BANNED from all Caesars Properties!

blackballed 86th banned Yahtzee got’em
Boski let’s go somewhere different let’s play
a 250 dollar World Series of Poker circuit event that’s right we’re back at
the Rio field should be soft there’s reentry’s there’s two flights
day two tomorrow let’s bag and tag and get the job done with our first circuit
ring and I am NOT in the Rio 250 dollar circuit event they would not let me
register I had my players card I had my money I
had my ID but my account was flagged you’re not gonna believe what happened I
cashed for four thousand nine hundred dollars or something in the tag team
event last year I got 12th place with Steve epic vlog check it out right there
but I’m out one thousand dollar tag team tournament
hell of a run but just wasn’t meant to be
and it turns out at the end of the year they paid me for the event again I got I
double cashed the tag team event my partner got paid I got paid then I got
paid again according their records so they say I cannot register for this
event and I owe them just under five thousand dollars the World Series of
Poker made an error an error in my favor apparently and my options are
pay them forty nine hundred dollars and register the two hundred and fifty
dollar tournament or I can choose to not pay forty nine hundred dollars and be
banned from all Harrah’s properties blackballed eighty-sixed banned but
almost five thousand dollars richer allegedly I don’t have any knowledge of
this double payment it’s always a long summer a lot of cashes a lot of stuff
going on at the Rio and other properties so they gave me the paperwork which is
right here furthermore they claim the error was
their fault but it was because I still had the payout card for my 12th place
finish in the tag-team event and the cashier didn’t realize that they don’t
collect the payout cards and due to this payout card mishap I was able to get
paid twice going forward the World Series of Poker will no longer issue
payout cards it’s all automatic digital in the computer system so people can’t
present the player card twice and get paid twice I talked to Tyler people
very high up at the World Series of Poker for almost 20 minutes discussing
all this and due to my case in particular they’re calling it the Boesky
rule so I’m faced with a bit of a conundrum
how much Eevee do I have expected at all REO properties in the World Series of
Poker is it worth at least $5,000 over the next X years well being banned from
these properties affect my enjoyment of the Las Vegas lifestyle is there a moral
or ethical issue about them double paying me and me keeping the almost
$5,000 extra allegedly I’m gonna have to figure it out right now do I Drive home
and be banned from all REO properties or do I go to the bank pick up five grand
and hand it over to the fine people at the Rio and World Series of Poker there’s a fork in the road and most
decisions in life and I’m gonna ask a couple buddies and see what they think
and then we’re gonna make a decision stay tuned is it worth paying four thousand nine
hundred and thirty seven dollars and fifty cents to not be banned from all
Harrah’s properties and be able to play poker events at Harrah’s properties for
the rest of my life I’m a professional poker player that lives in Las Vegas is
the equity loss worth it let me know in the chat what would you do in my
situation thank you let’s go get your seat so I know where you’re going back one question a what
what’s that like a discount with blinds at 200 400 400
Kevin G local reg opens to 802 the gun plus one we’re in middle position with
pocket kings we did just raise fold the last hand so we’re gonna put in the
three bet and make it twenty two hundred to go action folds around to Kevin and
he snapped Janus for nine thousand does he have aces we’re gonna find out I put
in the call and he shows ace four of diamonds let’s hold for a 20k pot the
flop comes Jack five three with two diamonds think we’re flipping will see
some bricks the turn is a jack and the river is a four we eliminate a player
and we now have 22,000 chips blinds at 200 400 400 were under the gun with
pocket fives leave were still 10 handed about to be 9 handed part of me wants to
fold part of me wants to limp but I probably choose the worst option and
raise how we’re wrapping something bigger than 5 is definitely the bottom
of our range here action folds to the button who seems to be some sort of a
miserable circuit reg he makes it 2500 off of a 18k stack we put in the call
let’s hit a set and bust him the flop comes three four eight two diamonds we
have the 5 of diamonds I checked he bets 3100 which will be
indicative of a lot of his East King ace queen combos maybe some over pairs we’re
gonna call one see what happens on the turn expect him to shut down on the turn
if he doesn’t improve to a pair the turn is a 10 we check he bets 6,000 and I
fold three the blinds at four hundred eight
hundred eight hundred were under the gun plus one with ace-queen offsuit that’s
okay ten blinds were definitely all in action folds to the big blind a
Caucasian woman aged thirty to fifty with a mean stare she puts in the call
she has eighty five hundred and she has East Queen offsuit
we got the red one she’s got the black ones let’s just chop it up the flop
comes three clubs and here’s the video Oh 85
there’s makoto-san and I am out of the $250 World Series of Poker circuit event
just for fun we’re gonna keep a running total as long as this YouTube poker vlog
continues of how much I’ve actually lost based upon this decision to not get 86th
banned from all Harris properties we’re currently at minus five thousand one
hundred and eighty seven dollars and fifty cents of course there’s gonna be
some big buy ins this summer and this circuit series is going on for a couple
weeks so we’re gonna see the long run if it was a good choice to pay to not be
banned from all Harris properties stay tuned
this could get exciting in the end Tyler pit bull was very accommodating he
really appreciated me giving them almost five thousand dollars and being
understanding about the miscommunication and the air on their part but I guess
they got the proof that I got paid twice and as a friendly gesture Tyler gave me
$100 food com2 Vodou steakhouse my favorite so I do appreciate that and
we’ll be using that soon Thank You Tyler you

