Hello and welcome, it’s Marcin together with Jason! Oh, hey, sorry! I got distracted by our cool, new recording studio. It’s pretty awesome! It is, it is. It’s our first time here… Yeah, I’m super excited! Yeah, so am I! But! Let’s get to the point! We are here to bring you some cool news about the upcoming patch! Jason, can you tell us more about that? Yeah, sure. We are working on a lot of things right now for you guys. But in this patch we wanted to focus on releasing our first versions of what I would consider social features. You know, things that help players interact with each other and get more of a community vibe from our game. Because this is a community feature we wanted to release something in progress so that you guys can give us your feedback and we can make them even better in a way that we know you want them. First thing we can talk about is how we plan on being able to communicate better with our players. The first way that we are gonna be adding for that is what we call ‘the in-game news’. So if you have some new news that you have never seen before in your client, after you log in you will be redirected to this page in menus instead of the multiplayer. And in here we can communicate lots of things to you and even give you shortcuts to things like patch notes. And if there is a cool event that will be coming to our Twitch channel you can actually tune in to that event directly from the game. Also you will have a possibility to follow our social channels like Twitter, Facebook, our official Forums, Reddit. Just go there directly from the game as well. Additionally, we wanted to avoid what I would call a pop-up armageddon. That’s where, like after you login we have to give you a large series of pop-ups, you know, your season rank and then all the other stuff that we want to communicate to you. We want to give players a chance to digest that at their own pace so we added the notfication system which works a lot like a mailbox. Now, moving over to the next feature if you are like me, love all sorts of stats and numbers you’re gonna be pretty excited about this one. I’m pretty excited to show this one too. It’s a very early stage of the feature that we call the ‘Profile menus’. This will be a way to represent the player and it can be broken down into two pieces. You have the left half of the screen, what I like to call the player banner, and it kind of represents the player at its core. So you have things there like your name, your title, your border, the total victories you have, the card collection progress, your current rank, the highest rank you’ve ever reached. We want this Geralt Premium card to be replacable by whichever card you want to put into your profile. Unless your favourite card is Geralt Premium. Yeah, it’s true. So, I mentioned my infatuation with numbers previously… I see a lot of those on the right but also I see some space. Definitely, there’s some numbers here you can love including your collection and your victory progress per faction, so that’s kind of nice. And the reason there’s so much space there is we really wanna work with the community to figure out what else they would like to see on the screen. One quick thing to mention is we’ve designed this so that we can add tabs here. For example, one of the tabs we want to add in the future is a match history so you can see all your match histories. And this would serve as a summary screen so you maybe have your last match here and you can go to the match history to see more. There’s also another feature you guys are working on, that will bring players closer together within the game. Yes, within our social panel we’ll be adding a tab for a Friends List. And in that list you’ll be able to have your last five recent players you played against, and you’ll be able to try and add those as your friends directly in our game UI and then you will have a list of all the friend invites you have received so you can accept them or decline them there. And then there’s the Friends List and in this list you’ll be able to send match requests to your friends, you’ll be able to chat with them, you’ll be able to see their profiles. What they’re doing in the game. Yeah, all that cool stuff. And this feature is coming to PC in the next update? Yeah, but we’re working really hard to bring it to all our platforms. Okay, so we are kinda done with talking about new features that are coming to this update but are there any other small additions? Yeah, in every update we try to always put a few quality of life improvements and the two that really stand up for me in this patch is in the pack opening, when you have to choose three, we’ll now be showing an additional number, in brackets, that represents the amount of cards you have across all variations, whether Premium or not. And it’ll help players make more informed decision during pack opening. The other thing I’m quite happy about is, for those playing with a gamepad, you’ll now be able to navigate your keywords into tooltip to get your information even better than before. Last but not least, we also have a Starter Pack which is a great way to get yout card collection off the ground. This set contains 400 Meteorite powder, 10 card kegs and most of all, a guaranteed legendary card. And… thanks for watching guys! Yeah, thanks a lot! And please remember awesomeness of all of these features depends on your feedback, so keep it coming, we wanna hear it. Yeah, and see you next time! Yeah, and come on! Oh, that’s right.

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100 thoughts on “[BETA VIDEO] GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | SOCIAL FEATURES

  1. is it really wise? to give players chat when your playing ultra competitive sometimes lucky game? i see alot of rage in chats future

  2. I would love to chcek my deck in random order lile we can do with graveyard. As A console player its hard to memorize whats left in your deck cause im not able to use a tracker :/

  3. The amount of alternate copies showing up in keg opening is a step in the right direction, keep it up!

    I think people would also appreciate being able to look at graveyards when picking cards, crafting in the deck creation screen and a bigger font when choosing cards (e.g. Cantarella always confuses me, a bigger font would help combat this issue).

