Basic Hand Rankings in Poker : Two Pairs in Poker

Now let’s look at two pair. Funny thing about
two pair is it has a lot of the same problems as three-of-a-kind. Let’s talk about Texas
Hold’em. In Texas Hold’em, if I flop two pair most of the time, even if it’s the bottom
two pair, let’s say the flop comes king, ten, six. If I’ve been in a big blind and I can
see the flop cheaply, and I’m holding ten, six, I’m now holding two pair, tens and sixes,
which would also be called tens up. In that scenario, I’m probably going to go strong.
But let’s say instead of king, ten, six the flop came ace, ten, six. Well, frankly I need
to play my bottom two pair cautiously because with an ace out there, it’s more likely that
my opponent has flopped a better two pair. Now, outside of Texas Hold’em, I don’t want
to play two pair unless it’s a high two pair.

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