[BETA VIDEO] Nilfgaard Faction || GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

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  2. cześć ! 🙂 kocham Gwinta , gram systematycznie i streamuję u siebie na kanale , może nie mam jeszcze dużo widzów jak inni ale może podarowali byście mi chociaż 10 beczek , chętnie nagralbym specjalnie film openingowy i może wyleciałaby mi ta upragniona Ciri 🙂 nick QQarter

  3. Anyone else annoyed about the endless amount of cards they can view?? Like a few is fine, but they can see all. How is that fair in the game?

  4. Be honest, i love gwe(i)nt… I rly love this game! BUT! WTH guys u doing?! Dont ruin this game bcs some guy say so! Now, last patch is good on looking, but wheres the gameplay? Please! PLEASE! DON'T GIVE UP!!! U all do a great job! Don't be like UBI or EA… PLEASE!!!

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