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ladies and gentlemen welcome to Assassin’s Creed the NCAA collection this is assassins creed two remaster and we’re just doing a ton of my place a beautiful fun free run playing so as for the free closer you for some reason to replace him before don’t spoil this app but i’m pretty sure most of you watching this you know this game so when is going to have our can a bit of fun in atlanta and do some of the side activities that I’ve been to us here in lovely florence at not top and probably serve some justice along the way that’s always lovely as you all not i’m going to do but first let’s do assassination contracts first and then probably them easily probably easily other the assassins which is another series i’m doing i’m just going to do the assassin term God’s separately easily the best submissions to do and get is the assassination contracts some of the beat-up advance and mail deliveries their economy and I whatever we can do some of those but let’s to assassination contracts first and kill some motherfuckers together faith i can get back here son of a bitch yeah take that bitch really have to shore grabbing the when I grabbed you you get grabbed all should be four always dead that was your fault man should just let me grab you I mean was gonna do when I got that was gonna throw you off so actually you went out the semi-planned anyway that’s my cat now let’s get this fucking assassination and contract and kill Templars and so justice to the people making Florence better places for peace yeah okay a plot against Florence Florence’s supply line has been detected ended by killing the budget at the marketplace in the scent marker district ok Sam market is excited to market with shut the fuck up Tyler get it right alright Jesus Christ 600 beings with jesus fucking cross anyway he be closer is that any way you could just be slightly closer ok we’re approaching son Marco district and the much and now just going to use in Division funded probably should go to the roof of this unless we can just run to the main roads and see him it’s okay so it’s probably through here I was kind of the roof check it out see what’s going on Oh targets behind there so the guard was protecting maybe they’re heavy armored is that God maybe we could through is throwing knives or even better actually not even better we just got ourselves some poison that’s poisonous guard break his name and get this much into coming up camera merchants come on target he’s not even around here anymore hopefully he gets his attention as he walks back I think he’s gonna walk back there is our target as their and their poison sets in Jesus Christ he’s crazy oh my god what a shot he’s swinging it nobody oh my god the humanity always got it always going to set up all you got it always at oh my god it’s over and their target is just watching from afar not coming over that’s right your protection is gone come out around the corner motherfucker he’s not moving not doing shit come on man i wanted to be real stealthy and shit please okay I’m gonna have to hide behind this pillar I can see me all you fucked out dammit fuck that up yes I got blocked wrong she helped me out that was terribly done but I he’s dead on the same that is all i gotta cheat moments Assassin’s I complete fascination mission for Lorenzo de’medici fantastic also achievements perfect that’s what I love to do as you will down it achievements and sweet justice being served ok what mission do we have fallen arches several Patsy arches attacked the palazzo della Signoria last not I’ve tracked him to the edge of the river in the sand mascara district think i’m already here children lorenza yes lorenz I’d will be done for justice for the Medici family in Florence but mainly for myself and for the people making the world a better place with these are we ok so we’ve got a bunch of arches by the river the pottsy’s of plant even though the pasties eventually did oh good let’s do that first sorry transmission totally guys but I we’re going to do when somebody steals puzzles because we’re fucked up that’s not possible yeah definitely can be Rebecca on that’s pure code let me compile it yeah okay Oh encrypted file uploaded to my computer our master description of a master description it’s only compatible with the Animus itself I don’t upload attachment that this ok let’s do it let’s do one of the puzzles if you haven’t seen it before ok here we go this is they call me subject 16 to that I don’t have much time were you subject 70 we have been lied to this whole time everything we know everything we’ve been brought up to believe that it’s wrong okay i’ve uploaded the evidence that the file that that proves it all but I’ve split into 20 pieces and lock each with a cold can’t be too careful Queen Isabella no not her what century is it nevermind I’ve hidden the code to the first file inside this program ok find the ball and along the way you’ll begin to see what the half of this cansado animus oh the memory core we transferred 16 memory data from Abstergo into the Animus to point out he must have hacked the machine when it left him alone between sessions hold on wait a second the signs on the walls and Abstergo the ones written in blood those were close he was telling us to look for them inside the Animus ok so these are the puzzle 716 left behind there’s a lot of fun let’s do it ok so father these mystic seen share of course similarity pick the map and you’ll begin to see ok so what we have I believe a student with apples as in the apple of Eden here we have a demanding picking the apple and you’re a depiction of the Satan as the kind of snake weird thing I don’t even take that’s fucking person with a fucking tail that’s bizarre there’s apple apple there she’s picking up balls is that Apple let’s go with yes for now Apple there no Apple they’re perfect ok yep those are the five one’s easy thank god I’ve done this before so that was it was the entire puzzle is 219 more and we got the first clue their subject 16 video to the two new people jumping intent to terminate you again I swear that anyway is the first one let’s continue with our assassination