Basic Hand Rankings in Poker : High Card Rules in Poker

The last in line in hand rankings is what’s
known as high card. Look at this hand right here that I’ve laid out. Well, you’ll notice
that there’s no connectivity. It’s definitely not a royal flush or a straight flush. None
of the cards are connected. It’s not a straight. It’s not like three, four, five, six, seven.
They’re all different suits. It’s not a flush. We have no pairs. Nothing is connected. But
this hand still has a value. It’s called high card ace because the highest card in the five
card hand is an ace. Now most of the time you don’t want to be stuck with this hand,
but let’s look at fixed limit Texas Hold’em. In this scenario, let’s say that your starting
hand was ace, jack, and you bet that kind of strong because you were in lay position.
And you see the flop. Nothing’s going on here. You and your opponent both make a bet. You
stay in. This next card comes. We still don’t have any connectivity on this board. There
may be a straight draw now with the ten and the eight, or maybe there’s a straight draw
between the eight and the five. Maybe your opponent have six, seven, and now there’s
a flush draw. But still, you’ve got no connectivity, and you think, with your two higher cards
to the board, maybe your ace high is good. So, there’s a bet and you call. Then there’s
the last card. It’s a nine. Well, that puts a possible straight out there. But since it’s
fixed limit Texas Hold’em, if you check and your opponent bets, well guess what? You’re
getting like twelve to one odds to call your bet. Call his bet. Might as well do it. It
only costs you one more bet and your high card ace just might be the best hand.

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