ATHENE BTS #61 Paper Money PL

we go hi guys the theme is pie in the world it is a new clip listen you I think and today I’m gonna yeah I’m gonna do some random about all kind of stuff version first of all it’s not Ian nice shooting because he he joked any broke like my king Brooks liquidity fucked out like a fucking noob so we switched him with you with around can you show up for all the older yay okay no no no it’s not i’ll put over here when that camera hey hey babe I give you a cookie if you point over here yeah I’ll give your cookie later no no I over here open up with a facial I had what I just wanna see but not for now hey man yo teen girl yesterday what’s fuck y’all put down you want to go daggett flag you wanna get flagged I tried there remember that video Amelia Miranda on the kitchen table Lego flag yeah I’ve been checking some some changes for the new patch and has been checking some yeah there’s the buffs and the nerves for Paula needs and I’m really honest I mean buttons are just going to be more I don’t really know I just don’t understand I don’t just understand what their this is team is thinking when they are implementing genius I’m just going to show you how genius I am how brilliant I am there’s a newer glyph I think it’s a major glyph that reduces the cooldown of layoffs hands with five minutes the thing is that if you spec normally lay on hands is 20 minutes if you spec it 60 minutes minus five is 11 minutes right well actually there is the tier 3 set bonus for with three parts is reducing the layoffs hands cool down by 12 minutes so basically we that live the next patch people with the set the foresaid moment I think they basically can just spam lay on hands can you believe that I mean that’s how how brilliant and I see just like that in first thing I just it’s the first thing I think about people don’t even fucking know that’s the first name I read mine it lifted I I wonder if we’ll be able to use them in an arena if you reduce Ghulam because all the cool down below 15 minutes you can use them in arena so I wonder if you can use lay on hands when you use I live but with the set basically what you do just you get those four bar bonuses you stack everything with stamina you can just go fuck around and spam spam lay on hands I mean you would be the most it’s totally fucking Opie that’s why I’m the best pie in the world and that’s why I’m the best rising poker in the world and about this rising poker with a play in the world I’m playing for one month I’m making ten thousand dollar a month I just moved up to 1 / 2 i’m 24 table in this shit can you believe it that’s why i got a new screen as you can see I’ve a brilliant to a 13 inch screen so I can play twenty five tables I even have actually made some programs as you can see i also changed my my my using the face i can actually put 24 tables on one screen that people say that’s not possible when you have to change i made a program that actually caps the windows so they stick yeah it’s just I’ve made another program that is professional for all only the pokemon leaf up community gonna understand this anyway where I just drag I’m playing at twenty to twenty four tables on top of each other and then I can just drag the windows next to each other so i can actually play on even in a small screen I can’t play twenty four tables easily and then I put them back in shit but it’s really talking like pro girls I my selfie idea to know might get some money from it I don’t know reason I’m telling you this is because I heard from my sources that a certain guy called best gaming the world’s fatality gots posted by full tilt poker and it’s now grinding on the lowest stake and losing money can you believe that shit yeah she’s posting some lowlife some lowlife punk that is just perfect commercialize bullshit is even fucking headsets and all that shit from that guy and when he goes to poker when he goes to fuck you just lose his money can you believe that shit and then me a thing I just go to the game one month and I start to make ten thousand ten thousands of dollars just like that and then they fuckin sponsor they should fuckin sponsor me you’re gonna use someone to promote your website someone that loses money is that your promotion huh what what the fuck are you even thinking this is promoting a guy that’s losing money so what you are promoting is hey where’s the best gamer go stuff to play poker you stops to lose money yeah yeah yeah oh very smart marketing stood you are very smart so taking the best game in the world and a thing coming or winning it up or do you just like that I’m just opening it up to dumb is people having like trying to be intelligent with names like Latin names like fatality I stop is not intelligent but what I didn’t like me mother I think yeah I think you should just cut deal with that guy and come to me I’m to be under wheel that probably I got even real Latin the ecology among the cards of people on the thousands of people look up to j minus quick what I’m not stupid bitch fatality is not yet yeah well yeah the times i’m doing but the thing is it’s all about a thing it’s about me when you talk about gaming when you talk about gaming it’s about thing I just went over to poker and I’m owning it up I’m only neither can you believe that shit I’m owning it up in class you can and it’s just owning it up just like that I’m owning it up hey authority if your routine is good I can give you some free tips for poker if you are sure if you’re getting home Don the lowest stake yeah you know we didn’t give you folks a few years back so yeah if you want okay I can’t send you some money so you can play this I’m actually making things out of dollars now can send you some money you can go lose it magesh Thomas it on you yeah like it should be mad at me we can send out some money go on no we can give you awesome like this with that don’t see bday I’m composing it let’s see what today is money you see that that that’s what you should even in your role this is what you should make instead of loop yeah y’all need a ride there’s a 210 yeah reset that that is how you digit small fuckin bitches dude it’s just for you pathology 2100 know you want some bad let’s go one in my pocket you know I want my age we’re planning your own you should make this instead of losing it you should be an example that’s how I wanted and why we would has a solid the paper money paper money more father free to see sitting next to me and he likes me I need your money he likes me there she is for you and the thing is you can’t see what it is very enthusiastic about me and all that shit there’s paper money that’s how easy it is what we have a very good relation when we sing about more than kike don’t show that it to be the same level I don’t brag but now y’all see the England good morning I’m gonna be really honest to you guys take good look at me take a quick look at these people you got a lot of controversy hmm no no no no just just no no no just just my facial my facial it’s like you you think there’s a lot of controversy about me these people saying I’m an arrogant tool then I’m a fag or whatever that have no life like nerve take it take a good look at take a good look at me think I’m fake just just just give you an example just give you enlist just give you a list of my successes on their spread motherfuckers every one of your oh yeah yeah yeah there’s paper money the thing is it’s pretty easy i mean you first had me best player will team online player in the world this player then you had I went to civilization with this civilization player in the world yeah there was not a lot of fun lines of computational action then you got world of warcraft best pilot in the world i breached the rocket from 0 to 60 from 60 to 70 from 70 to 80 all those records my name I got ranked 1 in all the brackets on the hardest BG in the world I start to play poker I’m the biggest poker player rising poker player in the world that the game gets played by more than homeless million people and you’re gonna come tell me that I’m fake I got the hottest chick next to me just like that and she comes to bring miss me pancakes she comes to me she does everything for me and I’m think West good night who wins like in life and we losses you think my legs are famous for nothing plane awaits yeah we ain’t fakers we came back everything up high when is your girlfriend’s pregnant no yours

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