Basic Hand Rankings in Poker : What is a Royal Flush in Poker?

Now in this segment we’re talking about the
poker hands that are best in most forms of poker. We’re not talking about low ball in
poker. Here most versions of poker that you play the very best hand is this hand, is the
royal flush. The thing about the royal flush is if you have a strong draw to it then you
probably want to stay in that hand. Now something to remember is that in Texas Holdem’ it’s
very rarely get a royal flush. I have seen a few royal flushes in Holdem’, I never personally
gotten one. I was recently asked hey, what was the best poker hand you ever got. I said
it was a royal flush but it was in Omaha. Omaha you have a better chance of getting
a royal flush. Omaha you have actually get a chance of using a royal flush to bet a straight
flush. In most forms of poker it’s going to be hard to get a royal flush especially in
Texas Holdem’. So don’t feel bad if you play Holdem’ all the time you never get a royal
flush. Next we’re going to look at the step cousin of a royal flush, a straight flush.

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