Basic Rules for Poker Games : How to Play Five-Card Stud Poker

Another popular poker game played at home
games is called five card stud. Just like five card draw, each player receives five
cards, but in five card stud, they do not get to discard. Also, in five card stud, three
of the cards are face up on the board so that other players at the table can see them. Let’s
see how five card studs is dealt out. The dealer will first deal one card face down
to each player. The next card will come face up to each player. And this is the first of
three cards that will come face up. Once these cards are dealt up, the betting round will
start, and the betting round will start with the worst hand of the table, in this case
being the five of clubs. Once the betting round is over, the dealer will then deal one
card face up to each player. This gives them three of their five cards and the best hand
will start the betting round. This player with a pair of kings will start the betting
round. Once that betting round is over, the third, and final, card will come face up to
each player to give them four cards. Again, the betting round will start with the best
hand. Right here we have the pair of kings, with an eight kicker, starting the betting.
The last card will come down to each player giving their five cards. This is followed
by a betting round starting with the best hand, and at the end of the betting round
the players will show their hands and the best five card hand will win the pot. And
that’s how five card studs is played.

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25 thoughts on “Basic Rules for Poker Games : How to Play Five-Card Stud Poker

  1. this is similar to a game played in most chinese gambling series

    its basically the same rules but i dont know the actual name for it

    first everyone puts in a blind (dont know what it called)

    in the beginning, after the first face up card is passed out, the highest card is the one who bets first

    then the next face up card is passed from the player w/ highest card to lowest card and continues for all rounds until

  2. the last face down card is passed out

    once it has been passed and the players have 3 face up and 2 face down, they have a choice of showing one of either face down cards and after another betting begins, starting with the person who currently has the best hand

    so in the end, there are 1 face down and 4 face up

    after the betting, the last person who took action opens first, and etc

    i dont know the actual name for this version of the game but i know its very popular in chinese shows

  3. In traditional 5 card stud, yes. He should have indicated that he was teaching one of the many variants on the game, 1 down 3 up 1 down, or 1-3-1.

  4. yes, the down cards are part of your hand and you can look at them, there are 2 ways I play this, 1 down, 4 up… but more commonly its 1 down, 3 up, 1 down. Also, a cool variation is the following hand rankings starting w/ lowest: High Card, Pair, 4-card straight, 4-card flush, 2-Pair, 4-card straight-flush, 3 of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Quads, Straight-Flush

  5. before you dealt the second card face up,. can you take a look first the first card face down? confious,.. waiting for your response… any response please… thanks..

  6. or fold,call,raise only.. please somebody explain it to me, this is my first time to see five card stud.. i have any idea.. please help. i want to learn..

  7. 1st prize goes to this guy for uploading the worst video ever.
    Dry, non-informative and completely wrong.
    It's 4 cards that are face up, not 3.

  8. wow such an expert..
    this is not how you distributes the cards..
    after first 2 cards, the biggest card holder will be given the 3rd card first, then cards will given to players beside him/her in clockwise or anticlockwise order.. 4th and 5th card also follow the same rule..

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