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100 thoughts on “BANNED from all Caesars Properties!

  1. When you cash a WSOP event, a dealer walks you over to another employee that has a computer and they take your ID and input what MTT you cashed in and what place you got. They also give you a payout card that you can keep as a souvenir or give to the person at the payout cage. You don't need possession of your payout card to get paid since they already have all your info. You just need a passport or drivers license.

    Historically, when I cash events at the WSOP, I don't get paid out right away for various reasons. There may already be a long line from all the recent min cashers, or I might just need to register another event.

    At the end of every WSOP, I go to the cage to get a printout of all of my buy ins and cashes for tax purposes and to claim any unpaid cashes. AFAIK, if you don't claim them, WSOP keeps them. They said I didn't get paid for my tag team cash, so I got paid cash. I didn't think it was possible for the computer system to pay me twice for the same cash.

  2. This guy seems shady and full of shit. You should have to pay it back and be banned for being a shady piece of shit

  3. you should be comparing the ev of playing at all other casinos to the ev of playing at CET properties. my answer is CET games are not sig softer than others, so its a bad decision jeff. if you did this for reputation sake, good for you.

  4. Not an equity question, repayment is the only answer. If they paid you wrong, they dont ask if its profitable to pay you!!

  5. the video was confusing, it sounded like they made a mistake and lost $5k..if he actually got double paid that why even hesitate about paying it back?

  6. If you would have accidentally payed them or accidentally made a big bet. They will not give you your money back guaranteed.

  7. 5k? How is this a dilemma? Assuming you are a profitable 2/5 player, that's 100-200 hours of grinding. How could you possible see positive EV from getting banned for life? If poker is your source of income, reducing the number of places you can play is like slitting your own wrists, it's dumber than $hit

  8. how did you not know that you received double pay? you are telling us that you lose track of 5k that easily, if you were making millions I could understand, but don't try to fool us dude..

  9. Pretty Sure and suspect had Boski not been who he was they mighta still kept the 86 in place even if he repaid.. Boski wouldve caused a shit ton of -ev press and coverage for Ceasers so the cost to them in the long run was better for them to come to a solution benefitting both..

  10. So you knew you got paid twice and thought it was a windfall? And now you are being a bitch because they want their money back… How about not be a bitch..

  11. 1. being an American pro you should pay the 5k and play
    2. generally spoken. Mistakes can happen but if you see that this was a mistake you should give the money back

  12. I don't understand your question. You think about keeping money which is not yours? What kind of person are you? Even to discuss this case is very much under my level.

  13. Can you at least get a few free buffets and show tickets out of that hassle? Summers almost here so that means summer slow time? Can you at least put that money to work till autumn so you can get interest? I don't know, just pay them. I mean like 5K for you is just toilet paper. Thank God you don't have cancer, that we know of. Peace. Wow man you did. I commented before the end of your video.

  14. I would only pay them back if you were pretty damn sure you got paid twice. All Caesars casinos are horribly run and they could have easily thought they paid you twice when they didn't. I don't think there was an angle shoot on either end here and the odds are that you owe but it is not cut and dry. Also, I don't understand why they couldn't send you a letter. When I was banned from all Caesars properties for table game advantage play I got a letter.