contract you one of the archers I think you are no you’re not ok see you down there busy Oh dreadful all us all down would have allowed them pulled out your mother fucker ok so good at man down there can we jump oh look at that that is a beautiful heiress assassination right there good stuff we’re going to God paid by himself that should be easy all she’s up here haha man you really need some protection payments so my fucking kill you oh look at you by myself right yeah fuck you haha get absolutely fucked ok so lets it to back to the villa too much for Jionni and we got some money and get some cash to some upgrading because i love that money plus the stores are fully upgraded villa which is more achievements Pete beautiful sweet sweet gamma school right fucking like it’s just it really is such a better looking guy in the answer collection it really is i don’t care what anyone says sure so perfect but me like it just feels like implying Brotherhood rather than assassin or two and that’s it it’s a big looking difference between saskatoon disaster brother but now so unless the brothers probably looks better purely because this collection makes me look better but this makes this game look yeah pretty close which is phenomenal stuff oh oh fuck yeah okay we definitely do with the Avatar family crypt address separate video on that definitely 271 that can put everything in this fuckin one episode up little shit don’t count the fact is so got stuck in angry calm down we’ll do something else that’s a lot of money so many upgrades to spend it all on the Senate’s you shall take a look at the knees 21 about a bit about us rice and apologize ok let’s open all the landmarks to the mines first church thieves guild and well look at that so many upgrades fucking making around fucking rich it blacksmith fuck that’s a lot of cash that’s a lot of dough anything cuz 3000 do the doctors of Taylor’s to the doctors that’s a lot of great guys good job good effort 1br job on be a job so all the shops are all the landmarks up and all this I just continue to upgrade the shops and that’s it we’re done we’re done with that so looking at upgrading done already got the auditory flies youngest is looking way way better than halfway to the full upgrade villa I did remember yet there it is let’s do another subject 16 possible around before we head off to the tuscan countryside and while we’re there we can do some more assassination trust and hunting shit right now look at get a selfie seen puzzle there is any way we can get up to a don’t get everything ok let’s do it these are fun fucking of these web of connections and interconnections all rolled by chance or is it ok so with God’s yeah guess I’ve got here looks like a painting by the memory Queen Elizabeth the first it’s pretty easy just like skip the face to hear ya we go there is one of the easy ones his early on yes Queen Elizabeth the first 15 15 on England she has an apple of Eden look at that another puzzle done super easy they get really hard for me to go on Oh Camilla and all I think this is a familiar face to the assassins creed franchise mr. Napoleon Bonaparte look at him in Pretty Polly a France 1812 we know he gets a piece of 1812 scene and get it in his community that is this is this George Washington don’t remember this one is this someone else now it is George Washington is it captain Ron also also just talking mad shit yes George Washington so JT won again we’ve seen him with that apple of Eden and assassins creed 3 DLC there we go that’s done following locked to the puzzles done 18 ago gods were killing the game in this in this episode yeah killing the game and usually i internalized only do one episode in each key like I just kind of do whatever guess what we’re going to do you know episode two tone plays blockbuster friendship but if you want to see me to ask you to again let me know next week i’m probably gonna do Brotherhood next week probably brother or revelations maybe because i’m doing the brother walked through that starts Tuesday so I don’t know but i’ll be doing in the next two weeks or three of the hco games free rent something you want to see me jump in assassin’s creed two again and do auto no.16 puzzles to whatever let me know and I will get right on that right now we’re gonna head to the tuscan countryside and finish off this episode maybe do another assassination contract there instead for a bit of fun and a bit better ok so we are fully notorious here probably need to get the authority down and then we can really get into it some of these submissions fucking greens ship k the contract new city all problems temples everyone abstract one of the parties better factors to a farm east of san gimignano kill him or we’ll all be safe and all this effort or we’ll all be safer and we’re talking this the farm and return that this little fucking file find out you are so lucky colorful just kinda hours of run through this fucking gave to so many times so I could look at so beautiful yeah here we are where the fuck is that occur on the roof oh shit is right there fuck has he not see me yeah i mean so I’m just going to definitely be here anyway and fucking kill you if that’s right you’re cool tell you what plus I need the viewpoint which is a thing I do need butter i also want to kill the guy and I feel like jumping in a hay bale from the top of this viewpoint might be the best way to get this guy am i right ladies running the hell I was already ride fucking good fuck i am good I let’s finish this off this episode this time i apply is gonna kill this guy I’m afraid farmer your party benefactor and you must start for the people just yes has been fuck off seven and justice get fucking piece of shit fuck you Oh God more than covered all this is not kind of plan yep not for sure just let me fucking long that oh sit down motherfucker Oh what do you do Oh again Oh again you’re not going anywhere where you goin fuckin on anyway okay ladies and gentlemen thank you so much watching and I greatly appreciate it it’s been awesome i’ll be back with more sanskrit the answer collection very soon skills got justice

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