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100 thoughts on “BEST PLAYING CARDS – TOP 5

  1. Give away of monarchs plz I would really like some and I just started cardistry I can already do the basic things and a cyclone, and I have a crap deck of cards plz give away to me

  2. Not sure if there is havent looked, I've watched some of your vids about playing cards and top 5, and in looking to get into this hobby along with card magic, is there anyway you could do an informative video about what to look for, who the best to buy from and what not if I'm new to the whole hobby? Thanks!!!

  3. Looks at my Bicycle playing card that is literally worth 1 dollar

    Me : Don't worry baby your still the best to me

  4. I've been collecting playing card decks for a while now. Is it good practice to get 2 of every deck? One to use and one to keep?

  5. I'm surprised you didn't include bicycle. I know they're not as professional as the ones in this list, but they're great for the price.

  6. man o man i really wanting some of the cherry playing cards i wish you could send me out a deck
    but dude your channel is still the best to this day keep it up your doing very well

  7. I have many very rare decks i want to sell..
    Whispering imps private monarchs..david blaine gatorbacks many many more..where can i sell in your oppinion?

  8. Brilliant!! Quick question,I have ordered a couple of decks with weird themes such as monsters and bees, and I thought it be awesome to see a top 5 or top ten video on decks with obscure themes. Also in your career, you must have come across some really random themed decks. I'd love to know!


    If you’re a card collector you need to check these out on Kickstarter I previously bought the Leonardo deck from the same company and was impressed with the quality

  10. Dude, i like your playing cards, hoping to give me some. Just hoping. Im from Philippines. BTW i like your vids. 😅

  11. here's my top 5, I'm a very big fan of the intricate designs of Thirdway Industries. Their decks are pricey but look incredible.

    5. Red VIntage Plaid by Art of Play
    Simple case and just a good deck to carry around
    4. A Typographer's Deck by Art of Play
    Incredible diverse type across all the cards.
    3. Spark by Art of Play
    Simple but provocative. helps spark up ideas
    2. Contraband by Theory11
    Instantly fell in love with these, the case and cards themselves are just beautiful
    1. Black Monolith by Thirdway Industries
    This one I don't even want to touch because of how beautiful they are

  12. you should have mentioned how much they all usually cost. Anyway, why do you go through so many decks? Is there a certain point where the decks break and expire in their usefulness? Because i'm under the assumption that all of them last forever.

  13. My top 5 would be:

    1. Black tiger (red)
    2. Black Artisan
    3. Bicycle crimson luxe cobalt
    4. Tally Ho Fan back
    5. Bicycle red back

  14. My parents said:You already have allot of decks…..,
    Me:Each decks have different stock,design,pips and faces…..

  15. Why is he so incredibly lyrical about his favourite cards throughout the video and when he comes to number one he's like: oh yeah these are my favourite cards. See you guys later. ??

  16. I use almost exclusively use casino decks from at this point. They’re the only place that I could find them unopened for less than 10$ U.S. quite a few are even red seals.

  17. The word you're looking for is "silicone coating" (first deck)..that soft satin/matte finish on some business cards, phone backings and sex toys (yep) is a silicone coating.. it feels like "flower petals"? Rose petals? Is the closest thing I can think of that feels similar naturally..

  18. the price in amazon was in dollar.. so when i convert to my country money.. nah.. to expensive for me.. maybe i sholud buy the paper material card.. sorry bad english..

  19. What about KEM playing cards? Very durable, slick cards, around since 1935.

    Thought they would make the video for sure.

  20. Are blue monarchs better than the other monarchs models (red, green, silver, etc.)
    Or should I just get the white lions series B black

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