  15. I would do the right thing since you asked. I also give $10 bills back when cashiers give me too much change.

  16. I don't care what this guy says he knows if he got paid out twice or not..I bet he knows if he did he just mad he got caught

  17. I have a similar situation with Bovada double paying me. It isn't worth it for me to send the amount back to them!

  18. The casino obviously has footage of you getting paid twice so yeah you deserve to be banned for getting paid twice & I would never let you back in any of there properties

  19. I cashed out 1400 at 1/2 and then went out to my car and had 800+ in red chips? I knew I didnt make 2k so I went back in and gave them their money.

  20. Sorry but it's not about EV!? It's about being correct did they make an error and pat you twice?? I mean come on… It's easy to check or even notice.. If yes yes than you just pay them back!! Can't believe you even think about it.. It say a lot…

  21. This is a no brainer, YOU remember whether you got paid and then got paid again. When the 2nd payout came to you, the ethical thing to do would be to say 'hey, you guys already paid me' and not taken the money. Now audits or whatever captured their error and they want their money back, rightly so. Only thing to do would be is to pay it back. Only thing that 'might' end in your favor is whether or not their is a statute of limitation that has run it course, than take it up with the courts perhaps. How bad do you wanna play WSOP and at RIO properties.. that's the next question. Is it worth it to YOU? Otherwise, ethically pay them if you can afford it and start new. you did the right thing to pay them… now go win some money dude!

  22. You should have negotiated a conditional bet that you put all the money on black or red on roulette and the winner takes all.

  23. call the nevada gaming control board and demand to see the surveillance when they paid you twice if you really think u did not get paid twice….they have to show evidence this happens otherwise they got nothing on u

  24. they can ask for it back, they can bar you. that money would be a cut from other poker players. think its on you.

  25. Do you owe the money? Yes or no? Is it worth paying it? Do you owe it? If you owe the money why are you questioning what you should do?

  26. You're so full of shit. You know exactly when you get paid…Just do the right thing and pay back the double dip…

  27. So you're saying you're not aware or what? If you got paid twice it's their bad, give it back or keep it, it's your decision. Just don't play the innocent.

  28. So I stopped it at the 1/2 way mark… If they did pay you twice, don't you think you owe them? I don't want to hear about whether or not it is +EV and all that crap, you were given 5K that does not belong to you… what else do you need to know?

  29. Banning can domino into other bans from other properties… also don't live in the shadow of the professor…

  30. JUST watched this somehow. Either they spelled "manual" wrong @2:49 or a guy named Maunuel made they payout. I'm guessing they spelled it wrong.

  31. Hey, there are other places to play. I would keep the money. It is their mistake, not your fault. They might not even ban you.

  32. There's no way u don't know u get paid twice so either u didn't get paid twice or you're a thief and a liar. It cant be an accident.

  33. You're making it seem like you are "paying" them $5000 to play. They paid you twice by mistake, you owe them the money goofy. You keep saying allegedly, but can't you just check your records to verify they paid you twice?

  34. 2:47

    7/14/18 Manuel Payout

    Few lines later

    07/1/18 Manual is spelled that way lol

    I'd show them the Manuel and Manual typos and say look you spelled manual two different ways on the same paper which you're saying you got double paid for

    If they can't spell manual correctly

    Or at least the same way on the same sheet

    Also note

    The different date formats


    And the 7/1/18 format

    Bring up the manual spelling error
    Different date format

  35. I would investigate the legalities of it all, if i had no legal recourse, now comes the principle, if they in fact paid me twice i would pay it back, if they did not pay me twice, wow what a pickle, i suppose i would pay it back for the ev

  36. Don’t be a fucking low class thief. That’s the correct answer. Pay them the money that was never fucking yours. My personal protest of you trying to be a thief will be to never watch any of your videos again. Because basically you are a thief even though you paid the money back under duress. Don’t choke on your steak.

  37. Paying them back was a no-brainer, both morally and practically. Financially $5K is pretty small beans for a successful pro in the fairly short term.

  38. Actually you made history by having a rule named after you. That will outlive you. You join the famous ranks of Hevad Kahn, Jaime Gold, and that annoying British Like a BOSS guy. Congrats

  39. If you found that you Did get paid out twice, then you made the right decision to pay them back, but I would definitely need more proof than some print out they handed you. You can't just blindly trust a casino!!

  40. If your bank records show you were paid twice, then they paid you money they didn't owe you. If I paid them twice and our mutual paperwork showed it but they refused to give me back the mistaken payment, I'd probably sue them for return of the over payment AND never do business with them again as well. So 1) I gotta give them credit for not suing you and 2) i figure it's a pretty generous move by them to give the choice to you about setting things right or never doing business together again.

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