Basic Poker Etiquette : Understand the One Player Per Hand Rule of Poker

Another good rule to follow for poker etiquette,
is the one player to a hand. Now this is actually a rule in casinos where another player can’t
show his cards to either a player at a table or a spectator to get advice on whether or
not they should call a bet or raise. But, with the one player to a hand, a lot of the
things you are looking at is just say we are at a regular home game, and I’m in the hand
and I pick up my cards, and there is someone standing behind me, and I pick it up and I
kind of show it to them or even a person beside me who has folded. The one player to a rule,
or one player to a hand etiquette comes in where if that player does that and the person
that I showed the cards to, maybe they give a reaction or a tell to the other players
that I didn’t want them to know. Whether I have a good strong hand and I’m trying to
get more money into the pot, or whether maybe they give up a tell or reaction that wow that’s
a really crappy hand and you need to get rid of it. So, the one person to a hand rule or
etiquette is a good rule to follow, because you don’t want the other players at the table
knowing what you are doing. And its also a rule in casinos where only one person can
play the hand, you can’t have more than person trying to give advice on the hand. So, only
play your hand by yourself, and don’t show it to anybody else while you are in the hand.

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5 thoughts on “Basic Poker Etiquette : Understand the One Player Per Hand Rule of Poker

  1. Star City casino rule – show one = show all if you fold at the end. But I think that's just recently changed as well if someone calls your all-in bet. It is up to you to show your cards if you lose, when the other person calls & wins.

  2. heads up … yes …
    other people in the pot … no …

    as soon as your cards come faceup and there is still betting to come you have folded …

  3. these videos are like giving masturbation tips to a 16 year old hormone freak! ……… are 5 years too late on giving advice on anything practical that they can use! this shit is so beyond dated!

  4. 1pph means way more than just not being able to show somebody. You aren't supposed to influence the action by commenting on the action, community cards, or possible holdings in any way, unless the action is headsup. some dealers are more lenient than others, but talking about a hand in progress is generally looked upon as crass in any situation

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