't get the friction needed to thumb a card from the bottom, for instance. Any deck that has more texture and friction, sounds good to me. Anyone else out there has an issue with dry fingers and slippery cards? Any tricks to overcome it? Maybe Chris will see this and share some tips… your vids Chris!

  15. 3:45 They listened, bought a couple of theese and they were super easy to open. Had to come back to this video to drop a comment about it. They also sold a dollar cheap deck that felt amazing!

  16. Just got the 310s and got to say I've been a devoted fan of cartamondi for a while but the ability to Pharoah the deck is a problem with these cards and a few other decks with the B9 finish but the Madison Hellions (by Odin Jones btw) are AMAZING and made me switch from USPCC…

  17. I love the copag 310 cards, but the Somnium deck by Hai Do and Matthias Berger is my absolute favorite (available in spring 2019) shadow edition isn't available anymore.


    i use these for practice my local shop was closed a year ago and i started getting them on amazon.. Also i paid for 2 sets of the Memento Mori in the Real colors cause i love the feel and the handling of them is smooth .

  19. You’d think with all the research and development they would make these easier to open. 3:47.
    😂 😂 😂. I literally can’t stop laughing at how absolutely true this is!!!

  20. Cartamundi has quietly expanded into the American market. Cartamundi USA is located in Dallas with a modern 300,000 sq ft manufacturing plant. Ace, BlackJack and Classic paper and plastic cards are made at the Dallas plant along with kids games and specialty cards. Ace paper cards are near in quality to Aviators. The BlackJack poker cards are high quality but difficult to find. Ace plastic cards are decent inexpensive cards. USPCC better watch out.

  21. Just got a deck in the mail. Love the texture. As for the thickness. Nope. Just to big in the hand. They need to crush that stock!

  22. Cartamundis cards are just sooooooo good. They feel perfect and there finish is amazing. I think uspcc don't feel so soft.

  23. 2:55 So wait. Over 300 prototypes? Would it be 310 by chance? Did they name the product after how many tries it took to get it right? Just like WD-40?

  24. I remember watching this a year and ½ ago, and thinking that there was no way that they would become big. Now they are huge. I challenge you to use only Cartamundi for a week.

  25. For all those who want to know, the box-pull tab is at the back of the deck. (so where the supposedly seal is)

  26. Oh, the effect at the beginning is wonderful! I'd love to know, who came up with this. Really well performed of course. Btw. I had almost the same experience trying these out for the 1st time a month ago without knowing anything about the cards.

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