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  3. this guy has no idea what he is talking about. If you want to learn basic strategy, it takes three steps.

    1. find the rules in your casino (does the dealer hit on ace 6)( can you double down after you split)(can you surrender)
    2.download a blackjack app or Google the basic strategy chart for your casino.
    3. practice until your perfect (like no mistakes 500 hands in a row)

    and TADA you will on average beat all of your friends at the casino with your .5% house edge
    The reason this video sucks is it doesn't explain the ambiguous hands like

    pair of 9's vs 7( you would think split or stand but it's actually stand)
    A7 vs 3 (you would think stand but its double down)
    9 vs 3 (you would think hit but it's double down)
    pair of 8's vs. A (you would think hit or split but it's surrender)

    just to name a few 
    when your friends tell you to play with emotion or feeling just ask them how much they've lost lifetime(they'll shut up real fast )(or lie)
    and if you follow the 3 steps guaranteed you'll beat em in the long run (percentage-wise at least)
    good luck out there and don't listen to Howcast blackjack videos!!!!!!

  4. Ye he tells your sort of that dealer having a 6 isnt essentially weak.just deppends.the way the cards are dealt is random.

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  7. A dealer 2 is actually strong, for obvious reasons. A "weak" dealer hand is 3 through to 6. I've seen so many people get boned by a dealer 2 after doubling and splitting etc, only to get to rolled by a 19-21 from a 2.

  8. Need advice or any comment for A & B
    What will you do next??

    When dealer got Q, J, K, 10 or A

    A: My Cards: 2, 5, 2, 3 & 4
    Shall I STAND or HIT??

    B: My Cards: 4, 5, 2 & 6
    Shall I STAND or HIT??

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  11. For the past 3.5 years, I’ve been working as a dealer to put myself through school.

    I can honestly say that basic strategy is an excellent way to play. However, there are a few hands that I would play differently.

    1. The house suggests that you always split aces and 8’s. I disagree. Think about it, for 8’s, if the dealer is showing a 9 or 10 and you make 2 eighteens, you’re going to cost yourself twice as much money in the long run.

    Also, never split aces against a 10. I’ve only seen that work a handful of times. You’re better off just hitting, as I see players make better hands more often when the dealer has a 10.

  12. The 2 is deadly when the dealer is showing it 3 4 5 6 are the bust hands 2s are the sealer ace basic strategy says to hit if you have 13 to the dealer 2 up card

  13. Hey everyone. Just popping in to say hi – five years later – and to respond to some comments (positive and not) left on these videos. I don't have a means of monitoring the comments here in real time, as these videos belong to Howcast and not to 21 Nights or myself, so sorry for the really late responses. Thanks for watching! For more on Casino Parties by 21 Nights Entertainment visit https://www.21nights.com

    (And yes, I do say "um," and "you know" a lot on these videos. Y'all really gotta let that go, guys…)

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