Basic Hand Rankings in Poker : Three of a Kind in Poker

The next hand down the list is three-of-a-kind.
Now, some things to mention about three-of-a-kind are that in Texas Hold’em, three-of-a-kind
or a set is a very good hand. Even if I’ve got a pair of deuces in my hole cards, if
the flop brings another deuce, I’m going to be real happy. If I’ve got three deuces, in
Texas Hold’em, I’ll probably go down to the felt and risk going broke knowing that most
of the time, even though it’s their deuces, the fact that I have three of them means most
of the time, I’m going to win. I’ll risk going up against a higher set, or even have someone
draw out to a straight or a flush. That’s worth it. That’s through Texas Hold’em. Pretty
much any other kind of poker that you have in a casino, you want to be careful with low
end three-of-a-kind. And by that, I mean three twos, thee threes, three fours, three fives,
because in Omaha, if you have a low set you need to be worried about a higher set. In
Omaha, if I’m going to play a set, I’m going to make sure it’s the highest possible set
on the flop. Let’s say the flop comes eight, five, deuce. If I’ve got a set of deuces,
I’ll probably fold that. If I’ve got a set of fives, I’ll play it. I’ll call. If I’ve
got a set of eights, I’m going to play that strong, because at that time it’s the best
possible hand. Now, three-of-a-kind in a stud game, be very careful. You have to worry about
straights. You have to worry about a better three-of-a-kind. You have to worry about flushes.
Be very careful. Three-of-a-kind. Pretty good, definitely not the nuts.

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