Basic Rules for Poker Games : How to Play Iron Cross Poker

A game that comes up every now and then in
home games is called the Iron Cross. It’s a variation of Seven Stud, but instead of
all four of your cards being face up in front of you, there’s going to be actually five
cards in the middle that’ll be community cards that you can all use to make your hand. Let’s
see how Iron Cross is dealt out. First each player is going to receive two down cards
and then one card face up. Once these cards are dealt face up, the dealer will then put
five cards in the middle of the table resembling a cross. A betting round will start here starting
with the player with the player with the worst hand. The nine showing will start the betting.
After the betting round, instead of more cards coming to the players, now the dealer will
flip one of the community cards. A betting round will start with the player with the
best hand. The ace will start the betting and the dealer flips another card. As you’ll
see, there are two rows of cards, one going across and one going vertical. In Iron Cross,
you’d have to make a decision when you have all seven cards whether your best five card
hand includes these or these. All right, so the dealer flipped a jack so the pair of jacks
would bet. The betting round is over, the dealer now flips another card, the five of
diamonds and the best hand would bet. As you can see, it keeps going around. Each betting
round, the dealer flips a card, there’s a betting round, and then at the end of that
betting round the dealer flips another card. Now all the community cards are showing and
people can make a better decision whether they want to go across the cross or down.
Once that betting round is over, one final card is dealt face down to each player followed
by the final betting round and the player with the best five card hand using either
the three cards going across the table or the three cards going vertical to the table
will make their best five card hand to win the hand and that is how Iron Cross is played.

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  1. Watch Raymond Sgambati LIVE tonight at Mohegan Sun – the guy is a professional Criss Cross player. Incredible to witness.

  2. in poker for dummies it says players recieve 5 hole cards only being able to play two of those cards and the three card path

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