Betting Big – Crowdfunding Video

What goes on inside the mind of a
venture capitalist have you ever wondered what gets them excited what
turns them off what if you don’t have a technical
partner is that a red flag how big does the opportunity have to be we’ll answer
all those questions and more on Betting Big The new VC interview show coming
soon Betting Big is about the high-stakes world of venture capitalism
and the players who are making the biggest gamble we decided to create this
project because we realized there was a need for startups and tech founders to
understand how to attract an investor to fund their business we are extremely
excited to be filming this show at the Zahn Innovation Center at City College
it’s an amazing space as well as a startup incubator the zahn Innovation
Center is an incubator and accelerator at the City College of New York in
Harlem we support entrepreneurs from across the campus who have great
creative innovations and we provide the mentorship and resources help them
launch and what better place to have this conversation than the City College
of New York one of the most diverse campuses in the country so it’s an
amazing opportunity to invest in the diversity of the tech sector and the
diversity of entrepreneurship that’s so badly needed today Hello I’m Bonnie Halper I mentor three of the top accelerators here in New York City so
I’m working with entrepreneurs all the time and I also host breakfasts with
investors every two weeks I hope that the show helps a demystified the process
and people think of investors as like investors but they’re people they put on
their pants the same way you do one leg at a time
you know investors actually love entrepreneurs that’s why they’re
investing well somebody might be in the audience who’s working on something that
the investor has never heard about before and you’d be surprised at how
many times investors say I want to talk to you afterwards and they will write
checks because sometimes they hear something they haven’t heard before Our team of creatives I’ve put together a great project but at
this juncture we need your support to do the things that are needed to
create a project of this magnitude we’ve created a list of Giveaways as a way of
showing our things and our appreciation our hope is that this show will lead to
more deals being made and to more startups finding success and a way into
the marketplace so again I want to say thank you for your help and for your

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