Bet Angel Automation: How You Can Create A Betting Robot With Excel

G’day guys, it’s James McLoughlin from Betfair Australia. Today I’m going to show you how to set up a ratings-based automation using Bet Angel’s Excel feature. Hopefully you’ve read the tutorial in Betfair’s automation Hub. I’m going to just visually walk you through it so it becomes even more clear. Now, we’re obviously going to start with Bet Angel. The first thing that you might want to do is just jump into settings here, edit settings, jump into behaviour and un-tick ‘Confirm Bets’ because we don’t want to be prompted to do that because we’re betting automatically. I’ll just close that down and I’m looking for the ‘G’ icon in the toolbar to open the Guardian feature. This is where we select the markets we want to bet on. You see all those Betfair markets – today’s racing. You want to scroll down. I like the look of Swan Hill. I’ve got some ratings to apply there. I’ve got Albion Park. I’ll go there. And I’ll also add Grafton. It’s important to arrange your markets by start time. Additionally, we’re gonna assign a worksheet to each individual race. So, Bet Angel worksheet for our first market followed by Bet Angel 2 and 3, you can see me changing those in the drop-down menu. There we go. Beautiful. Now we’re gonna go to the Excel tab and click browse so that we can locate our Excel automation file that has our ratings on there. We’re gonna click open and you’ll watch the Excel automation file in action. Here we go. There we are. You can see, down there, all those different worksheets. Our first race, our second race. Everything’s populating. Looks good. Our third race. Now we’ve got our ratings. So you can see the selections and the rated prices that I’ve got. We’re gonna look at the settings. Obviously, there’s a lot of flexibility to this. I’m putting in my stake – $10. How long out before the race starts for me to poll. I’ve selected two minutes – or 120 seconds. Market percentage. I can also Back and Lay. Plenty of options there. Now that I’ve done that, I just wanna make sure everything’s all right. I’m gonna go back through. Ratings looks fine. And I’m also gonna check on the other worksheets to make sure there are no errors in the status column. Everything looks pretty good. To finally connect the automation file to Bet Angel, simply tick ‘Auto-bind Bet Angel sheets’ and ‘Auto-clear Bindings’ You can see me ticking those and then I’ll click connect. You may notice that the spreadsheet starts flickering in a second. See, it’s bugging out a little bit. But don’t worry – that’s Bet Angel just updating. I’ve actually got a work-around with that and I’m just gonna use that now by clicking ‘Design Mode’ in the developer tab. You see me selecting that now and it just calms down. And that’s it. Now your automation’s ready to start placing bets for you. Using this tutorial, you can prepare for a full day of racing to be automated without any human input. Thanks a lot for watching. I really hope you’ve got a lot of value out of this. If you’ve got any comments, please put them in the video below or, for a deeper conversation, please email [email protected] Thank you very much.

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