  4. Moja propozycja, drugi starter pack dla graczy od zamknietej wersji 😀 Oczywiscie zarcik, ale juz wam kiedys podsylalem, oczywiscie pomysl niedospelnienia na hop siup, ale frakcja Zerrikanii to by było coś 😀

  5. Yay for starter pack, last few kegs i've been opening getting some repeat cards. Still sad no single player update

  6. Meu ps4 está chorando aqui, nem ao menos chega a funcionalidade de "jogar contra um amigo" para ele, sei que isso deve ter dedo da Sony aquela mercenária contra Cross-Player

  7. If this game was made by EA they would have released it 6 months ago, made it pay2win and then made Campaigns paid dlc.

    Thank god CD project is at the helm! Keep up the good work!

  8. Could you guys add a moveable cursor on consoles, this would make playing and navigating (in my opinion) a lot easier.

  9. Would love to be able to send rematch requestes for some of those frustrating match losses… (and then why not a best out of three option). Keep up the good work anyway!

  10. Can you make a limit on number of kegs you can open before you FINALLY drop a Legendary? I heard of people being super frustrated for opening insane amounts of Kegs, but getting no Legendary, and others getting 2 in one Keg. Hearthstone has a system where you are GUARANTEED to get ONE legendary AT LEAST every 40 Packs.

  11. These two guys should take 1 acting class and 1 improv class and be the only ones on-camera, with basically the exact structure every single time. And hire a better prop master.

    You're welcome.

  12. 1)It would be very appreciated if card collection and deck creations tabs would be combined into one. It takes way too long to craft 1 card that you need to complete your deck and then return to the deck building to apply it.
    2) It would also be great to be able to see the faction leader's ability while choosing the starting mulligan,(I still haven't learned all of them and thus am not sure which cards to keep.
    3) is it possible to change the Assassinate card since it is very underwhelming for a gold nilfguardian card( maybe make it be able to take out golden cards)
    Nevertheless thanks for a great game!

    Thumbs up so that the developers see this.

  13. deat cdpr,
    can u please make gog galaxy installable? why do we have to struggle with downloading this and that and reinstalling this and that. yeah, talking about the api ms dll thing. thank you.

  14. What about when you guys finally implement friends on the Console versions, can we get cross-platform play, as well as that play friends even though we own different consoles.

    Like for example make it so that my friend on PS4 can play a match against me on PC?

  15. Very awesome and excited about all these upcoming features. I hope CDPR is thinking about more cosmetic changes to the UI and the keg shop. I want a more tavern-like atmosphere

  16. I think a really good thing to add to the profile menu would be a match replay. It would allow people to see what went wrong in matches and figure out how to beat the opponent next time.

  17. Still loving the game and all the effort you are putting into it.
    Definitely need the ability to have a game with friends but ,please can this feature be added, just as casual of course.

  18. Please tell me you are close to adding friend matchmaking on Consoles! It's killing me! Awesome game and keep up the good work. You are my favorite developing right next to From Software and Naughty Dog!

  19. wy lepiej naprawcie kurwa dobieranie przeciwników ja wolę w ogólę nie dostać przeciwnika niż mam dostać jakiegoś gościa co ma 100 mmr mniej

  20. WE NEED FRIEND MATCHES ON XBOX/CONSOLE. plz me and my friend have been trying to find each other for months now by randomly searching only to find about 10 success stories. it would increase player count 2 fold i assure you!

  21. Nice! I have been missing ingame social features like chatting, friend requests and game invitations.
    The next thing I would like to see is when you mulligan, or pick a card in game you can check the cards in the graveyard or the field. This helps with better decision making because keeping track of all the cards played can be tough.

  22. is just what i wanted! definitely being able to add some worthy opponents will increase the social side of this game but i think we also need you to add some "spectator mode" to watch our friends playing!

    Also, I'd like to suggest following things:

    1. what about mixing "deck creator" and "collection" in a single menu so u can be able to craft the cards you need in the same screen instead of getting in and out multiple times to craft cards and complete your deck

    2. In the stats screen, you should split the victories into faction-wise and leader-wise as well as including tied matches stats and current mmr. As of now, you can only see your mmr once you finish a ranked match, and sometimes it is not properly updated (in my case, i am ~30 points below because when i reached rank 19 with 4002 mmr, i still needed to win another match in order to have the 19 formally in my profile…)

    3. Other interesting stats to add could be matches won in 2 rounds (supremacy achievement), matches left/conceded (Well played achievement), max total power reached in a round (Great war achievement), max dmg dealt in a single turn (Like a boss achievement)

    4. What about only obtain Leader premium cards by getting 300 victories with such leader?

  23. I want to see my card collection as a collection of cards i can use for decks. I don't want to see that i don't have 3 Blue Strips when i already have 6 of them and so on. In this patch it's difficult to understand how is large your collection for deck building (not for collecting all types of cards). Execuses for my terrible explanations

  24. Listen… what your doing I think is outstanding, but I really would like to see is a more original version game play as you have in The Witcher 3, no-one said that you can't have both versions:) I like the idea of the K.I.S.S. factor…lol

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