Basic Hand Rankings in Poker : Straight Flush Vs. Royal Flush in Poker

Let’s look now at this hand. We fast forward
ahead in a 2 person hand. Where the river has been dealt and made both players a flush.
Red chips over here has queen 10 8 7 4 of clubs, that’s a flush and they probably feel
okay about the hand. Black chips over here has ace queen 10 4 of clubs, that’s the better
flush. This is something you really have to watch out for in community card games, Holdem’
games, Texas Holdem’, Omaha Holdem’. Well a lot of times especially online you’ll see
someone playing this flush. A flush to the queen as it turns out because of what is on
the board you’ll see them play this like they have the nuts. Only problem is they’re vulnerable
to a king high flush or an ace high flush which is what the black chips have. You will
see a lot of people go broke on this who don’t have to. Be careful. When you get a flush,
remember it’s a good hand, it’s not a great hand. The only time a flush is a great hand
is if it’s to the ace.

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  1. It is OK to say, sometimes, stupid things.

    Not so great to put such emphasis, though.


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