22 thoughts on “Arkham Horror the Card Game Extended Gameplay

  1. I thought the "The max 1 committed" to skill test cards just means that only a single copy of that particular can be played.

  2. I feel your pain Richard. Every time that I play I always tend to pull the same bad chits out defying all odds. I think that Cthulhu is actually in my game box just messing with me.

    Love the run through by the way.

  3. Jenn's "Blinding Light" spell was improperly played: whenever you're engaged with an enemy, if you take an action other than fight or evade, you give up an attack of opportunity. Once you played the spell from her hand, she would have to take the appropriate physical & mental damage before your second action which was to successfully evade.
    You also counted playing the card & then evading as one action instead of two.

  4. Another key aspect you completely neglected was the cooperative part of the game. When you're using cards during a skill test to increase your chance of success, the other investigator (if she's at the same location) can discard cards from her hand to assist you as well. For example, Jenn could have discarded a card(s) with the fist symbol to help Roland when he fought since you were both at the same location.

  5. @Rahdo…Watched all three (regular, extended, final thoughts), and having played The Collector myself, I squealed with delight and anticipation when you began Agenda Act 2. Knowing the locked door and 'amnesia' were coming up…this was the best (for hilarity reasons) of your runthrus for me as I got to witness you have the same meltdowns I did. I too pulled horrible chits the first few rounds of the scenario, causing me 50% failures in Act 1 with the Encounters just piling on me.

  6. You were comparing your fight skill value to his health and not his fight skill, you would have killed that guy at 21:30 instead of losing that fight

  7. The video gives a perfect idea of how the game goes, that's exactly what I'm looking for.
    I would though really appreciate if the video was more streamlined. You could deliver the same exact content in less than half the time, make 0 mistakes while playing, and you wouldn't suffer of any loss in fun, at least from my point of view 🙂
    In any case, thanks for letting "try" the game before purchasing it 🙂

  8. 33:36 evaded enemies are basically "temporarily incapacitated". So while he would technically "come for you", he would only do it after the enemy phase was completed, so he wouldn't get to do an attack.

    36:52 Locked door does not lock you in, it just prevents investigating.

    40:06 Agenda only advances if there are enough doom tokens during the check in the middle of the Mythos phase. When the encounter is drawn that moment has passed.

  9. 21:30 token draw is the highlight of the video. Rahdo actually throws a token. LOL. Thanks for the fan made runthrough to cut spoilers.

  10. Omg richard you're killing me!!! As you were playing through this i felt YOUR tension and excitement. Your character needs more training back at the academy wth!!! Great run through…. Definitely looking forward to trying this out now.

  11. pretty complicated rules tbh.
    22:50 i would draw without replacement. Chances like these are the reason to avoid dice.
    and the game takes a bit too long to my taste for trying it solo.

  12. Aren't you only allowed to play a card and then attack up to 3? He played a card, attacked, played, and then attacked, then attacked again… 5 actions?

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