24 thoughts on “Basic Rules of Texas Hold ’em | Gambling Tips

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  2. Typically the casino will take a cut from the pot – a "rake" – of around $4 or $5, or 10% of the pot, whichever is less.

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  6. I completely do not understand harsh comments here. This is not a tip for better poker play. He is not explaining strategies. He is only explaining the foundations such as who acts first, how to bet and the order of play. I suggest you people learn the language first then watch english videos coz you do not even understand what the content is all about

  7. Can some1 explain to me what's the rules if a player goes all in n show is cards when other players in the hand have more chips to bet against each other and he shows his card b4 they bet but all the cards being dealt already its last round of betting.

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