Basic Hand Rankings in Poker : Pair Rules in Poker

Let’s look now at this comparison. We’ve gone
to the flop. They brought us a ten, a king and a seven. All are different suits. King,
ten, seven rainbow, as we say. Person in the small blind, first to act, has king-queen.
Let’s say it’s a no limit game, and he’s kind of a fearful person. He’s worried that the
player after him, who is kind of loose, will come over the top of him if he plays slow.
So, he makes a big bet. He bets the size of the pot. In this case, the second player to
act, who is kind of loose, needs to think before he figures his second pair, his pair
of tens, is good, is a good hand to go all-in with. He needs to think real hard, because
he’s worried about this king. Me, in most cases, I would fold because most likely you’re
not going to get any help. You’ve got what are known as five outs here. You’ve got the
other two tens and three aces that you can draw to. And for all you know, instead of
king-queen, this guy has ace-king. Be real careful when you play a second pair, a middle
pair. Or, if you had a bottom pair, be very careful. You want to give the top pair a possibility
it’s due.

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